Today kundalini yoga is being widely practiced throughout the world. I am sure there are few who know the MASTER OF KUNDALINI YOGA. As a student of this yoga I will like to introduce to my Great Master. Yoga means union of two or more things. In spiritual meaning we may say the union of Atma in Paramatma or we may explain it by using other words. Atma or the soul of an individual can be merged in Paramatma or in the universe by practicing some techniques. These techniques or KRIYA have been divided in many parts like hath yoga, kundalini yoga, laya yoga, samadhi yoga, pranayam etc. Out of these Kundalini yoga is very specific and requires more attention of Guru.
The Guru is the guiding force inside our body. He awakens the force first and then helps the student to achieve his goal by practicing many exercises. In chapter No.52 of AGNI PURAN detailed description about this force(Gurudev) is given. It is known as BHAIRAVA. It is a force having twelve hands with different ayuds. His age is about 8-12 years. Picture of this force is shown here.


I call Him as YOGA SIDHRAJ i.e. the force that gives perfection in kundalini yoga. To my knowledge there is no person on earth who has achieved his goal without his grace. He is very helpful in case you need His help.
Any person can pray Him for His help or guidance . There are many ways to worship Him. An individual can choose any method. First of all we must try to understand the meaning of BHAIRAVA. It is a Sanskrit word which denotes:-

BH = fear, who originates fear, one who removes fear, creates terror, protects from fear, god of all dead or living, creator of five elements, Lord of all the creatures from earth to BRAHM LOK, one who travels the universe without touching the earth or any other object etc.
YA = force which travels in the universe, the power that takes sadhak with him in universe, creator of many kinds of sounds in space, originator of words[alpha bets of Sanskrit], creator of mantras in universe, in the form of YAKCH, thunder, or the power related with aakash.
RA = God of Agni [ Agni dev ] destroyer of all sins, destroyer of AADHIBHOTIC, AADHYATMIC and AADIDEVIC TAAP[sins], Destroyer of darkness inside the nadis, destroyer of AGYAN by GYAN, destroyer of sins of many births and rebirths, in the form of YAGYAGNI, resultant of YAGYA. The force that takes the AAHUTI to wanted devtas, one who is in the form of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. The force that remains inside the triangle of MULADHAR, in the form of kundalini, the master of kundalini yoga, power of perfection through 24 nadis of umblical region, red coloured dev wearing many skulls, in the form of RUDRA, one who resides in SHAMSHAN, having very big denture etc.
VA = child, white coloured child like sphatic [a stone], that travells faster than the air, the originator of ten directions and God of these dishas. The God of water or varun dev, huge body , destroyer of universe, after destroying the universe it remains in the form of air, brahma swaroop , and that plays like child in this universe.
In short it is the force in the form of * BRAHMA*, VISHNU,* MAHESH.* The Ved mantra Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwaray denotes its supreme power as Guru or Master. In this picture we see that in few hands there are weapons while in one there is AMRIT. It means that it has the power of providing nectar to SADHAK to drink nector so that he may achieve NIRVANA or MOKSH.
52 names of BHAIRAVA are 1. Ajar 2. Vyapak 3. Indrachor 4. Indramurti 5. Ukchaya 6. Kushmand 7. Varun 8. Vatuk 9. Vimukta 10. Liptak 11. Lilak 12. Aekdanstra 13. Aerawat 14. Aushadhigna 15. Bandhak 16. Divyak 17. Kambal 18. Bhishan 19. Gavanya 20. Ghant 21. Vyal 22. Anu 23.Chandravarun 24. Ghatatop 25. Jatal 26. Kratu 27. Ghanteswar 28. Vitank 29. Maniman 30. Ganbandhu 31. Damar 32. Dundikarn 33. Sthawir 34. Dantur 35. Dhanad 36. Nagkarn 37.Mahabal 38. Phetkar 39. Cheenkar 40. Singh 41. Mrag 42. Yakch 43. Meghvah 44. Teekhchnosth 45. Anal 46. Shuklatund 47. Shudhalaap 48. Varvarak 49. Pawan 50. Paawan 51. Shudarshan chakra BHAIRAVA 52. Swarnakarshan BHAIRAVA.
In some books more than one thousand names of BHAIRAVA have been mentioned and it is known as BHAIRAVA SAHSHRA NAAMABALY or STOTRA. It means that there are many forms of this force and accordingly they are named. We should keep in our mind that BHAIRAVA force is in one form only.
The combined or united force having thousands of its forms is also known as *MAHA BHAIRAVA*. For all practical and theoretical purposes the force of BHAIRAVA and of Lord Shiva is one. It means that BHAIRAVA and Shiva are one.
This force is also called as *CHETRAPAL*. To worship him in the form of Chetrapal, Chetrapal Astak is available .Today the widely known BHAIRAVA forces are *BATUK BHAIRAVA*, *KAAL(KALA) BHAIRAVA* ,* MAHA KAAL(KALA)BHAIRAVA*, etc.
" Batuk means small in height, younger in look, having long hair.
" KAAL(KALA)BHAIRAVA denotes the force related with time or death.( KAAL = time, KAAL = death)
" MAHA KAAL means BHAIRAVA, force having all qualities or powers.

How this force was known first?
At the time of creation of this universe there was light all over and *BRAHMA* was creating living and nonliving. He thought that he is the father of this universe. Suddenly a sound came from the light and said that Brahma is not the father of this universe but I (Vishnu) am the creator(father). Brahma and Vishnu had serious discussion and both of them claimed to be the father of this universe. They had war but no one can win and then Vishnu and Brahma decided that someone should be prepared as witness who can decide about who is the father of this universe among us. A *KETAKI* flower agreed to do so. Ketaki flower witnessed falsely in favor of Brahma. At this stage a Devine force appeared having very long hair, dark black in color, very sharp long tongue. His tongue choked off the skull of Brahma. Since then this force has been known as KAAL BHAIRAVA. It was the first appearance of BHAIRAVA Shakti in this universe.
One form of this force remains in touch with KUNDALINI and it is the only force that controls Kundalini. I can say with authority that BHAIRAVA force awakens Kundalini and after awakening it takes her through Brahma nadi to SAHASHRAR.
Generally person believes that aim of Kundalini yoga is to visualize SAHASHRAR because he does not know that real sadhana of Kundalini yoga begins after visualizing SAHASHRAR. Visualization of SAHASHRAR only may develop false satisfaction or realization of soul.
I will try to explain it further by saying that Kundalini yoga is practiced in two steps. 1. Within the body and 2. Out side of the body . This is also called as PIND SADHANA and BRAHMAND SADHANA.
Kundalini yoga sadhak or student must understand very clearly that unification of soul is the only aim of Kundalini yoga. Every individual can understand very easily that two things can be merged together only by using some force and in this case the force used is of BHAIRAVA. It is therefore beyond doubt to say that the responsible force for all types of yoga practices and thereafter achieving of its goal is only possible by BHAIRAVA. One may believe it or not but it is the truth.
For proper guidance or help it will be better to be in touch with BHAIRAVA by any suitable way of prayer. It can be learned from books or from their guide.