This is a very important practice for the attainment of Yoga and must be practiced successfully. The light of the sun has got great heat hence the meditational practices cannot be done for a long time for the danger of losing sight, therefore the light of the moon should be aroused first so that the light of the sun remains pleasant. It is essential that the practices are to be done for a long time. The light of the Moon can only be aroused when the Moon swara (Left nostril breathing) is active. Generally all the practices are not performed during the flow of sun swara (Right nostril breathing) it is auspicious to do japa when there is the flow of Sushumna (Breathing through both the nostrils).

The flow of the Swara can be recognized in the following ways :-

1. Sit quietly and feel the breath coming out with the hand and with the touch of the breath one can realise as to from which nostril it is coming.

2. Sit in such a way where a thread is hanging with a little cotton mass tied at its tip. This thread should only be at small distance from the nose, the thread will move because of the breath coming out of the nose and the direction towards which it moves indicates the direction of the swar. It needs a little practice for the easy realization of the swar flow.
The generation of light on the tip of the nose is by the collision of the air coming out of the nose and the natural atmospheric air. This occurs at a distance of two and half fingers from the tip of the nose. It is only visible to yogins. By mental contemplation this light can be directed for arousing any point. It is possible to arouse the kundalini by this practice. It should be done like this.

1. Sit straight and breathe in slowly and breathe out forcefully, breathing in and out can done through the nose. Fix the gaze at two and a half fingers distance from the nose. After repeating it 20-21 times a small luminous point becomes visible which gradually increase in size and any thing within can be seen in this external light.

2. Kindle a flame of butter oil and sit straight in front of it keeping the mouth closed. Take the head backward and then bend it forward so that chin touches the chest, repeat it 11 to 21 times, breathe in through the mouth and breathe out through the nose and the slowly breathing and hold it (Kumbhaka) Gaza at 2-2½ fingers distance from the tip of the nose. In one minute the light appears. Practise to spread it through-out the body and perform the japa of AUM for its early realization. During holding of breath, keep the head steady.

3. Sit in front of a flame of butter oil and breathe in and out gradually. Gaze at a distance of 2½ fingers distance from the tip of the nose. Mental japa of AUM and nectar drinking practice should be done simultaneously. Practise it for five minutes then close the eyes and concentrate in the center of the eyebrows and hear the divine sound. By practicing it for 3-4 minutes, the luminous Brahma point will be visible. Recognize this point by touching it with the finger. This place has a small knot of the size of the tip of the needle. This is the point where the three point meet. This is the secret knot of the Agnya chakra where the vision of the deity or seeds is obtained. This place must be kept in memory and with great secrecy. The perfection of this practice awakens the Agnya chakra hence it is worth realization.

Note : The light is visible at 2½ finger distance from the tip of the nose hence the sadhaka is advised to fix the gaze at a distance of 2½ fingers from the nose.

Aum Shantih Aum Shantih Aum Shantih
Yogi Raj The Master Bharatari Hari.