When one is able to visualize light in all parts of the body, then only one can perceive the path way to Antaha Karana. It is a round hole, closed by a lid. It is in fact static but appears mobile due to the unstable modifications of the Manas of Sadhaka.
It is very essential for the Sadhaka to clarify this opening and enter it for the knowledge of Antaha Karana bestows the knowledge of the body and Brahmanda. The knowledge regarding the gross body and the subtle knowledge of the subtle body increases in Antaha Karana only. The moon, stars etc. cannot be clearly perceived in a mystified glass and can be clearly appreciated in a clear mirror only. This exactly is the difference between antaha light and the light of the Antaha Karana.

The Place of Antaha Karana
It is spread over in the area between the Heart and Brahmanda. The Brahmanda of the gross body is a part of the Antaha Karana occupying the highest place in Antha Karan.

The Orifice of the Antaha Karana : It exists at two places :-
a) Mooladhara : Takes the Kundalani towards Brahmanda.
b) Agnaya Chakra : It gradually starts from the Navel.
The Recognition of the Antaha-Karana's Orifice
1. Mooladhara : When the yellow colour become clarified then by the Tankore of Pranas a triangle becomes visible. It is made up of the light of sun, moon, and fire or made up of Ida, Pingla and Prana particles. It is an active form. In fact entry into Sushumna means entry into Antaha Karana. A black dot in the centre of the triangle is the opening for and entry into Sushumna, It is only practised in Kundalini discipline :
2. Agnya Chakra : After visualizing AUM give Tankore on its knot by Prana. Repeatedly concentrate the Manas. A dark spot in the shiny knot is the opening for entering into Antaha Karana. The grace of the master reveals it. The sadhaka endowed with satvik attributes and desirous for the knowledge of BRAHMA can only perceived it. The others can not even see it.

The Rules for Entry into ANTAHA KARANA
1. The Sadhaka should be desirous for the knowledge of BRAHMA.
2. The one who can visualize AUM.
3. He should be the knower of the process of activating the subtle body.
4. Should be perfect in the process of Tankore.
5. Should be capable of collecting Prana at the Agnya, for the Prana always flow from Navel upwards.
6. Should be expert in stabilishing the modifications of Manas.
7. Should be one 'Graced by the Master'.
PRACTICES :- Mooladhara :-
After remembering the master, sit straight facing east early morning, 1-2 hours before dawn.
Void out the Apana from the body and sit in a posture of adepts or in any easy posture. Keep the body straight. Breathe slowly but deep. Try to recognize the movements of Prana and when one starts appreciating it up to the navel direct the Prana to mooladhara by mental concentration. When the vibration is felt in Mooladhara then meditate and see with inner eyes. The yellow colour is activated in Mooladhara. Keep on viewing it for 2+3 minutes. The breathing should be natural.
When the yellow colour becomes clear and stable and white particles start shining then by the collision of Udana and Prana by pranayam generate the atoms of Prana. When the abdomen is expanded the prana gets accumulated at Navel. Now constrict the abdomen and direct the prana to Mooladhara. The concentration should be at Mooladhara, When the particles of Prana touch the mooladhara, it starts shining. Hold the breath as long as possible in Mooladhara. Revolve the vision in Mooladhara. The black dot in the yellow colour becomes visible after the practice is repeated three to four times.
The black dot may appear jet black or light black or sometimes dark blue. Examine this dot and its surrounding carefully. Many small light particles like sun will become visible which will be reflecting this dark spot so that the Sadhaka may not have any difficulty in piercing it. The practice of clearly visualizing this dark spot should be carried out for a few days. This spot must become clearly visible before Tankore is practised otherwise the Tankore will be of no use. Once the pranas, intellect and chita confirm this dark spot, do the following :-
Sit in posture and take the activated prana particles to mooladhara. Keep the gaze in the centre of the eye brows meditate upon the Mooladhara Chakra. Drink nectar and hear the sound of AUM by both ears. Gather the prana practicles repeatedly and during the process of holding the breath hit the dark spot by the process of Tanlore. After two to three tankores the dark spot disappears and its mouth opens like shining sun. Practice should be continued for 3-7 days. Examine this shining sun and find whether it contains any dark spot.
When you find the shining spot does not contain any dark spots, then repeat the above practice and with full force at your command strike this shining sun by a process of tankore during the period of holding of breath. The prana practicles enter the orifice and the light of the sun spreads and the red, yellow, colours disappear. The pressure of prana decreases for it has escaped into sushumna and the uneasiness of the period of breath holding disappears. During the flow of prana in sushumna the lines of three colours or seven colours become apparent. This whole practice takes 21-41 days.
Entry into the Agnya Chakra :-
The entry into Agnya Chakra becomes visible in Yoga Practices,
A) The first step is the visualization of AUM creation in an orderly fashion.
B) The second step is concentration on the knot of AUM, after AUM is activated. It appears like a dark sun in the white light then it turus red and from red it becomes yellow and finally into white, which is absolutely pure. A view through this hole resembles the vision of the telescope.
First activate the centre of the eye brows and visualize AUM. AUM first clarifies its own anatomy and can be either seen revolving inside the chakras and may number from 1-1000. This number goes on decreasing and finally only one AUM remains. The sadhaka with rajasic or tamsic modifications of Manas can not enter into it. In an unstable mental state AUM will not be visible. This must be practised in peace and the aim should be only the attainment of God otherwise the process will not be successful. It should be done in the following way :-
1. Sit straight in an easy posture and drink nectar.
2. Hear the sound of NADA.
3. Flex the neck so that it touches the chest, and meditate in the centre of the Eye brows.
4. Generate Prana and direct them to the centre of the eye brows.
These four practices combine to form a single practice. The establishment of prana at the centre of the eye brows results in the perception of AUM. Clarify the knot of AUM. Do this practice in the morning at least 3-6 times and a few practice convinces the Sadhaka.
The second step is to activate the subtle body and request it to come at the Agnya chakra. Perform the above exercise. This should be practised for 7-21 days. When the practice is successful, invite the subtle body on one edge. Perform all the four practices and hit the dark spot with prana, with all the available force. For this with a jerk direct the prana from naval upwards. The jerk of prana in fact opens this hole.
It is black in the beginning then appears like a shining red sun and finally yellow spot remains. Even this yellow colour is lost and it becomes a white shining sun. Now the path has opened, when the jerk is being given request the subtle body to accompany which means the tankore shall be given by prana and by the subtle body. When the white sun starts shining and the lid like dark spot disappears the following practices should be performed :-
(A) The entry of subtle body in Antah Karana :-
Make the active subtle body sit on the gate way, drink Nectar, bend the neck so that the chin touches the Chest and hear Nada, perform mental japa of AUM. Collect the Prana in the centre of the eye brows and visualize AUM. Repeat inhaling and exhaline many times and breath deeply and hold it; contract the abdomen with a jerk and gather the prana particles at the place of the yellow colour. Keep the subtle body along with it. As soon as there is lightening, enter inside. It means when the Brahma door way opens there is lightening and thunder like sound. This is sure indication for opening up of the door. The subtle body enters Antaha Karana through the light of this gate.
Practice it for 3-7 days which brings maturity to it. The sparkle of lightening is clarified which is broad in front and narrow behind. It is in a twisted form. It indicates activeness and power when the subtle body runs after this form to catch it, the subtle body also gains energy.

If success eludes in the above practice then do this practice and clarify the Brahmanda door way and then perform the above practices. Vam is Varunadeva and Sham is situated above the orifice at the place of Shiva. Sit in a posture and drink nectar, hear the Anahad sound, establish Prana in the centre of the eyesbrows, and meditate in Agnya chakra and apply gentle pressure on the eyes with fingers.
Perform the japa of Vam, Vam, Vam, Sham, Sham, Sham, seven times. Vam is God Varuna and Sham is God Shiva's abode situated over the Gate way. Hit the know by tankore seven times by Vam-Sham japa. The gateway and its lid will become clearly visible.
Remember the AUM's anatomy again. See the three moons in one line and the meeting points of these three moons is marked by three dots, having millions of rays. When the meditation becomes stable only one AUM remains, which is pervading all the beings and universe.
Make the prana contact with each part of AUM again and again. It will be going round AUM. On repeating it a few times the knot of AUM will become clear.
Visualise the Hexagon in Agnya Chakra
This is only possible when Ida, pingla, sushumna, Vajra, Chitrini and Brahama Nadies are activated. See the centre of the hexagon and the following rays of Light will be visible in it. Make an attempt to see the central four rays. These are circular and represent the form of sushumna, vajra, chitra and Brahm Nadi. Before touching the central spot proceed from the outermost line to the inner most line by the tankore of Prana. The hexagon tends to disappear in light and very intense light becomes visible-the indication for the Sadhaka to understand that the gate way has opened up.
Take a pot full of water and close its opening and boil it. The steam tries to escape when the water boils through any lacuna in the lid. Similarly fill the body with prana so that there is no place left empty. Close all the openings through which the prana can eacape. Now press the abdomen so much that it finds an exit automatically. If the pressure is optimum the pranas enter the Antaha Karana.
The anal opening should be closed by the heel and by contraction the mouth, the nose and ears are well closed by fingers and thumb. This must be practiced in advance so that during holding the breath, there is no difficulty.
Increase in the intensity of light and visualization of various forms and ease in pressure because of the entry of prana into Antaha Karana are sure signs of success.
The following are the proofs of entry into Antaha Karana :
1. Disapppearrance of the dark spot on the knot of AUM.
2. Clear visibility of red yellow and green colour in lines.
3. Increase in sound intensity of AUM.
4. To visualize thousand hooded serpent. It can be visible in dream or at any other state even ; it indicates that the seed alphabets are activated .
5. Desire by Manas, intellect and chita to enter AUM repeatedly.
6. To have visions of sun, moon, stars different lights, beings springs, lakes seas etc.

The position of Vam and Sham on the Brahma gate way :-
The three God, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are situated in the three parts of AUM. The sun, nadi is on the right and the moon Nadi is on the left of it.
Vam : Varun, Indra i.e. Sun Nadi (Heat + Water).
Sham : Shiva i.e. Moon Nadi (coolness + Air ).
Vam, Vam, Vam, Vam, Vam, Vam, Vam (Seven times) means the thunder of Indra God and clouds.
Sham, Sham, Sham, Sham, Sham, Sham, Sham (Seven times) means coolness provided by Shiva and attration of Pranas.
It means that Varuna and Shiva powers rule this centre hence by Tankore of Vam and Sham the orifice opens up.
On opening of this orifice the prana enters, then the sound of Ham is perceived. The prana of the energy of an elephant has been made to enter, i.e. Vam, Sham and Ham seed alphabet japa completes the task. Vam, Sham Ham adopt the form of SHIVA. SHIVOHAM, HAM, respectively which will be discussed in next chapters :-
The Prana of jeeva along with all tatvas, subtle body, external and Anahad sound centres Richas and Tyachas and other lights manas, intellect, and chita enter the Antaha Karana. The Pinda body has therefore established contact with Antaha Karana so that the two may become one.


Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj the Master