If we see our physical body in the mirror and try to search our own self in it a special experience is felt by the sadhaka. It appears as if the person himself is standing in the mirror and the two are looking at each other carefully and is if saying to each other 'What are you looking in me, try to recognize your own self'. The subtle body is the image of the physical body and five Tatwas, ten sense organs, yoga points chakras etc. Whatever is present in the physical body is also present in the subtle body. The subtle a body learns from the experience of the physical body. The subtle body has an extra-ordinary capacity for storage. It always replies to the questions put to it as a rule. It has a great capacity to move about in the divine world. Its velocity is million times greater than the air and light. In a few moments it can go round the Brahmanda, and can establish contacts with the Masters. In ignorance the ego of the individual is situated in the subtle body. When the subtle body merges into the Brahma flame and sacrifices every thing then the ego disappears and Aham is replaced by SOHAM. The knowledge of the physical and the subtle body makes one reach the brahma flame. The Brahma is realised by the subtle body only. A description of the various subtle bodies in the physical body and their form and nature is being discussed now :-
1. In the state of ignorance : Dreams and many activities done by the self are in fact being done by the subtle body but it has no definite form.
2. In the state of knowledge : It is of different types:
i) Initial stage : Like an infant in mothers womb and has naked body.
ii) Active stage: Getting on its affect and both the hands on the navel with eyes open
iii) Activated form : Running, flying and swimming etc.
iv) During the dialogue with the physical body- first it laughs very much and then replies..
v) At the time of entry into Antahakarna-very sober and paying obesiance to the master by various mudras.
vi) At the time of merger with the Brahma flame facing east with open eyes detaching itself from the gross body in the external world ready to concentrate itself in the fire flame.
vii) After offering its prana as an ablation like a small luminous blue point which moves about in Brahmand.
viii) While realizing a Brahma :- light of different colours situated in a green coloured line, transforming, forms, the manifest into the unmanifest form.
ix) During samadhi, exists in an unblemished form, from the above description it is knowledgeable that the subtle body is only one, existing in many forms. This all is indicative of its activity. once this subtle body is perfected the yogi can create many subtle bodies and bestow benediction to many sadhakas. In this way the yogi keeps himself busy with the play of the subtle body and enjoy bliss.
The residence of the subtle body : It originates, from the central point of the thousand petalled lotus and resides in it. From there it comes down into the lap of mother Hakini and keeps on lying there.
The relation of the physical and the subtle body - They are united with each other at Mooladhara - navel, heart. Agnaya and the thousand petalled lotus.
The attributes of the subtle body and its powers - It is a store house of divine and physical knowledge, when activated. The subtle body can make the physical body perform practices and when needed it can carry out Yoga practices itself also. Entry in Antaha and Brahma randhra and to pierce it, to enjoy the nada and to perform tankore, can be carried out only by the subtle body.
Rules for activating the subtle body:
1. To have absolute Satwik feelings otherwise there is a danger of damage.
2. Complete satwik food, celibacy and easy benefit by eating figs.
3. The activation of Tatwas.
4. The perfection of Pranayam specially generatsion of udana.
5. Practice of realising the Anahad sound and Aum in a pure lonely noiseless place.
6. Concentration of Manas intellect and chita. First it is the intellect which realizes the subtle body and later on it is visible in light.
Recognition of the subtle body and its activation
It can be divided in four parts as follows :-
i) To reach up to the subtle body.
ii) To activate it.
i) To talk with it.
ii) To gather light by the subtle body and perform many other activities.
To reach upto the subtle body : (i) Sit in an easy posture keeping the body straight and relax without any tension in any part and keep the two hands on the knees. Concentrate in the center of the eye brows and try to realise by intellect that my subtle body is this and these are its different parts :
After a few days practice a dim figure starts appearing in light.
(ii) Generate prana from Udana and Prana. Apply maximum pressure on the navel without contracting the abdomen, breathe forcefully through the month and nose so that a state of sleepiness developes. Just as it develops see the light in Agnys and one can visualise the subtle body close to the knot of Agnya, repeat it one to three time to come back. Make some noise in the right ear and the subtle body along with prana comes back at once.
(iii) Practice breathing in and out and holding the breath. The breathing should be natural. Listen to the sound of Aum and do the Jap of Aum and merge the japa with the sound which you are hearing and concentrate only on the knot of Agnya Chakra. Keep on doing the practice of nectar drinking. A few months practice gives the visualization of the subtle body in light.
To activate the subtle body
There are many practices for it. A few are being mentioned here :
1. The Master and disciple or two sadhakas under the guidance of the Master in an Ashram should activate the subtle body in the following way.
Both should decide the place and time where and when they want to send their subtle bodies. They should sit in a relaxed fashion in a lonely place at a fixed time. Concentrate at Agnya and request the subtle body and take message from that subtle body and bring it back. After some time both individuals should investigate the truth. A few months practice perfects the process and if the message given and taken is correct the practice is successful.
2. Write down figures from 1 to 100 or AUM. Distribute it in 7 heaps. Sit in an easy posture and request the subtle body peacefully as to how many figures are there in the heaps. The numbers should be written down on a piece of paper and then examined. If the answer is correct more then 70% then consider that the subtle body is active.
3. By the japa of the seed alphabets the subtle body, can be activated in the following way :
i) Sit in an easy posture facing east, peacefully, concentrate in the centre of the eyebrows and by tankore at the knot of the agnya chakra activate the feet, hands, face subtle body in this light and recognize it with intellect and visualize the feet, hands, face etc. when a figure like an idol is perceived then do the japa of lam, vam, Ram, Yam, Ham at the respective place at least 21 times. The more the Japa the earlier the success and finally the idol is replaced by the subtle body. This is the activated form of subtle body.
ii) Sit in an easy posture, concentrate at the centre of the eyebrows, remember the Master and perform tankore by Kram, Kreem, Kroom, Krem Kraum, Krah seed alphabets at least 108 times. After this give the tankore of the seed alphabets bhram, bhreem, bhroom. A flying blue point becomes visible first which goes from right to left. It looks like a small bird with full confidence pierce this dark spot. It disappears and gives rise to the origin, of light aloms and the sight of sun, moon and stars becomes visible. After this do the japa of Ham, Oom, Eem, and Ksham seed alphabets with tankore at least 21 times. Underneath this spot do the japa of Tam, Sam and Kam, seed alphabets with tankore 21 times. The sound which is generated by the japa of these seed alphabets is Sam, Ham, first later on Sam and Ham and in the end Aum Ham and finally Soham sound is clearly audible. The subtle body becomes visible in this light enjoying the bliss of this sound.
iii) Sit in an easy posture facing East and do the japa of 16 vowels in the Vishuddhi chakra in ascending and descending order many times. Special tankore should be given on Ri and Ree and lri and lree. Generate light by prana at Agnya and concentrate on it. From the spot of Ri and Ree Lri, Lree a luminous figure resembling a trident appears and moves towards the centre of the eyebrows. See it carefully and move along with it. This trident stops at the place where the subtle body is present. Many days practice clarifies the situation. When the subtle body is visible do the japa of Ham, Sam Lam, Ksham alphabets. The following figure will be visible. A Dark Figure will be visible over the yellow, red and green colours. This is the place of the activity of the subtle body.

iv) Concentrate at Agnya and activate the seed alphabets sounds in the thousand petalled lotus. This sound travels towards the subtle body, follow it with the waves of the light. After recognizing the place do the japa of Aum and try to hear the sound of Sam. This quickly activates the subtle body. It is necessary to give the tankore of Aum japa at the place of subtle body.

(4) By activating Ida, Pingla and Sushumna :- first activate Ida and Pingla and then Sushumna by pranayam. Collect the light of Ida, Pingla and Sushumna at Agnya chakra which appears like a circular mass give it the tankore of Aum. Hear the sound and keep on drinking nectar. Few months practice clarifies the Agnya chakra. On its right lies the seed alphabets Ham and if tankore is given by prana on the lower part of Ham and a request is made to the subtle body it becomes quickly. The light will be green in colour and in this light the subtle body will be visible. If Ham seed does not become visible then an arrow like figure become visible and moves from the place of Aum and stops at the site of the subtle body. This arrow is given below. If difficulty is experienced in the above practice then do the following (a) Activate 84 yoga points (b) Activate Sun and Moon.

(5) By generating light : Breathe deeply by mouth and nose and exhale forcefully. Repeat it 20-21 times, many coloured lights are generated in Agnya. This only happens when darkness and clouds disappears. When the clouds disappear red colour is seen as sun rise appears. After this white light appears in which a trident is visible. At once spot in this white light, blue and red colours and close to these colours an elephant appears with its trunk raised up throwing water. These visions appear on the right side of the centre of the eyebrow. The scene of water is infact the rays of light which activate the subtle body. The vision of the elephant or Ham seed or the vision of mother Hakini are synonyms. These all activate the subtle body.
(6) By activating the Udana : Generate the atoms of Prana, from Udana. Press the abdomen so that it touches the spine. Concentrate in the centre of the eyebrows.
Drink nectar and hear the nada of Aum. The udana reaches the subtle body from the navel and gives it a forceful push and activates the subtle body instantaneously. This is the main process. The development of the gross body is by getting food from the mother's womb through the navel and similarly the subtle body also gets energy from the navel of the physical body.
(7) By activating Mooladhara : Activate the Mooladhara after realisation of the earth Tatwa. Breathe through the left nostril and exhale through the right. Allow the breath to go to the full depth and by mental contemplation direct it to Mooladhara. When the prana touches Mooladhara vibration is felt. In the yellow colour a black spot is seen which is the opening of sushumna. Practice the tankore of prana with the japa of Aum. The breathing should be natural. The black dot disappears and there is light. By tankore on this light the prana enters the sushumna wherein red, blue, yellow, and green colours will be visible flowing upwards, a sign of the pranas entering into sushumna. After the perfection of this practice search the subtle body carefully on the right side of Agnya Chakra. Merge the japa of Lum into the Nada of AUM, and the subtle body will be visible in a few days.
(8) Tankore practice under water : By the practice of tankore, under water the subtle body becomes visible and the prana automatically enters and activates the subtle body.
(9) By the grace of the Master : It should be done before sun rise and sit in an easy posture with a happy frame of mind and bliss, do the practice.
i) Visualize the subtle body along with all the organs.
ii) Direct the prana to the subtle body.
iii) Establish the subtle body in the Agnya chakra and offer it a seat.
iv) Activate Ida, Pingla and Sushumna.
v) Activate full light in Agnya.

(10) Invite the master and Ishta dev (Bhairva) and request them to oblige and then do the following basic practice :

i) The left foot of the subtle body is the first to become visible and activate the sound of Aum, Ram, Ram, Ram , seed alphabets by tankore on the five toes. On the toes of the right foot activate the sound of Aum, Ram, Mam, Vam seed alphabets. Blue of Yellow coloured light become visible and many chakras can be seen in these colours and many chakras can be seen in these chakras. Now carry the prana first to the left foot and then to the right foot. When the prana touches these feet the subtle body is visible in the form of a child with its two hands over the navel and eyes open. As soon as ones own vision strikes the eyes of the subtle body it appears as if the subtle body is touching the earth with its feet. The left foot belongs to the Master and the right foot to Bhairva Deva. If any difficulty is experienced remember the Master again, and again and do the Japa of Bham, Bham, Bham, Ram, Ram, Ram, Bam, Bam, Bam seed alphabets. The difficulty is immediately surmounted.
ii) As soon as light is generated in Agnya make your prana touch the knees of the subtle body. These are upward and the two hands are visible between them, then touch the two hands, shoulders, Eyes and finally the centre of the eyebrows. The open eyes of the subtle body now become clearly visible. Request it that it should become completely clearly visible. After this make subtle body sit on a seat. It instantaneously answers questions regarding Yoga.
iii) Generate light in the centre of the eye brows and touch the subtle body with the prana. When it becomes visible with eyes open then one can invite it to any place in the body and talk to it. The main places are both ears, both shoulders, Brahmanda and the openings of the Brahma Nadi. Do not talk with it for more then 11 minutes. During this meditation the breath should flow easily and with this practice the subtle body gains energy from the prana of the pysical body. It will not be necessary to activate it again and again. These three practices must be perfectly completed. These are the practices for completely activating the subtle body. It is the truth that if one surrenders to the Master and Bhairava (The Master of Prana) the practice becomes perfect.

Establishing Prana in the subtle body :-
(1) Sit with ease and breathe through the left nostril (Moon) and exhale through the right nostril (Sun). Do it for some time and then activate the Nadies of sun and moon by applying pressure on the shoulders. Activate sushumna and make the prana flow in it towards the Agnya chakra and store it there. Do the japa of Sham, Sham, Sham or soham or Aum atleast 21 times at the Aghya chakra. Now direct the prana to the subtle body. The subtle body immediately accepts these pure prana and establishes unison with the prana of the physical body. This is only possible with the udana prana.
(2) Perform the above practice and request the subtle body repeatedly to accept the accumulated prana at the Agnya. Touch the subtle body with prana from below upwards. If the subtle body accepts these prana then it starts reciting soham or Aum. If this happens breath through the left nostril (Moon) and take the prana to the navel and hold it for a moment of more. Merge the prana of all the sense organs with the prana of the subtle body. This permanently opens the channel for establishing contact with the subtle body. It then never sleeps. It will not be necessary to activate it again and again. The subtle body gains energy from the prana of the physical body. Once the unison of physical prana and the prana of the subtle body is accomplished the flow of sun and moon influences both the bodies. It can be experienced during practices. If the prana are not directed to the subtle body through the moon nadi in the beginning the generation of prana and light will be less and the vision at the Agnya will be dim. It is because of this that the flow through the moon nadies is considered first so that the generation activation and storage of light and prana should be complete respectively. This order is followed for detaching (at death) pranas as well.

The flow through the sun nadi is auspicious only during the northernly directive movement of the sun. By this practice the subtle body assimilates the Brahma pranas and leaves the physical body.
Recognition of body organs in the subtle body - ( Nyasa ) Practice. All body organs are present in the subtle body but are not visible due to ignorance. By practices these are clarifled and Unison with the organ of the physical body is established. In the spiritual language the jeeva sensation is established in the subtle body. To attain this the following practices are done :-
(1) Do the japa of 7 seed alphabets on the physical body and touch the 7 places respectively. After this invite the subtle body at the Agnya and when it is clearly visible then touch its seven places with the seed alphabets. The subtle body can be either in a sitting position or standing position. The japa should be atleast seven times at one place.

On the feet : BHU
On the Knees : Bhuva
On the Navel Swah
On the heart Mah
On the hands Jana
On the Neck Tapa
On the Agnya and thousand petalled lotus : Satyam.
In fact it is a mental practice by which it is contemplated that all the organs of the gross body which are present at the seven places and permeating the seven lokas, may also be activated in the subtle body.
(2) The japa of the seven seed alphabets Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Aum, Sham on different places in the gross body at least seven times activate the 84 yoga points. When the Japa of these seed alphabets is done on different places of the subtle body, all the organs become clearly visible that is on the toes Ram, Ram, Ram on the joints Sham, Sham, Sham on the sense organs Ham, Ham, Ham, on the fingers Yam, Yam, Yam, on the face Ham, Ham, Ham on the neck Oom, Oom, Oom, on the ears nose and eyes Ham, Ham, Ham and in the centre of the eyebrows Bam, Bam, Bam, All body organs becomes clearly visible. The symptoms and signs of perfection :-
1. Complete knowledge of light, sound and Prans.
2. New sentiments appear every day.
3. To visualize many visions in light and to experience peace.
4. To visualize manifest forms clearly.
5. To visualize seed alphabets, to read sentences and to hear the sounds.
6. To sit in the company of the Adepts and to increase the knowledge of Yoga.
7. Not to allow indulgence in sins.
8. Automatic knowledge of the practices regarding the control of the modifications of chita.
To talk with the subtle body - Activate the subtle body and invite it at the knot of the Agnya Chakra and put questions regarding yoga. In a few moments the subtle body. will give the answer in the right ear. This practice should be done while sitting. When one becomes perfect it can be done in the straight lying posture ( Shavasana ) and one can enjoy for hours. If we draw a line joining the two aural orifices over the head, it indicates the place where the subtle body rests in its active state. It is two fingers above Agnya and two fingers on the right and two fingers above right again and again two fingers.
The subtle body and the vision of the Trident :
Trident of the Master first indicates the situation of the subtle body and prevents the activated subtle body from sinful indulgences. It always does satwik activities because of the fear of the trident. It is always situated in front of the central prong of the trideng. On directing the seeds of prana to the meeting part between the trident and the subtle body then it responds by repeating the same seed. The seed is visible on the central prong of the trident.
To make the subtle body fearless :
1. By practices of Samadhi.
2. Make the subtle body run in all the direction in Brahmanda. Catch the sun and the moon and play with the fire flames and lights. Play with all the living beings visible perform such activities outside the body in meditation.
3. Repeatedly practice leaving the physical body and coming back, in shavasana. The body may be naked or may have one cloth on it. Call the subtle body at Agnya and send it out side the physical body but always fix the time for remaining out. Many days practices lends perfection and the subtle body become fearless. When it leaves the physical body then the great toe of the right or left foot starts trembling.
This is the only identification.
THUMB BODY : Eight fingers above the navel just like the thumb - is a place where the subtle body rests and comes to Agnya chakra and carries out the orders of the Yogins. This is the developed form of the subtle body which has got the five tatwas all bodily organs, activates Nadies, Seed alphabets etc. and Atma Tatwa. It makes one visualise Brahma Tatwa. Piercing of Aum, Brahmanda practices and the realisation of kaivalya is achieved by it. It is capable of manifesting any thing in a moment in the Agnya chakra. It is of importance in the practices of Antaha Karna. The sadhaka should first activate the subtle body, establish all the body organs of the gross body along with prana in it, hear the sound of seed alphabets and offer prayers to God and the Master. I may be bestowed the knowledge of Kaivalya and should be relieved from the cycle of life and death. And be liberated. Oh Master, may you bestow this grace etc.
The japa of the seed alphabets or mantra is just like a dialogue. Here only orders are given for mantra japa and the quantum is fixed. When it is completed the subtle body indicates. Even japa of the mantra of One's Ishta Deva should be practiced in this way. Keep on offering prayers at the feet of the Master repeatedly for the suceess of these practices.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
YOGI RAJ the Master.


Just as by churning the milk the atoms of butter are collected similarly by the churning of tatwas, prana etc. the subtle body is created in brahmanda in the central point of thousand petalled lotus from where it goes to mother Hakini in Agnya chakras and then it sits in itself. By meditating on the third face of mother Hakini it is activated and by her order becomes active. After finishing its work it again reaches the mother's lap for rest. After moving from the mother's lap it stays put at 8 fingers above the navel. At this time its form resembles the seed of papad. After leaving this place it runs towards brahmanda and appears green. If any yogic order is given by the sadhaka to the subtle body in green colour, it immediately complies with it and again reaches the mother's lap for rest. It is very essential to keep this subtle body active for maintaining the highest state of Yoga for only in active form it can contact divine powers, Master and different places of the body. In a moment it can fathom the knowledge of brahmanda and pass it all to the sadhaka. It can also guide the sadhaka on the path of yoga by getting indications from the Master, therefore one should try perfection of the subtle body by various practices for it is the cause of bondage and liberation. Surrender unto the Master and attain complete perfection.

Aum Shantih Aum Shantih Aum Shantih
Yogi Raj The Master Bharatari Hari.