Majority of the person when they close their eyes, perceived nothing but darkness. The darkness is so dense that it does not allow the light of Antahakarna to be seen. This is the state of ignorance.
Due to ignorance the individual cannot conceive that there is immense light inside and that divine powers in their various forms are present inside and are controlling and guiding the various functions of the body created by God. Dark clouds in the sky cover the sun and it appears as if sun has no existence. This however is not a fact for the sun does exits, only thing is that it is blanketed over by the clouds. The darkness of Antaha karan has covered the light of the soul. Practices are done to remove these dark clouds so that light inside may become visible. This is gradually achieved.
As soon as the sadhaka performs practices then form of the light inside becomes visible. This vision makes him believe of the objects hidden in the Antahakarana. Light can be generated by activating many spots in the body i.e. activation of Richas and Tyachas, Light of Nadies by the light of Sun, Moon and Stars generated by the atoms of Prana, light of the Kundalini, light of seed alphabets, light of chakras, light of Gayatri Mother and Shiva and Shakti etc. Even this light is of different types. The colour, intensity and place of origin determines as to whom the light belongs e.g. Yellow colour in Mooladhara belongs to the element Earth but in Agnya the spread out of the light yellow and green colour belongs to Prana atoms.
Order of the development of light (TANAS FORM) :-
1. In fact light realisation is through darkness hence some darkness does remain even when the last stages are reached. The only difference is that in the beginning there is darkness alone and later on it remains in the form of a dark spot. A dark spot visible in intense light even, indicates the existence of some thing at that spot. The dark point or black sun gives direction to the sadhaka that he is proceeding along the correct path.
2. Dim light : The light starts dawning and the intensity of darkness starts decreasing. In the beginning it may be one atom, many atoms, like a smoke or dim yellow light. This flickering light is of unstable nature.
3. Light of Medium intensity : There is some light generated and it always remains. This keeps on increasing and decreasing due to the flow of prana and the activity of the modifications of mind. It is visible in Antahakarana and Brahmanda.
4. Complete light : The light or Brahma which never wavers and is of equal intensity everywhere and divine flames of light appear in it. The aim should be to attain the Brahma light.
The order of the places of light :-
1. Inner light : Visions inside the body are seen on closing the eyes.
2. Light of Antahakarana : Vision after the perfection of Agnya Chakra or AUM.
3. Light of Brahmanada : Seen by divine eyes. It is the Brahmanada of the individual who visualises the light.
1. Physical eyes see objects outside.
2. Inner eyes : These see the light inside the body. It is these eyes which see the subtle body also.
4. Divine Eyes : These are the eyes of the subtle body. The practice of BRAHMANDA are done by recognizing yoga points by divine eyes.
5. Third Eye (shiva's Eye). The divine eyes recognize the third eye and the voidance of Prana is carried out through it. It is very difficult to recognize Brahmarandhara. It is done by divine eyes who witness light. It changes according to the place. Manas, intellect, chita are witnesses in the beginning of the Antaha light.
Jeeva Prana : It is witness of the light of Antahakarana and the practices.
Subtle body : It is witness of the practices of the Brahmanda.
Divine Prana : Witness for the attainment of God - the witness of the merger of the individual prana into Brahma Prana is the Prana itself.
Various ways to activate the inner light one or all of the following practices can be done to generate the inner light. The orders of the Master must be followed.
1. By Hatha Yoga Practices.
2. By Yogic Practices.
3. By Kundalini Yoga Practices.
4. By Nada Practices.
5. By Japa of Mantras.
6. By Tantrik Practices.
7. By Yantras.
The aim of the above practices is to find out the door way to Antahakarana. All these practices are almost similar for all the sadhakas. These all depend on the force or Prana and by this force only one enters Antahakarna.
(1) Hatha Yoga Practices : The aim of Hatha Yoga is to activate the sun and the moon.
i) Sit in lotus posture or siddhasana and remember the Master.
ii) Breathe in and out forcefully for 21 times. Then breathe in and hold it and try to see light at the centre of the eye brows. Gentle pressure by fingers is applied on the closed eyes. Light is seen inside. This is yellow to start with and later on changes to white.
iii) Sit in a posture keeping the spine straight. Keep a lighted butter lamp in front The breathing should be natural, flx the vision on the lower part of the flame for one minute, then close the eyes. You see the form of flame. By repeated practice for few months the flame form becomes invisible to both inner eyes and gross and the light appears spreading. It should be practiced in a dark place.
iv) Sit in a posture and make a small or large dark spot on a piece of paper and hang it in front at some distance. View it for one minute without blinking and then close the eyes. Gradually go on increasing the time and gaze it as long as possible. The dark spot disappears and is replaced by light. Now close the eyes and con-centrate in the centre of the eye brows. Antaha Light becomes visible.
When the light is visible inside, leave the external objects and take the help of inner eyes. After some time figures like sun and moon become visible. One can concentrate on any shining object.
(2) Yogic Practices : Tankore practices already described for generation of light, and prana practices are a part of it.
(3) Kundalini Yoga practices : The ascent of the Kundalini from Mooladhar to the thousand petalled lotus results in light generation automatically. The light belongs to Mother Kundalini.
(4) Nada Practices : It is natural for a sound or light to be generated by Tankore. Hearing of Anahada Nada results in light. It is because of the collision of Pranas.
(5) Mantra japa practices : By the japa of Ishta Mantra the light of the Ishta is generated. It only happens when the japa is done according to rules. The vision of the deity in the manifest worship and vision of deities in Yoga sadhana and their light is visible alongwith the seed alphabets.
(6) Tantrik Practices : The japa of seed alphabets, The Yantra worship, arousing the Mother Kundalini from any chakra and light of Ishta Deva are included in Tantra practices.
(i) Japa of Ram Seed: The tatwa fire is activated by one and a quarter lakh japa of 'Ram' seed of Manipoora. The vision of the colour of fire, activation of the third chakra, perfection of prana practices and knowledge of Tankore.
(ii) After practising the arousing of Kundalini, it can be activated at any chakra. Tantra perfection is achieved only after Yoga perfection.
(7) Yantra worships : After the external worship of the Yantras the aim is to establish them in the inner Light and then worship them there and generate light.
Usually the above mentioned practices are practiced in combination with each other, No one path is perfect. It is therefore beneficial to have the guidance of the Master e.g. Prana Yoga in Nada Sadhana, Prana Yoga in Kundalini Sadhana and seed yoga in Prana Sadhana.
By a careful study of what has been so far written, or if some Practices have been done and Antaha Light generated, it must have become apparent as to how much hard work is needed for the practice of Antaha Karana. It is essential to have the knowledge of these practices, for entry into Antaha Karana or is it possible to enter Antaha Karana only by logic ? This can be concluded by the reader.

AUM Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master.