The text 'Beeja Yoga' is a useful and fine book. It inspires one for deep serious study and practice. It has three parts: -
The first part consists of Yoga practices. Many Yoga practices are described in this book. It illustrates the practical aspects of Yoga disciplines. The sadhakas interested in Yoga can acquire solid benefits from it.
The second part is related to Kundalini Yoga, Details of a subject so difficult as Kundalini, has been laid here.
The third part deals with Gayatri Yoga. The mysteries of Gayatri and its exact true nature has been unfolded.
The three parts combined together depict the complete Yoga. The text describes the dizzy heights of Yoga. The elucidation of Yoga tatwas on the basis of seed alphabets is an important insignia of this book.
Rama Nanda Tiwari
Professor of Philosophy (Retd.)