The practice of drinking Nectar helps in providing strength to the body, concentration and maturity of meditation. It increases the intensity of light and sound , clarifies the various charkas and produces Bliss. It is carried out successfully only when the tatwa water is activated and Tankore is accomplished.
It should be carried out in the following way. Morning hours are the best for it.
1) Sit with an easy posture facing east or north. Keep a large mirror in front in with the face, tongue, palate etc. can be scen clearly. Bring out the tongue and lengthen it till some pain is felt. It can be helped with the hand. Now turn the tongue and touch the Uvula with it. Now practices it for a few days till it can be maintained for three minutes.
2) Try to pass out all the wind from the stomach while sitting in a posture at least three times. Breath in slowly and hold it as long as possible and then exhale gently. During holding the breath (Kumbhaka) turn the tongue and try to touch the uvula, At this moment Nectar drops drop in. The more the practice the more the nectar will be drunk. If the light increases when the tongue touches the uvula, the practice is being correctly done.
3) Sit straight facing east or north. There should not be any smell close by otherwise same taste will come in it. Keep the two hands on the knees. Inhale through the left nostril while doing the japa of AUM three times and direct the breath towards Agnya chakra or Brahamanda reciting AUM six times and then exhale, doing the japa of AUM three times through the Right nostril. The tongue should be turned backwards and with the tip, the uvula should be touched. During this touch during Kumbhaka the nectar drops. It should be repeated twenty one times daily. The total time of Kumbhaka should be at least eleven minutes. The body should be pure. It should be done in the early morning or in the evening before the sun sets.
4) Sit in an easy posture facing north or east. Place the tongue in the pharyngeal orifice. Perform Kumbhaka as long as possible and recite the japa of AUM. It leads to Nectar flow. One should concentrate on the tip of the tongue.
5) Sit in a quiet place and perform the japa of Sham seed and keep the tongue twisted inwards. Meditate on Agnya, Lalna or thousand petalled lotus. It results in the flow of Nectar. The breathing is not to be stopped. It leads to the knowledge of Samadhi.
The nectar is of two types :
i) It is like water drops and flows.
ii) It is of the form of light.
i) These water like droplets are tasteless, smell less, potent and bestow perfection of meditation. The success in the practice results in drops of nectar dropping first and then a continuous flow. It is not possible in a dry throat. Thus during practice the throat should be kept moist by swallowing little water. This humor spreads to various body parts gradually and provides purity.
ii) In the form of light : Once the Lalna chakra is perfected the sadhaka become adept in the practice of Nectar drinking. The nectar drops from Lalna Chakra. The uvula is touched by the tip of the tongue so that Lalna chakra is activated. When the Lalna Chakra is fully developed the droplets of Nectar get transformed into light. That nectar bestows divine figure and is helpful in the realization of seed Alphabets and divine visions. It should be regularly practiced as given above. The Nectar is indicated by light green colour.
There are many advantages of drinking this Nectar. It prolongs life, give divine vision and one listens to the primordial sounds and visualizes seed letters and all the yoga points of the Inner-self. It also results in the automatic jap of 'So-Ham' and 'Shivo-ham' in the self and their visualization in the forms of seeds and hearing of sounds of various musical instruments. Visualization of Mantras and decreases the hunger and thirst. In a child, the franulum of tongue is severed so that the tongue can easily enter into the pharyngeal cavity giving rise to early success to the Nectar drinking practices. For bliss and contemplation etc. this practice of drinking Nectar can be performed at any time. The mind is pure and without any blemishes during the Nectar drinking process.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master