The Sadhaka should be well conversant with the knowledge of the anatomy of the body so that he knows the points where by tankore the light of Yoga can be appreciated. The light can be developed anywhere in the body and its intensity increased and It can be spread all over. This results in the realization of Yoga. The following are the points for the development of Yoga light :-
A. In the Physical body : 1. 84 Yoga Points
2. 7 Richas
3. 7 Tyachas
4. 7 Chakras
B. Antah Karan 5. Sun and Moon activation
6. The Rainbow activation
7. Twelve Yogic points in Brahmanda
These points are situated in every joint :
1. Joints of all the fingers, thumbs and toes below the nails. 20
2. Joints of the arms (Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist) and legs
(Hip, Knee and ankle) 12
3. Joints of the Spine 34
4. Centres for the organs of senses 10
5. Points of Sun and Moon 2
6. Ida and Pingla 2
7. Chitrini, Vajra, Brahma Nadi, Sushumna 4

2) RICHA-Tyacha and Chakras :
& (3) Tyacha and (4) Chakra-their position is as given below :-
1. Mooladhara
2. Swadhisthana
3. Manipura
4. Anahata
5. Vishuddhi
6. Agnya
7. Thousand petalled lotus

5) Sun and Moon Points : The sun points is just above the right brow and the moon is above the left eye-brow. These develop into Chakras. It is because of this that the right eye is sun and the left eye is moon. Similarly the two swaras are understood as Sun and Moon.

6) RAINBOW : In the inner self something like a rainbow as in the sky is seen. The rays of the sun has seven colours and these mix-up to form the white colour. For the realization of complete light seven colour are differentiated and realised and when they are visualized, the rainbow become clear. The rainbow starts from the resting place of the subtle body and culminates in the aperture of Divine light. Therefore the activation of points of both the ends is essntial.

7) Twelve Yogic Points : 84 Yogic points of the physical body are centered in the twelve points in Brahmanda. These twelve points are further in four parts and each of these four parts merges into one point.

This division is affected by pooraka, Kubbhaka and Rechaka of Sun, Moon and Fire. The above Yoga points are activated for the development of Divine Light in the following manner :-
1. The arousing of the centres.
2. To make the light move from this centre.
3. To enlighten other places and channels by moving this light.
4. The following rules must be observed for the development of these centres :-

I Faith, confidence and intensity of purpose.
II The stomach should be empty and before starting the process, Urine and feaces must be voided so that the abdominal wall can be compressed fully. Always take satwic food.
III The practice should be done at dawn.
IV The knowledge of the process of Tankore.
V The knowledge of activating the tatwas.

The following practices should be done for arousing the centres :-
1. By Tankore
2. By Breathing practiced
3. By the Japa of seed alphabets
4. By subtle body
5. By Hatha Yoga
1. By Tankore Practice :-
Each Yoga point can be activated by Tankore. Sit facing North and start Tankore practice, on each Yogic point. The Tankore should be practiced under the nails. A small vibration is felt and this point must be kept in mind.
2. By Pranayama :
Practice-poorka-Inhaling, Kumbhaka holding the breath and rechaka-that is exhaling gradually. The Japa of Aum should be performed in the ratio 1:2:1, 2:4:1. The eyes should be kept closed and the concentration should be done in the center of the eyebrows. Try to direct the light to different places of the body. In weeks time small luminous Yogic points will be visible.
For awakening of Sun and Moon open the mouth and breath in and out forcefully. Repeat it 11 to 21 times. The body becomes warm. Now hold the breath very slowly exhale. During kumbhaka press the eyes with fingers and concentrate in the center of the eyebrows. Sun-Moon and other visions will be perceived. The intensity of light depends upon the force of breathing. When the light intensity decreases repeat this practice again and do it as long as possible. Do not flex the neck.

Rainbow and the Ganges of Knowledge :
Sit in a clean place facing north and extend the left foot. Bring the right foot close to the left knee joint but keep the right knee joint standing, catch hold of the great toe of the left foot with the left hand. Close the right hand with thumb out. Clench the right fist. Concentrate on the tip of the nose. The right hand should not touch the right leg. See the vision and establish it in the center of the eyebrows and again visualize it with closed eyes and try to merge in it. The breath is not to be stopped. In a few days practice the sun point becomes visible and the rays of different colours emanating from it will be visible. These are of different colours and are respectively Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Manas, Intellect, chit and knowledge. The perfection of this practice is the visibility of these colours.
If one does not get success in the above practice then one should perform the following to dispel the darkness of ignorance :-
1. Inhale with force through the left nostril and hold the breath in the triputi then gradually exhale. Repeat at least 20 times. Faint light can be seen. After the above practice become perfect rainbow or the Ganges of several colours can be successfully seen.
2. Richa, Tyacha and the awakening of chakras :- By the wilful practice of the Tankore with prana any center can be awakened. However, it should be done in an order. This should be from below upward otherwise there are chances of failure because the flow of prana is from below upwards. It will be described in detail in the chapter on Kundalini Yoga.
3. By the japa of seed alphabets by applying pressure on the 84 points of the body the light appears early. It is done with full force by the japa of seed alphabets it should be done in the following way - On the toes - Ram Ram - 7 times
On each joint of the legs - Sham Sham - 7 times
On the Rectum and urethra - Ham Ham - 7 times
Under the navel - Lam Lam - 7 times
On the fingers - Yam Yam - 7 times
On the joints of the hand - Sham Sham - 7 times
On the face - Ham Ham - 7 times
On the tip of the tongue rolled backward(Throat) - U U - 7 times
On the ears - Ham Ham - 7 times
On the eyes - Ham Ham - 7times
On the nostrils - Ham Ham -7 times
On the center of the eyebrows - Bam Bam - 7 times
These are 7 seed alphabets which are ram, sam, ham, Yam, Lam, Vam, that ram, yam, ham, sham and Aum. By the careful japa at all these centres they can be activated easily. After the perfection of the body by this practice the knowledge of the subtle body becomes easy.
4. By the subtle body - If the subtle body is active and one is conversant with the process of controlling it, it can be directed to any place in the body and light can be produced and complete yogic description can be obtained. Generally this practice is done for the points in Brahmanda along with Tankore practice. The subtle body has an important background regarding the activation of 12 yogic points in Brahmanda. The subtle body arouses the sound by Tankore and enjoys the divine Nada and practically visualises the seed alphabets. All out efforts must be made for the perfection of this practice. It is a complete practice by itself.
5. By Hatha Yoga : The 184 practices of Hatha Yoga are integrated in 21 practices which are responsible for arousing light outside and in the inner self. First-the light outside is visualized and then inner light is realised. Now a description of how the external light is awakened is being given - (1) Arousing of the light point (2) Arousing of light at the tip of the nose (3) By the light of Sun-Moon-Stars, the arousing of complete light.

1. Arousing of the light point
(A) Make a black point on a paper and keep on looking into it with concentration, the light point is visualized.
(B) Concentrate on one point on a pitcher the light points is aroused.
2. Arousing of light at the tip of the nose
Sit in an easy posture, flex the neck and touch the chest with the chin. Visualize the tip nose or fix the gaze on one point on the earth. After some time the point on the earth disappears and gradually the light spreads like sun light. It is an important practice and one must practice.
3. By the light of Sun-Moon-Stars
(A) During dark night hours gaze moon or any star either sitting or lying down. Do not blink and keep on gazing for some time. In a few minutes the light of the star disappears and complete light is aroused.
(B) By constantly gazing at the Sun instantaneous perfection is obtained but there is a danger of losing sight. This practice is therefore not done generally.
6. Sit with an easy posture and breathe in and out slowly and then forcefully. Close the eyes with the palms and apply pressure. The Sun and Moon are aroused in the right and left eyes and finally these two get mixed together and it becomes full light. This is still a limited light which gradually gets changed into full light. It is like millions of Suns and is blissful and many graceful figures can be visualized.
Absolute necessities :-
1 - The food must be satwik during the practices of Hatha yoga for by offering sacrificial
2 - It should be lonely open place
3 - The place where the practice is done should not be hollow under neath.
4 - Inner light after completely activating the external light close the eyes at once. The light outside becomes visible inside. When the intensity decreases repeat the practice and enjoy according to the time.

Aum Shantih Aum Shantih Aum Shantih
Yogi Raj The Master Bharatari Hari.