By joining the fingers and thumbs of both hands different shapes are conceived and different parts of the body are touched, this constitutes different Mudras. Out of many Mudras, a few are being given below :-
1. Yoga Mudras - for activating the 84 yoga points.
2. Gyan Mudras.
3. Mudras for increasing health.
4. Mudras for salutation.
5. Mudras for invitation etc.
Here only four types of Mudras are being described :-
1. Mudra : Close the fingers and make it a fist, the thumbs should be upwards and keep them on the thighs and sit in a position.
2. Mudra : Keep the fingers straight and the thumbs also and bring in all the five tips together and keep them on the tihgt separately.
3. Mudra : Make a counch like figure and keep the hole straight from above downwards and put in on chest.
4. Mudra : Flex the 2nd, 3rd, 4th fingers of one hand and press them with the thumb keeping the index finger straight. Keep the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers of the other hand straight and flex the index finger and unite it with the thumb. Keep the hands on their respective knees with the palms facing upwards. This is the Gyana Mudra.
Mudra No. 1, 2 and 3 are for the prana to enter the Nadis, which bestows knowledge. The Mudras cause an increase in the circulation of blood towards BRAHMANDA. This results in greater availability of atoms of Tatwas in blood for the creation of Prana. The mudras also infiuence various nerve centres and the flow of prana is always present from below upwards towards Brahmanda.
Since these are not very important as compared to Tankore therefore it is being discussed in brief. If the Sadhaka practices the above mentioned Mudras in his daily practice the light intensity increases easily.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj the Master
There are many paths of Yoga, a few are being described below :-
1. Yoga Practices.
2. Kundalini Yoga Practices.
3. Nada Yoga Practice.
4. Devotional Yoga Practices.
5. Hatha Yoga Practices.
6. Tantric Yoga Practices, Mantra and Yantra Sadhana.
All the practice need the Master, but even then till Master is achieved the various practices can be carried out. The sadhaka will of course not only well utilize his time during practices but shall make himself fit to be a disciple. Mantra practices are also done for the attainment of the Master.
If somebody wants to have some spiritual experience he should practice any of the described disciplines with faith. If by doing a practice one gets even a little experience, he should continue the practice with full faith, devotion according to the prescribed procedure. The success of each practice augments the desire for Yoga. The sadhaka should in the meantime try to search for the Master and if fails, one should establish a mental Master.
Those Sadhakas who have the guidance of the Master, they are advised to accept the orders of the Master as Supreme and do those practices which the Master ordains.
The influence of the practices on the Body :
On closing the eyes an ordinary individual sees darkness all around. This darkness is appreciated by internal eyes. In the beginning the Manas is unstable because of thoughts, doubts, reasons and illogical argument, which keep on haunting the Manas. The success in one or many practices bring faith in the Manas of the Sadhaka. The darkness gradually lessens and is replaced by atoms of light, point, a line, clouds, clusters of stars, and different colours. The colours may be red yellow, green, rosy, violet, blue, orange and can be visualized either separately or in a mixed form. These colours are some times visible in the form of lines, points or circles or in each other or are, sometimes seen clearly. These may appear like coloured lines flowing from below upwards. Gradually after the visualization of these colours they appear to be of high, medium intensity or of darker ones. Thus seven colours because of difference of intensity become 21 which lend capacity to the sadhaka for activation of complete light. The colours of five 'tatvas' are visible at the respective places. Hence one should not get confused by ordinary colours. The colours of a tatva can be activated by the process of Tankore. The appearance of the colour is an indicator of tatvic activity. Once the tatva is activated it is subjected to Tankore by Prana. The Prana is made to flow upwards. Therefore the earth tatva should be activated first :
The practice of the Prana assumes special importance in increasing inner light. The success of every practice in fact depends on the energy of the Prana. Therefore the Pranayam practices must be practiced efficiently.
The Pranayam is of varlous types. The internal Kumbhaka and the external Kumbhaka are practiced for Yoga. The former increases the strength while the latter activates the seed alphabets. It is essential to have the complete knowledge of Apana. Udana and prana for activating the prana atoms from the prana.
Prana are flowing both in the gross and subtle body. Everything is active and alive, because of prana ; it is made up of very fine praticles of light. These are generated by tankore and collision. By collision, heat and sound are also produced along with light . the sound is produced according to the places. Thus there are fifty seed alphabets at different places of the body. In fact the 50 seed alphabets are contained in the five tatwas. These generate the seed alphabets. From the Nada practices different sounds are gradually differentiated with indulgence in-to different sound and should be heard individually. This gives rise to the knowledge of the places of its origin, e.g. if from the sound of Anhad the sound of Ang be differentiated and analysed it reaches the neck root or vishuddhi chakra immediately. It is of course difficult to hear the sound of the different seed alphabets in the Anhad sound. It will be easier if the external ears first hear the sound of the seed alphabets and get used to it. Similarly one should get used to hearing the sounds of the seed alphabets individually in the Arti aound. The mixed sound is made up of the Nadas of the seed alphabets, the sound of the seed alphabets originates from the rays of the sun, and from the collision of particles of light and electricity in the body. The particles which generate electricity by Tankore catch the sounds of these seed alphabets from the rays of the sun. These are first audible and later on visible. Later on these sounds get converted into the Ishta Mantra and become visually appreciable. One should repeatedly request the Master for its detailed understanding. For the realisation of Yoga, the practice of Nada is very easy and absorbing for the Manas runs after the object of its desire. Once the divine Nada is heard the Manas wants to hear it again and again. It is a proof also for the Anahada Nada. Hear this Nada daily and the Manas will become stable in it and the stability goes on increasing gradually every day. When one experience that the time has come to a standstill during the practice of Nada hearing, one has acquired the process of samadhi automatically, try to follow it in toto. The stability of the mind gives birth to vibration in the Manas-chakra. These vibrations result in the activation of the subtle body. The other practices are in fact included for the activation of the subtle body which results in quick attainment of the desired results.
For maintaining strength in the body good nutritious food and for increasing the Satvic particles, Satvic food and drinking of nectar is essential. The nectar fluid is just like water which gets converted into light in Antah-karana. The Nectar drinking gives greater benefit to the subtle body. It is done by touching the tip of the Uvula and the pharyngeal wall. The meeting of the two tips results in the flow of Nectar. It has no taste. Along with this the sadhaka should also try to learn three more practices from the Master :-
i) How to attract the electricity of the clouds, for this very electricity is present in the Brahamanda of the pinda i. e. physical body ?
ii) How to attract the rays of the sun towards Antah Karana responsible for the creation of different seasons ?
iii) Practice of Yoga to be performed 45 minutes before sun rise for the protection from the evil influences of the evil planets. It means that in Antah-Karan, group of clouds are visible which produce heat in the body from the sun by the flow of prana through the right nostril. The collision in clouds by heat produces electricity.
In order to unite the inner sun with the outer sun try to visualize the sun repeatedly. It should not be done in the afternoon. For the collision of sun's rays, in the Antaha Karana, Pranayam and pure feeling are helpful.
The particles of pure prana move about in the atmosphere at dawn. The sanskaras of the previous life make the practicles impure and produce evil effects. This is called the evil effects of the planets therefore it is advised to make a store house of these pure Pranas early in the Morning.
A huge store of these particles of pranas increases the intensity of the light of Antaha Karana. The evil thoughts producing impurities in the Manas are automatically depleted. This results in the experience of peace. In this light Nadis become visible and prana start flowing through them. It is impossible to have the knowledge of Nadis, until the white light is obtained. Among the Nadis one should try to attain maximum knowledge-about Sushumna, Ida and pingla for these take the substance of prana flow after collecting it from all parts of the body, towards Brahmanda. Sushumna Nadi should be realized in an orderly fashion. The knowledge of the BRAHMANDA Nadi is obtained only after having attained the knowledge of the above mentioned nadis by the grace of the Master, otherwise it is not possible.
After the regular practices laid down in various disciplines and by analysis of the experience so obtained one definitely concludes that activation of the Nadis, Yoga points, generation of the atom of Prana, increase in the light, stability of the Manas by pranayam etc. are all based on the energy of prana. The energy of prana is likened to the strength of the elephant. By establishing control on the elephant i. e. pranas in Mooladhara one attains entry in Sushumna and by control in Vishuddhi chakra one obtains Nectar drinking, Swara grace of lord Shiva and control over Manas Chakra etc. are achieved.
By the trumpeting of the elephant the sounds of the 16 vowels are activated in Vishuddi chakra. By these sounds one can proceed towards the centre of the ten sense organs. Here the sounds of the alphabets and the sense organs meet. Meditation on this spot increases the peace experience. This is the peace of Yoga.
Even in this stage of peace the Sadhaka has a normal behaviour, some impure thoughts keep on coming in small quantum but the pure intellect quietens them gradually, automatically the success is quickened.
If somehow impure thoughts influence the Sadhaka then before practice, one should command them to leave the place for you have to indulge in good realization. Your own faith and the desire to realise God will help you.
The peace experienced during practices is the experience of BRAHMA in a very small quantum. Gradually with a few months practice the Sadhaka experiences the self realization. This sprouting tendril of self-realization gradually starts assuming a larger form because of daily practice and by the grace of the Master is converted into mature BRAHMA KNOWLEDGE. All the practices described here have been learnt from the Master in the pure form. Each practice has its effects. For God realization many practices are to be performed for each practice has its own limits. ( By success in one practice God cannot be realized. It is essential to keep on mentally analyzing the practice along with their practices ) .

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj the Master