To perform practices for the realization of Antah Karana is the second step for the attainment of Yoga. Different practices are practised are practised for the relization of the following aims :-

1. Establishment or identification of different gross body organs in the Antah Karana.
2. Identification of 84 yoga points, richas, tyachas, chakras etc. in the subtle body and establishment of unison between the subtle body and the gross body.
3. To make the subtle body fearless and Powerful.
4. To contact various body organs with the subtle body.
5. To merge manas, intellect and chita along with the Ten Sense organs in Brahma Jyoti.
6. To offer the oblations of prana as sacrificial offerings into BRAHAMA JYOTI.b
7. To clarify different chakras.
8. To hear the discussions amongst the Masters regarding eternal knowledge.
9. To carry out practices for BHARMANDA realisation.
10. To practise Samadhi.
11. To make oneself capable for realization of 'Kaivalya'.
If the sadhaka has developed properly the Antah light and has entered the realms of Antah Karana, the sadhaka must have concluded that the energy of prana is the generation of success to all the practices. It is possible to activate the subtle body also by the prana energy. Therefore increase in power of prana and the store house should be such that there should never be a depletion of light. The following practices should be carried out daily for it. They should be repeated 3-7 times morning and evening.
1. To effect separation of Prana, Apana and Udana and then generate prana from udana and prana and store this generated prana at Agnya.
2. To hear Anahad - sound.
3. To drink Nectar.
4. To close all the orifices for the escape of prana from the body and then apply tolerable pressure on the closed eyes. To flex the neck and touch the chest. To concentrate in the centre of the eye brows and visualize with the help of inner eyes.
Just as one needs a container, cotton wick, butter oil and fire to keep lamp buring. Similary for the Antaha light one needs the container in form of Gross body with pious sanskaras as cotton wick and the butter oil is the store of Prana energy and the fire is the light generated by the practice of the discipline ordained by the Masters. The more the butter oil, the greater is the intensity of light and longer it lasts. Similarly the flame is produced by the practices taught by the Master and in order to keep it burning one should possess a store house of pranas and pious deeds.
The above mentioned four practices keep the Antaha Karana always enlightened with white light, different colours of lights keep appearing indicating different places. If one come across dark practicles, clouds, or spots, conclude that the intensity of light has lessened hence go on performing prana practices correctly. The clouds and dark spots merge with each other.
Endowed with the knowledge of the entry into Antaha-Karana the Sadhaka sometimes fails to perfect different prana exercises. At that time the particles of Apana gain access to Antaha-Karana. These particles appear as dark spots. These apana particles should never be utilized by the sadhaka.
Avoid constipation and the food should be light. Such actions which deplete the body, energy and increase Apana are forbidden. Observance of these regulations during practice sure to lead you to success undoubtedly. A disciplined life, balanced diet, controlled modifications of Manas and the grace of the Master are sure to bestow success in acquiring knowledge regarding Antaha Karana with great ease.

(1) Activation of BRAHMA Flame :- When the prana of the physical body pierce AUM, then light is first experienced. It is dim to start with but gradually becomes clear. For activating it practise the following :-
i) Sit in an easy posture facing east. Keep the body straight and light a butter lamp and gaze on its flame. The breathing should be normal and Manas, intellect and chita, should be merged into the flame. The vision will be as given below :-
When the three parts in the Jyoti clear up and a shining dot at its base becomes visible, close your eyes and visualize the centre of eyebrows. Such a figure or form will be again visible in different colour but finally it merges into white light. It should be done for atleast 7-21 days.
ii) Perform the four practices of Antaha Karana and contemplate the external butter oil flame at your Agnya, and visualize the above mentioned luminous spot and strike with Tankore of prana at the lower end of the flame. Practise it repeatedly. Visualize the flame and give the Tankore of prana. When the flame disappears then open the eyes and visualize the flame again. After a few days the outside flame will not be needed and the Branma flame will be visualized.
iii) Examine the Brahma flame on all sides and gradually it will also be clearly visible like the external flame. Visualize it as long as possible. Kumbhaka, i. e. holding of breathing makes it clear for pranas. Kindle the flame when three portions become visible into the flame, it is a sure sign of its complete activity.
iv) Divide the flame in three parts :-
a) External layer.
b) Central layer.
c) Inner layer.
The inner layer is blue and clear like the sky. The luminous Brahma point is situated in its lower end. It is very small but extremely radiant. Search this point, the storehouse of prana will make it quickly visible. It will have the following shape :-
This point is extremely radiant even in white light. There are three small forms or particles above it. These will be visible only in deep meditaion. This Brahma flame can be visible in two forms.
1. When visualized by inner eyes it is a flame of white colour surrounded over by dim light, some part of the flame has a dim dark covering. If the Apana is not purified the dark point can be seen revolving in this flame. Void out the apana completely and gather prana by pranayam. Repeat it many times and the flame will become clear.
2. By collecting pure pranas and by directing the sublte body towards the flame, it will be visible as given in the diagram.

(2) Antaha Flame or the flame of Prana
The light of Antaha-Karan radiates due to the Prana of the physical body. Pour more and more prana particles into it. The increase in the intensityof light of the Antaha Karana depends upon the Tankore of Prana. Hence practice it daily, Merger of the sense organs, Pranas, Subtle Body, Manas, Intellect, and Chita is accomplished in this flame by the following practices.
Sit in an easy posture and perform the four practices of Antah-Karan. Draw the Prana from every organ of the gross body and direct it into Sushumna. Mooladhar, Navel, Heart, Vishuddhi, and Agnya Chakras are used for it. When the Pranas are drawn from the gross body the body parts become loose. Merge these Pranas into the particles of the Pranas generated by the air and make them enter in the Antah-Karan. The japa of AUM, hearing of Anhad sound and pressure on the eyes should be continuously done. The practice of drinking nectar has greatest importance at this stage. Give the tankore of the Pranas on the flame again and again the external Sense organs start merging in the flame. If these start merging then 9 centres inside the flame start contracting. It is a proof of the success of the practice.
2. Sacrificial offering of the Prana practices
The four practices should be perfected : Remain hungry for one to two days. This helps in generation of Prana and offers easy directional control over them. The Apana is thrown out of the body completely. The flame is visualized and the practice is done as follows :-
It should be done after the bath, before sun rise on a full moon day or the eighth of moon or on a Sunday. Sit in an easy posture, breath in through the mouth and nose, close the eyes and perceive the light. If the dark particles are visible then increase the time of holding the breath and breathe in and out with force. Keep on viewing the light. A crescentic form will become visible in this light with the two circles at two ends. In fact the crescent is the mouth and two circles are the eyes. When this becomes clearly visible the nose can also be appreciated above it. Sometimes flames can be seen coming out of the mouth. In the beginning these flames are in the form of a stream. The eyes and nose are not visible because of this fire stream. Merge your Prana into this fire stream which means the unison of the Prana of the physical body with Prana of the Antah-Karan. Thus the the sacrificial offering of the Prana. Repeatedly collect your Prana and give Tankore in this fire. Sometimes, during this process seed alphabets become visible. Observe the upward going top of the flame which further increases, it the practices are done correctly. The point where this flame ends should be kept in mind for it is the opening of the Brahma Nadi.

(ii) Offerings with the Japa of Mantra; The nine spots in the Brahma flame represent nine planets and are connected with the following portion of the Gayatri Mantra.
AUM, Apo, Jyoti, Raso, Amritam, Braham, Bhoor, Bhuva, Swah, Rom.
First activate the inner light and when the nine spots in the Brahma flame become visible then do the japa on each point. Repeat many times in a day. After some time, the Mantra AUM, Apo, Jyoti, Raso, Amritam, Braham, Bhoor, Bhuva, Swah, Roma becomes automatically audible - a sign of successful practice. After this the Sadhaka should mentally analyze his own achievements and critically view his modifications of Manas.
(iii) The nine spots in Brahm flame are in fact the spots of Ida, Pingla, Sushumma, Vajra Chitra, Brahma nadi, Moon and Varuna. Sit in an easy posture and activate all the Nadis. Fill in the abdomen by breathing in, contract the abdominal wall forcefully and repeat it many times. This activates Sushumna. By Tankore of Prana on the Mooladhar activate the Brahm Nadi, Chitra and Vajra. The sun and the moon are activated by revolving the prana on both sides of the Agnya and Varuna Deva is activated automatically by collecting the Prana at the Agnya.
Now activate the Brahma flame. Give tankore by Prana at all the nine spots of the Nadis throughout the body separately. The intensity of the flame light increases. Practise it for 7-21 days.
3. PRACTICES OF SUBTLE BODY : The subtle body has an important background in theAntah-Karan. To recognize everything absorb energy from them and reduction of one's own size into smallest dimensions is the job of the subtle body. The subtle body when reaches the Antah-Karan, after entering through the orifice, carries along with it the Manas, Intellect, Chit and Ego also.
The subtle body carry the collected form of Manas, intellect and chita into the Brahma Gate. The modifications of Antaha Karan are Satwik. Repeated entry into Antah-Karan increase the Satvik attributes, activate the subtle body and touch the Manas Chakra and along with the pure Prana enter the Brahma Gate. Daily practice of this discipline quietens the manas and brings peace.
After entering, the subtle body finds everything new - now what to do ? The directions are sent from the physical body by a pledge that the subtle body has to perform such and such an activity. The state of the subtle body while receiving orders can be understood by the following diagram.
The subtle body can visualize a very radiant particle in the Brahma Dot. It emits light & its knowledge is very essential - for it is stable. The subtle body after recognizing this point assumes its seat and from here the subtle body can be directed any where. This small point of the size of the tip of the needle emanates light, which is unblemished, cool and bestows bliss.

First perform the practices. Take the subtle body and Manas Chakra along with it and visualize the Brahma Dot. Give Tankore of prana again and again. By the grace of the Master you will have visions of many Deities in it and they appear as if they were coming out and merging back into it. This Brahma flame is the point of the God manifesting and merging back into the unmanifest. The light of Brahma Flame is in fact from Brahma Point or dot. The Prana particles cause an increase in its intensity.
When one visualizes the divine forms merging into the Brahma flame and one gets the orders of the Master then the Sadhaka should get ready to offer the subtle body also as an offering into this Brahma flame. It should be done in the following way :-
Sit in the presence of the Master. The mind and the body should be calm and quiet. It should be an auspicious day and it would be better, if one is fasting for one or two days. Generate the prana at the navel and establish then in Agnya. Hear the Anhad sound and drink nectar, fix the chin on the chest, apply a little or more pressure on the eyes and close the openings of nose, mouth, ears and the Rectum. Hold the Breath with full force and quickly direct the subtle body along with Manas chakra to visualize the Brahma Dot in the lower portion of the Brahma flame. Order the subtle body to merge into the flame and the subtle body does it, without any delay. This should be practiced for 21-41 day.

NOTE : 1) If the practice is done by the Master also, along with disciple the prana of the Master, disciple and subtle body become one.
2) The japa of AUM, Apo, Jyoti, Raso, Amritam, Brahm, Bhoor, Bhuva, Swaha bestows perfection quickly. This mantra is for be getting the flow of nectar from the Brahma flame.
3) The nine planets should be worshipped first, for the dragon's head produces abnormalities in the light. Prayer unto him is offered that one should be able to perceive things as they are and there should be no distortions. The God saturn protects the Manas from becoming unstable. Similarly, the rays of the other plancts function.
After this practice one should not talk and see any body else for at least 20 minutes. The following are the proofs that the offering of the subtle body has been done :-
i. Decline in the urge of sex and anger etc.
ii. The subtle body always remains active and some times practically visible and solves problems regarding Yoga.
iii. To visualize different divine powers by the subtle body.
iv. To exercise complete control over the Prana.
v. The perfection of Tankore practice.
vi. To reach the point of origin of Anhad sound.
vii. To perform Antah Karan practices.
viii. Gradually the flame of light disappears and only a fine dot remains.
The form of the subtle body after it has offered itself into the Brahma Flame :-
The subtle body is in fact a part of the Prana i.e. it becomes active only because of Energy of Prana particles. The way the prana of the individual after their merger in Brahma Flame becomes one with the prana of Brahma and the intensity of light increases in the Brahma flame, the subtle body also after the merger occupies a place in those manifest forms of divinity which were appearing from the Brahma Flame and merge back into it. It can therefore now assume the form of an Atom or a universal form.
ATOMIC FORM : Equal to the tip of a needle merging into light.
UNIVERSAL FORM : Very big form, able to touch the sky.
Description of the subtle body :-
Eyes : Red, Open, Rays of light coming out of them.
Face : Happy.
Mudra : Sucking its own thumb or sitting quietly or moving about.
Head : Very scarce hair on the head but light radiating out.
Nails of Hand and Feet : Red light radiating out.
Body : Naked
Knowledge : Completely knowledgeful, full of the knowledge of brahma, free of bad thoughts, obedient to the Master and a loving dear disciple.
Power : Uncomparable and undescribable.
Speed : Many time more than the velocity of light.
Attributes and qualities : Himself devoid of any with but obedient to the orders of the gross body, practising Samadhi, capable of approaching all divine powers, endowed with Satvic modifications of Mans, desirous of obtaining Kaivalya and keen to achieve his father the God Almighty etc.
The states of human consciousness :- Dream state, Deep Sleep, awakened state, Turiya and beyond Turiya are the state of the subtle body and not that of the gross physical body. These are all completely awakened states. The deep sleep state is of ignorance.
DIFFERENT FORMS OF THE SUBTLE BODY : The sadhaka activates the subtle body by prana or Udana. The following practices are performed by the active subtle body in Antaha-Karna :-
1. To hear the sound of seed alphabets.
2. Visualization of divine Gods.
3. Dialogue with divine powers.
4. Form at the time of total dissolution.
5. Journey to Brahmanad and practices of samadhi are done by it.
6. To find out Brahma Randhra.
7. To pierce the Brahma-Randhra.
1. To hear the sound of seeds : The subtle body hears A. U. M. and Vam Vam Mam or seed alphabets from Ang to Ham and is capable of appreciating different sounds of seed alphabets by reaching different chakras and becomes ecstatic. This is the first sign of Samadhi.
2. Vision of Gods : When the pranas are united with the subtle body the vision of gods is almost a natural phenomenon. To touch their feet and hear their sound becomes a play. Order the subtle body to desire kaivalaya only. He should not ask for anything else otherwise the path ahead becomes blocked and will wander away from the divine path.
When the subtle body visualizes different palces, bliss is experienced. This is the bliss of heavens. It is peace all over and the animals, birds, Gods etc. all are peaceful and have all comforts, whatever is needed is readily available. This is the place where one can get deviated from Yoga, hence one should be extremely careful.
Whenever one visualizes a divine form, a request should be made unto it for the unfoldment of its unmanifest form.
3. Dialogue with Divine Powers : The Japa of the seed alphabets of mother Durga and Kali and other divinities are results in the manifestation of the power of the Master and these should be searched at different places in Antaha-Karan. Sometimes the seed alphabets Kam, Dam, or their natural forms appear and becomes manifest. These advice the subtle body to increase its strength, if the subtle body desires to go to other lokas. These divine powers provide suitable protection. They talk in divine language and the subtle body can very well understand it and can perform practice under their guidance. It is an extremely difficult process but becomes easy under the care of the master but such Masters are rare.
The form of the subtle body at the time of total dissolution - At this time, the subtle body resides in the knot of AUM and it is protected from external attacks - Even if complete yoga has not been achieved it is not necessary to have a physical body. The practices can be done by the subtle body and kaivalya is obtained. One can be reborn after enjoying the results of its Sanskars. During the great dissolution the subtle body keeps on lying on a form like that of leaf Pipal Tree and keeps on sucking it own thumb, hears AUM sound and keeps on swimming over water. At this time the power of the Master is poised in the root of the leaf and the rays of the sun keep on providing knowledge to the subtle body.



Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj, the Master