By the yoga practices described previously the Sadhaka attains results according to his sanskaras. The complete grace of the Master helps the Sadhaka attain God or by following the instructions of the Master he can enter the realms of Kundalini-Yoga. In this yoga many other practices of Yoga are also included, e.g. practices of pranayam, nectar drinking, hearing the Anhad sound and activation of Tatwas etc. The practices of Kundalini yoga are not done for a long time, therefore it is necessary to take the help of pure yoga practices so that the sadhaka may spend his daily life in a normal way. (The practices of samadhi are complementary to it).
The ancient Indian philosophy postulates that the universe is made up of five basic elements. The human body is also therefore made up of different particles of the five Tatwas. The earth element is of utmost importance because every manifest object is born out through the Earth particles. The mother Kundalini also arises from the particles of the earth. The particles of the element Earth and pranas collide with each other in Mooladhara. The form of light which becomes visible, is broad infront and thin behind. This form so developed is called Kundalini because it generates light in the different spheres of the body. This light has got atoms, momentum and generally it travels from below upwards. The intensity of light is increased by the collision of the particles of Tatwas. This whole practice is called Kindalini Yoga. Complete light can easily be obtained by the practice of Kundalini yoga because sadhaka can generate light, can control it, and is also capable of momentum. The different forms of Kundalini are hidden in the particles of the Tatwas (seed alphabets etc.) just as butter is hidden in the milk. By practice Kundalini exhibits its own form gradually. One needs many years for its complete development. The sadhaka should remember that the origin of kundalini, its development, its completion and perfection depends on the particles of the five tatwas which are made to collide with each other. These tatwas are in fact called seeds because the origin and degeneration of each object depends upon these tatwas.
The light of kundalini moves from one place and stops at other place. These resting places of light are called Chakras. From these chakras the mother kundalini gathers light energy. On complete development it generates power in the whole body. The energy here has different attributes. Each attribute is of the form of a seed alphabet. In this way the mother kundalini bears the energy of 50 seed alphabets. These 50 letters become 1000 because of the ascending and descending orders and one hood of the mother kundalini becomes converted into the thousand petalled one. This thousand petalled lotus provides extreme of peace to the sadhaka. Mother Kundalini does practices with the subtle body up to the thousand petalled lotus and after this the mother moves about freely and provides directions to the subtle body and inspires the sadhaka for the attainment of God. It is proved by the fact that the mother Kundalini repeatedly clarifies the Brahma Randhra. The mother kundalini moves from below upwards. Pranas are also directed from below upwards along with the mother so that they may gradually recognize the path upto Brahma Randhra. The basic differene between the pure yoga practices and the Kundalini yoga is that the mother herself carries the sadhaka to the ultimate goal, therefore there is never any illusion about it while in Yoga practices it is not so. Therefore the practices of Kundalini yoga are better and more powerful. One should practice them in the presence of the Master.

Rules for Kundalini Sadhaka : The following rules should be observed for kundalini yoga practices (1) Practices for activating the kundalini always in the Presence or ( Guidance) of the Master. (2) Daily activity - (a) Activities should increase the satvic attributes, practice should be done before sunrise after discharging the call of nature. (b) During practice face east. (c) The place must be clean and should have good aroma. (d) Cultivate the practice of mental japa. (e) One should be disciplined in his daily routine and should lead a balanced life.

(3) Food : The Kundalini sadhana releases lot of heat in the body therefore in order to save the body from heat and to maintain energy the following food should be consumed
(i) Lot of liquid greasy food eg. milk, butter, and fruit juices (ii) Easily digestible food which does not produce much of Gases (iii) One should not eat repeatedly in large quantity for it produce obstruction in arousing the Kundalini (iv) Pure air and pure water should be used in maximum quantity. The pure air is consumed before sunrise, facing east.

4. Knowledge about the preliminary Yoga Practices :
Before a sadhaka is involved in kundalini yoga he should be conversent with the knowledge and practice of some processes of yoga otherwise Kundalini yoga will only be an imaginative process. Therefore pure yoga practices have already been described in advance. If the Sadhaka has already practiced (them) in an other than he become the deserving one for the knowledge of Kundalini automatically. The basic practices are the following :-
i) Practices for activation of tatwas.
ii) Tankore practices.
iii) Practices for the generation of prana.
iv) Nectar drinking practices.
v) Nada practices.
vi) Practices for samadhi and semi-samadhi.
vii) Postures and Mudras.
viii) Mental japa practice etc.
The above practices are carried out in yoga for kundalini with the following aims:-
1) Practices for activating tatwas :- It is only after these practices that kundalini become Visible in Mooladhra. The collison between there tatwas gives origin to sound and light
2) Tankore :- It is used for arousing and activating kundalini. The sounds of seed alphabets are also clarified by it.
3) Prana Practices :- These are essential for nadi purification, generation of the sounds of alphabets, subtle body knowledge and Antah-Karan.
4) Nectar drinking :- For energy and activity.
5) Samadhi Practices :- For the attainment of the ultimate aim and for Brahmand practices.
6) Postures and Mudras :- Lotus posture and that of Adepts is helpful in kundalini yoga Mudras Purify the flow of pranas in the body.
In order to save the kundalini from dis-organisation the sadhaka should keep the following in mind :
i) Avoid bad company and evil thoughts.
ii) The food should be satvik, it should not be heavy.
iii) Mantra japa should be maximum.
iv) The practices should be done at the fixed time.
v) Never forget to remember the Master before starting the practices.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj The Maste