By the collision of the different pranas at different place many sounds are produced. These different sounds merge to form the Anahad sounds, and its division are called seed sounds e. g., the sound of AUM has got the sound of A, U, M, in a mixed form. If the sound of A is differentiated and clarified then it is called the sound of the seed alphabet A.
The Generation of Sound :
There is a movement of prana in each part of the body. The channels through which these pranas are blowing are narrow at places and wide at other places. Different sounds are produced at different places by the force of the prana and according to the anatomy. There is a definite limit of movement of the sounds of the seed alphabets.
Therefore all the sounds of the seed alphabets are limited to live elements i. e. the five elements contain the sound of all the seed alphabets individually. By the Tankore of pranas when the Tatvas are subjected to friction by them the light of tatva and the sound of the seeds are generated. In the beginning the internal ears of the Sadhaka are not developed to an extent that he may be able to hear the sounds. By constant practices and one pointedness in meditation one can hear the sounds of the seed alphabets :-
Rules for Practical Visualisation :
1. The knowledge of Antah Karan and the visualization of Brahma flame.
2. Visualization and complete activation of the subtle body.
3. Hearing of the sound of Aum and the knowledge of differentiating different sounds.
4. To generate light at the tip of the nose.
5. The knowledge of Tankore.

Classification of the Seed Alphabets
There are 50 seed alphabets from A to Ksha, The inclusion of trai and gnya makes them 52. Therefore generally in Yoga, we speak of 50-52 seed alphabets. Ksh, trai and Gnya are mixed seeds but are most effective. The classification of these seed alphabets can be done in the following way :-
1. According to the three attributes.
2. According to the tatwas.
3. According to the tankore.
4. According to yoga centres.
5. In thousand petalled lotus.

1. According to the three attributes : The seed alphabets can be satvic, Rajasic of tamsic :
Stavic - form A to Ah ** 16
Rajasic - form Ka to Ma ** 25
Tamasic - from Ya to Ha ** 08
Total 49
2. According to Tatwas :-
Earth Tatwa : Vam, Sham, Sham, Sam - 4
Water Tatwa : Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam 6
Fire Tatwa : Dam, Dham, Nam, Tam, Tham,
Dham, Dam, Nam, Pam, Pham - 10
Air Tatwas : Kam, Kham, Gam, Gham, Gang,
Cham, Chham, Jam, Jham, Gnyam,
Tam, Thaam - 12
Ether Tatwa : A, Aa, E, Ee, U, Oo, Ree, Rre,
Lree, aye, ayee, O, Aou, Ang, Ah - 16
Light Tatwa (Atma Tatwa) : Hang, Kshang 2
Total 50
Brahma Tatwa (Brahmand) : Trang, Gyang 2
Complete total 52
3. According to tankore :-
i) The body is shared amongst seven seed alphabets - Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Aum and Sham. It means many sounds are mixed up in the sounds of these alphabets the sound is similar in physical and the subtle bodies. Their description has already been given in the chapter on activation of the subtle body.
ii) Aa, Ee, U, Aou, Ang, Ah - These vowels when used in tankore produce an increase in its intensity. A is in fact mixed up with all the seeds and Aug = Aum, Where the use of M is maximum. Therefore the seed alphabets from A to M are mostly used in yoga for increasing the intensity of light and are hence most useful.
4. According to the yoga centres : The light of 84 yoga points gets concentrated at 12 points according to satvic. Rajasic and tamasic attributes. These 12 centres merge into one point and disappear. It can be understood in the following way. The light of 84 yoga points is centred in seven chakras i. e. 84/7 =12 center. These 12 centres are divided according to three attributes 12/3 = 4 centres. The light of these 4 centres merges into one centre in the equipoise state i. e. 84 points merge into 12 centres which in turn merge into 4 centres and the process of merger of light of 4 centres into one point completes the order of the seed alphabet. Ang, Kang, Chang are visible first. Thang, Tang, Pang, Yang, Shang (Five alphabets). Veem, Doom, Ayeem, Hang ( Vang, Dang, Aeng, Hang ). Ushang = I (s seen in the end) Kshang =Kshya = the Light of all centres merges into one point and this one point the Brahma point.
5. The order of the seed alphabets in Brahmand :
In lalna and the thousand petalled lotus the seed alphabets become manifest in an order. These are 64 in Lalna and about one thousand in thousand petalled lotus.
For the knowledge of the seed alphabets the thousand petalled lotus is only important. The latter is like an opened out lotus - a place for yoga practices. It has many sounds, colours, lights, divine figures and is a place for the vision of gross Brahmands. It is fully described in the chapter on Kundalini Yoga. The seed alphabets can be activated in two ways - In the physical and in the subtle body. Secondly it can be done by Antaha Karan and Brahmanda.
The activation of Seed alphabets in the body :-
It can be activated by the following practices :-
1. By Tankore.
2. By Jap of Seed alphabets.
3. By Jap of garland of letters.
4. By visualization of Gods.
1. By Tankore : The tankore is practiced as follows :
Generate light on the tip of the nose and give repeated tankores on the place of the desired seed alphabets to be activated. The light on the tip of the nose enlightens the desired spot and by tankore first the sound is produced and later on the seed alphabets can be visualized.
Example : Sit in a posture and generate light on the tip of the nose by pranayam practices. Direct this light to Mooladhara which in turn activates mooladhara and a yellow light becomes visible in Mooladhara. Strike the centre of the yellow light by the particles of Prana repeatedly. The collision between the earth Tatwas and the Prana particles generates the sounds of lam and later on lam becomes clearly visible. By doing this practice for 21 to 41 days, Vam Sham, Sham, sam seeds sounds and forms become clearly visible. The Tankore is always given in the internal kumbhaka.
By the subtle body : Sit on the seat in the morning time and fill yourself with fresh air repeatedly. By doing it many times the light of Antah Karan becomes white. Activate the subtle body and direct it to the knot of the Agnya chakra and order it to reach the place of a particular seed alphabet. It should clarify the sound and form of the seed alphabet. See with inner eyes that the subtle body has reached there or not. The breathing should remain normal. Collect the Pranas at the navel by collision of Prana and Udana and take a ling deep breath and hold it. Contract the abdomen and establish the Pranas in Agnys. Keep the internal eye stable on the Agnya and direct the Prana for Tnakore to the required place. Drink nectar and flex the neck so that the chin touches the chest and close both the ears. I'ress the eyes gentle with fingers and go on increasing the pressure. The third, fourch, fifth and sixth practices should be done quickly.
The sound is generated at the place of the tankore and this can easily be heard. Repeat this practice again and again. The seed alphabets become clearly visible.
2. By Japa of Seed alphabets :
The japa of each seed results in practical visualization of that seed. Do it in the following manner :-

1. It should be done either before sunrise or in the night when there is all quietness, it is better.
i) Sit in an easy posture facing east or North. Keep the body straight.
ii) Fill in fresh air and the stomach should neither be full nor empty.
iii) Meditate on the Agnya chakra and do the japa of one seed alphabet at least on thousand times. The japa will be performed mentally.
iv) During the japa the sound should be directed to the place of the seed i.e. recite the seed with mental contemplation at the place of the seed. For example, for the japa of a, o, japa should be at its place in the vishuddhi chakra, but it should be visualized in the centre of the eye brows.
v) Drink nectar and order the suitable body that it should hear the sound clearly in the right ear. If the mind is stable and the place is quiet and pure the japa gives quick results. The pronunciation should be correct otherwise the japa will have no effect. The correct way is as follows - Sham, the half moon on the word sha and the point on the moon is the sun. The Moon is emitting dim light and this is in the form of the fire. Like this in one seed alphabet sun, moon, fire and the part of divine powers exist. It is a complete monifestation of divine powers. Shang should be pronounced as Sham. If AUM is prefixed and Namah is suffixed then it becomes the Mantra of that Divine power : For example, Aum, Sham, Namah etc, for the practical visualization of the seed only Sham, Sham, Sham, is to be recited.
2. Sit in a pure atmosphere quietly with a pure body and do the following :-
i) Breathe in through the left nostril and hold it for some time and exhale. Do it 3-7 times.
ii) Inhale by reciting the desired seed alphabets once, perform holding the breath by reciting the seed alphabet once and exhale by reciting it once.
iii) Inhale by the right nostril, hold it, and exhale. Repeat the seed alphabet only once each time. This will be the japa of one seed alphabet.
iv) Increase the number of japa of the seed alphabets during inhaling, holding and exhaling in ratio of 1-4-2. The concentration should be in the centre of the eye brows during japa. 10 lakh japa of any seed will activate it. This is called the seed japa by pranayam. It bestows bliss.
3. Activation by the Japa of the garland of letters :
First remember the 50 alphabets and practise them in the ascending and descending orders. There should be no mistake about it and practise it as follows :
i) Sit on a seat while keeping the body straight.
ii) Concentrate on the centre where the seed alphabet is to be visualized.
iii) Do the external Kumbhaka.
iv) Do the japa in the ascending and decending order. For example, it should be like this Vam, Sham, Sham, Sam, Sam, Sham, Sham, Vam, and again Vam, Sham, Sham, Sam. Repeat it 7 times for atleast 41 days. It quickly give good results.
v) Go upwards from Mooladhara and do the japa of 50 alphabets while holding the breath or practice on each centre. It can be done with ease. When the practice of japa on the centres in the ascending and descending order is completed then do the japa of the complete garland of letters in the thousand petalled lotus. This is only possible when the breath can be held for a long time. If the japa gets discontinued, do the whole practice a new.
4. The Activation of seeds by the Vision of Gods :
Activate the light in the Antaha Karan and visualize the radiant Brahma Point. Let the subtle body have the vision of subtle Brahma and practice as follows :-
Do the japa of kram, Kreem, Kroom, Krayaem, Kraoum Krah (6 seeds) in the Antah Karan. The divine eye of the subtle body should keep on viewing the Brahma point. This japa is to be done for many days and only while holding the breath. It means during the process of holding the breath give the tankore of the 6 seed alpha-bets into the Brahma Point again and again. The light of the subtle Brahma point spreads and a Divine figure appears in this light of blue radiance. This is the form of Mother Kali or the Kam seed. She is supporting a garland around the neck made up of small sun points and is radiant. The sun points give the illusion of the beads of human heads. Touch every luminous point with Pranas, and ask the subtle body to obtain blessing of the Mother. The feet must be touched first. She appears standing with one foot over a dead body with the garland of seed alphabets around her neck and is expressing happiness. The garland of letters from Am to Ksham i.e. 50 seeds are fromleft to right and the japa should be in descending - ascending - descending orders. Gradual practice clarifies the seed alphabets.
By the Tankore of 6 seed alphabets of mother Kali, many garlands will be visible which will be according to the order of the Tatwas. Repeatedly perform Tankore on the beads of the rosary which are like pearls i.e. Ham, Ksham, Ksham, Ham, Ham, Ksham, After a few months practice seed alphabets become clear and the sound is clearly heard in the right ear.

Do the japa of 3 seed alphabets, Bhram, Bhrum, Bhroom and give tankore. The above garlands will become clearly visible.
Do the japa of Hram, Hreem, Hrum, or Hram, Hreem, or only of Hram the garland of seed alphabets become visible. The Tankore of each seed alphabets is performed on the Brahma Point.

Visualisation of Sentences by the Vision of Seed alphabets
The vision of seed alphabets is only possible when the subtle body is activated otherwise it is an illusion. The vision of the seed alphabets is possible anywhere and the first to become visible are Sa, Tam, Ram or Pum, Eem, or AUM, or Hreem. The seed vision may be anywhere but it is blue, yellow, green or red and all of them have got the signs of sun and moon. The spot at which the vision occurs must be kept in mind and once one seed is visualized all the seeds can easily be visualized, Do the following practice for attaining the vision of any one seed alphabet or for all the seed alphabets.
i) Lie on your abdomen, catch hold of the feet by the hands and pull them up. Flex the neck and open the mouth and breathe forcefully. When the pranas are generated close the eyes. The Brahma flame is visible in the centre of the eyebrow. Invite the desired seed alphabet into it. The seed alphabets materialise their form and are clearly visible. This practice leads perfection in a few days.
ii) After this practice the desired Mantra can be visualized by invocation.
iii) Sit in an easy posture and activate the Brahma flame. Do nectar drinking and collect the Prana in the centre of the eye-brow and hear the Nada. Flex the neck so that the chin touches the chest, close the eyes and drink nectar. Recite the Mantra, all the alphabets of the sentence separately, It should be done neither very slowly nor very quickly. Give the Tankore of each seed into the flame. One can visualize the Mantra alongwith its sound.
iv) After these practices invite the subtle body and order it to write down that Mantra or the sentence.
Repeat it atleast 8 times. The Mantra will be visible as if it is being sculptured. When this happens the knowledge regarding the seed alphabets is complete.
The knowledge of Yoga is infact knowledge of the subtle activities of nature. In Yoga practices there is collision between many things it generates sound, light and heat. The intensity of heat is quietened by practices. The light now becomes pleasant and meditational practices can be carried for a long time. In the knowledge of light, to generate complete light is the aim of the sadhaka. This is only possible when the pranas have been conducted through each body organ andlight generated by it. The movement of prana activate different forms of light and sound. These are the seed alphabets. They are visualized according to their sounds and formation. In order to know the flow of the Prana within the body whether it is pure or impure and which part of the body have developed full light and in which parts of the body the prana have yet to move, the knowledge of seed alphabets is essential. It is not possible to have the vision of Brahma without visualising the garland of letters because the orderly visualization of seed alphabets is a proof of the flow of pure pranas through the organs of the physical and the subtle body. Otherwise the practices are illusory. This statement is absolutely correct.

Kundalini Yoga is a perfect and independent process for God realisation. All Yoga practices are included in this discipline. Its detailed-description is given ahead.
i) The light forms which appear after the collision of the particles of pure Prana take the form of Divine powers or seed alphabets .
ii) The light of Antah - Karan is Satvik, devoid of impurities, hence the form of the seed is primarily satwik.
iii) The seed alphabets or Divine forms arise from the Brahma flame and merge back into it. This flame is responsible for the manifest and the unmanifest GOD.
iv) Separate meditation and visualization of the seed alphabets from the Branma flame produces manifest results bestowing siddhis. These manifest perfections (Siddhis) bind the sadhaka with Karmas and destroy the store house of pure Prana particles. The sadhaka then remains devoid of the Brahmanda practices. Therefore once the seed alphabets or the divine forms are visualized repeated prayers should be done unto them for the realisation of the unmanifest. The Sun and Moon on the seed represent flow of few of the God's unlimited attributions and without these points they represent its unmanifest form. For example, Ham represents Shiva and Shakti, Ganesh, Sun, Elephant, Hakini, Manas Chakras, Subtle body and one seed of the Agnya Chakra.
HAM : Represents the unmanifest form of Shiva Shakti which does not need sun, moon and stars for its radiance. The light is gradually merging into full light. The whole seed is merging into light and only dim blue light is left behind. The order is as given below. It means it has merged into its own origin.

There is one place which is manifest as well as unmanifest :
This is Ham, Different rays are coming out of it and these are the vowels and consonants. From this chakra of 21 letters, 50 seed alphabets are generated which occupy different places in the body. Once this Chakra of 21 letters is clearly visualized the Richas of Vedas become visible. One can hear their sounds produced by the pronounciation of the subtle body automatically. This chakra must be perfected for the visualization of letters or sentences.
1) Sit in an easy posture and quickly perform the four practices of Antah-Karan. Activate the Brahma Point in the Brahma Flame. Light blue rays appear to be coming out of it.
2) The Brahma point is the place for Bam, Give the tankore of 21 seed alphabets into it. When the chakra is clearly visible, increase the store of pranas and again meditate.
3) Seed alphabets or sounds or Mantras or richas of the Vedas become visible according to time and modifications of the Manas. Order the subtle body to hear this sound and enjoy the bliss. This is the ecstasy of Yoga.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj, the Master.


The physical body is the store house of impurities where one or the other impure thoughts arise. This is directly related to Apana because the increase in Apana makes the mind unstable. It is therefore ordained again and again to get rid of Apana completely from the body. The subtle body has no impurities of its own because the pure prana particles derived from Udana and Prana are established in the subtle body. Therefore the subtle body always works with benevolent feeling. On realizing the subtle body the sadhaka can definitely state that there is nothing like impure in the Antah Karan. When the feelings of the Sadhaka remain with the subtle body they are pure, and when they are with the physical body they become impure. This in fact is the state of knowledge and ignorance and hence the sadhaka should keep his feelings in the subtle body as long as possible.
It is only after entry into Antah Karana that one can differentiate between inner visions and the visions of the light of Antaha Karan. There is no scope for imagination in Yoga. In Yoga the Sadhaka perceives as things are in their true form - this is called the knowledge of yoga. Knowledge by Yoga cannot be attained by external knowledge or by hearing any body.
In the practices for Antah Karan sound, light, prana and nectar drinking are practiced in combination. The results of all the practices by all the routes is the same here. This results in the activation of Brahmanda and an attempt to understand the form of God.
The prana Yoga consists of the knowledge of the subtle body, entry of Prana into Antah Karan and unison with the other pranas pervading in Antah Karan it maintains the flow of pure pranas in the gross and subtle body. It means that the sadhaka has united the gross body with the subtle body and has establish union with the divine prana. This bestows the Sadhaka with Divine bliss. The experience of different visions appear to the sadhaka as a play of light, where at places there are lights and at places there are seed alphabets and at places different types of scenes appear and disappear.
The visualization of the seed Hreem bestows the vision of the divine master. This itself is the Master, Hreem, is equal to H-R-Eem, which means the knowledge bestowed by God is true. The practices are correct and whatever he has learnt so far is also correct. It is useful to have the knowledge of Grammer for realising the meaning of seed alphabets. The realisation of Antah-Karan makes the modifications of the mind introvert. These appear and keep on disappearing. After sometime the sadhaka quietens them also and wants to experience complete peace. He wants to remain in a state where there is no desire or modifications of mind or sankalpa etc. it is only possible when complete light is generated by samadhi.


Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj, the Master.