There is a place in Antah Karan which has the maximum light and where many flame, divine forms, seed alphabets, or other forms can be visualized. This is called Brahmanda. It is situated just behind the Agnya chakra. The centre of Brahmanda is the knot of the Agnya Chakra that is way it is stressed that the knot must be clarified and meditated upon. There is a point bestows the knowledge of the Brahmanda. This luminous knot. The realisation of this points bestows the knowledge of the Brahmanda. This luminous Brahma point of the stable point of subtle brahma is known by many names. Just as by concentration on a small point the light spreads similarly when concentration is done for some moments on this point the light spreads. This spread of light represents Brahmanda. All the divinities and the seed letters merge into it and emerge from it. This fact prove that in one small point many forms can merge. The Brahmanda of the man gets merged in a point light which is having the dimensions of the tip of the needle. In addition to this the external Brahmanda and many other Brahmandas are merged into the Brahmanda of the individual. Therefore many Brahmandas are being contained in one and the same dot is permeating many Brahmandas.

Following practice should be carried out for realization of Brahmanda.
i) Sit with ease and do the four practices of Antah Karan and activate the Brahma flame. There is a luminous point in the lower part of the Brahma flame and under this is a dark spot. This dark spot is the gate way to Branmanda.

ii) Sit with ease and perform the four practices of Antah Karan and activate Ida, pingla and Sushumna. Then visualize the three nadies in the light of Antah Karan. This is the place of the three spots. Give the Tankore of prana on this spot. The light which is activated above. It is of the Brahmanda.
iii) See carefully the movement of Sushumna Nadi from below upwards. Clarify chitrani, vajra and Brahma Nadi in separate dots. Brahmanda starts where the Brahma Nadi ends.
iv) The fontanalle is a very thin place in the head of an infant where there is no bone and pulsations can be felt there. This the top most part of the head.

The following practices can be done for activating the Brahmanda :-
(1) BY PRANA :
i) visualize the Brahma flame. Identify a luminous point under which lies the dark spot. When it is clearly visible then give the tankore of prana with full force.
ii) This dark spot is in fact of a deep blue colour. It has red, violet and green colours. These colours become visible by the tankore of the pranas.
iii) Repeated tankore for 4½ minutes results in disappearance of all the colours and white light is generated.

iv) Merge the pranas for a few moments into the white light which is a minute dot. This is the universal form of the dot.
v) When the light is generated do not hold the breath. The breathing should be easy and continuous. The scene of completely activated Brahmanda becomes visible.
a) Throw out Apana and sit with an easy posture or posture of adepts. Make the prana directly enter Sushuman at the Mooladhra.
b) Watch the flow of prana in Sushumna Nadi. The Prana can be seen ascending up as if some fluid is flowing in a glass channel. Follow it till its end. A place will come in Antah Karan when the flow is not visible. This point is the end place of Brahma Nadi. Always keep it in mind that the end of BrahmaNadi is situated at the knot of Agnya. Touch it with your finger and be sure.
c) Do all practices of Antah Karan and give tankore on the end point of Brahma Nadi. The light of Brahmanda becomes activated.
a) Sit easy and activate the Udana and direct it to the subtle body and activate it.
b) Direct the subtle body to Brahma flame and perform the four practices of Antah Karan.
c) Attract the prana from each part of the body and make them enter into Antah Karan. Both the great toes will show light vibrations.
d) The light is the proof the activation of Brahmanda. The vibration is because of the movement of the subtle body.
The light of Antah Karan is all pervading but it is maximaly concentrated at the centre of Brahma flame. It is known by the names of subtle point, subtle brahma, Radiant. Brahma point, stable Brahma point etc. when this light expands then it becomes Brahmanda, or the Universal form. The subtle body has seen each seed and the divine forms merging into the subtle point and arising out of it but in Brahmanda these move about in their own spheres. All the things like richa, tyacha, chakra, kundalini, Divine powers which are present in the gross and subtle body are visible here. With this universal vision the subtle body it should be understood as follows :
a) When the prana enters the Brahmanda, the subtle body and the pranas are one and pranas can be termed as subtle body and vice versa.
b) Sushumna etc. do not exist in Brahmanda. Here there are Gyanvardhana Prakashdaayinee Nadies mainly which sometimes manifest their form.
c) Each seed alphabet, it situated here in an order.
d) Master Yogins, rishis Munis Hans, Param Hans devotees and divine powers keep on manifesting there according to the modification of the Manas.
e) The practice of Brahmanda realisation depends upon the divine will. The power of the Guru has special importance here.

1. To enlarge the subtle knowledge gained by the sadhaka by various practices.
2. To have vision of divine powers.
3. To visualize the seeds.
4. To have the knowledge of Brahma-Randhra.
5. To learn the practices of leaving the body.
The eyes of the subtle body are divine and minutest things can be seen withthem. The inner eyes cannot see the most minute points. For example the Luminous point in the lower part of the Brahma flame appears as the white dot by the inner eyes, from which the radiating rays of light are not visible. But by the divine eyes a small point of the size of the tip of the needle and of light blue radiating colour can be clearly seen in the luminous dot. Radiating rays of light can also be seen in this dot. The Universal form is only visible by the divine eyes for very minute things are hidden in it. For the activation of the divine eyes do the following practices :-
1. To visualize the Brahma flame repeatedly and offer pranas as an oblation into it.
2. To merge the subtle body into Brahma Flame.
3. To visualize the Brahma point repeatedly and practise to visualize it always even while moving about or in any state.
When the Divine eyes are seen by the Inner eyes they appear red but are extremely radiant. When the divine eyes and inner eyes meet then the rays of light coming out of the divine eyes merge into the inner eyes. When it happens the subtle body directs its powers of knowledge to the gross body. Hence attempts should be made for the two eyes to meet with each other and for this do the following practice :-
a) Sit easy before sunrise and activate the subtle body and the Brahma Flame.
b) Repeatedly request the subtle body to manifest completely.
c) The subtle body is visible sucking its thumb, made up of blue colour.
d) See into the eyes of the subtle body with your inner eyes. When the sadhaka has become confident that he has obtained divine eyes he should contemplate the following :-
1) Conclusions of the practices carried out so far.
2) Visualization of the manifest Divine Powers arising out of Brahma flame and merging back into it.
3) Light radiating out in all directions from the subtle Barahma point.
4) The degree of satisfaction of the soul. On contemplating one will realise the following.
i) The physical body and the subtle body though appear as separate entites but are the parts of the same being, that is, the sadhaka exists into two forms.
ii) The prana which is flowing in this world is the same which is flowing in the gross subtle body, Antaha Karan and Brahmanda.
iii) There is something or the other hidden in each part of the body and all of them are visible in Antah Karan and Brahmanda at one place.
iv) The energy for activating all the things has been obtained from Prana only.
e) Sound, seeds, divine forms cannot be realized without the knowledge of pranas. The same power which exists in the point is manifest according to its different attributes.
f) Just as the powers permeating the Brahmanda are parts of the divine powers, similarly the subtle body is also a part of the Brahma. It means everything which is visible in Brahmanda is the manifest form of Brahma. The subtle body is a witness of the above conclusions. When the Pranas of being enter Brahmanda the disturbances disappears. But the desire of the subtle body to gain more knowledge remains which means that there is still more to known.

The Practices of Brahmands :
These are mainly divided in the following categories :
1) By the subtle body.
2) By Prana.
3) By the subtle body and the Prana.

The following should be practiced in Brahmanda
a) To have divine visions and the knowledge of the directions by the subtle body.
b) To talk with divine powers and Masters through the subtle body.
c) To recognize the Brahma-Randhra.

a) To activate the divine powers who had been inactivated for years and to appease the appetitc of Rishis and Munis.
b) To activate Prana in the Nadis of Brahmands.
d) To practise disciplines which produce nectar increase light and energy.

a) To break open the Brahma Randhra by the subtle body after they have accepted the pranas or after they have been activated by Pranas.
b) To merge in the power of the Master or Divine powers etc.
These practices should be performed in the following way indicated in secret note.
The four practices of Antah Karan :
1) Sit in an easy posture and generate Prana from Udana and prana at the navel.
2) Visualisation of light at Agnya and by contracting the abdomen establish prana in the centre of the eye brows.
3) Touch the chest with the chin, close the ears and hear Anhada and increase the light intensity by gradually applying pressure on the eyes.
4) To drink nectar.
These practices result in complete knowledge of the following :-
1) Complete control over Prana.
2) Use of Tankore in different practices.
3) To generate light like fire at any point by Tankore.
4) To activate heart and neck chakras by Tankore and to control them.
5) To throw out pranas through the ears along with impure particles with the help of Tankore.
6) To activate very minute sounds by Prana.
7) To activate other points by the subtle body and prana after they are activated by sound.
8) To unify all the activated parts and finally merge with them.
The knowledge of Tankore is most essential and the attainment of Yoga depends upon it.
After attainment of and with the knowledge of the above eight practices the light in Brahmanda is activated, the following practices are done.
1. Visualize different lotuses, their petals and chakras.
2. To poise the subtle body and the prana in different chakras after recognizing them.
3. To clearly visualize the subtle body and to catch the rays of light and experience their 14 colours.
4. To gain complete control over prana and then to direct them to any spot in the body.

By now the Sadhaka must have realized after the activation of the subtle body that the sleeping subtle body lies on the right side of the Agnya chakra : By the Tankore of prana close to Ham seed the subtle dody gets activated. From the navel udana is directed and filled in it. It now gathers energy for movement and even for flying. It gathers so much energy from different sources that it never sleeps again and always remains active. The following are the steps for the complete realization of the subtle body :-
1. To reeognize the subtle body (Already discussed)
2. Activation of the subtle body ( " )
3. To make it move about ( " )
4. To gain control of the physical body by the subtle body.

How to make it move about ? It is the active subtle body only which can be made to move about It is very much like a small child first made to sit, walk, run freely and learn directions etc. The subtle body after doing different practices returns back to its position of rest and keeps on watching the internal activities of the sadhaka. To invoke the activated subtle body at the gateway of Antah Karan, to visualize the light flame of Antah Karana and to realize visually the subtle Brahma in the Brahma flame, the visualization of the creation and merger of the seed alphabets, the subtle body becomes active. These practices also result in opening of the divineres of the subtle body and now it can decide independently after visual impressions. The subtle body is to be watched carefully for its activity by the inner eyes, for after activation, the subtle body is to be carried like infant in arms to the desired place and is asked to perform a particular practice. This is an immature stage. For its maturation the following practices should be carried out :-
1. Increase the store of udana and bestow it to the subtle body. The udana particles provide energy to the subtle body for moving, running and even flying.

PRACTICE : The opening of the udana nadi is at the navel in the form of a small orifice. This straight reaches the subtle body and directs udana prana through it.
Take an early posture and separate udana from other pranas. Contract and expand the abdominal wall again at least for 21 times. Breathe through the open mouth or both the nostrils. Then take a deep breath and expand the abdominal wall and apply pressure over the navel. Visualize light at Agnya. A dark spot can be seen at the navel. Direct the prana into it by Tankore.
Now contract the abdominal wall with a jerk. The pranas enter the subtle body. Repeat this practice at least for 7 times for few months.
2. After clearly visualizing the place of rest of the subtle body make your activated prana particles contact it repeatedly. If the subtle body is active the rosy or red colour will be visible here. A red line can be perceived going from the right side to the left. There is rosy colour around it. Direct the subtle body to move along with this red line and reach Brahmanda.
Practice is to be carried in the following manner :-
i) Sit it an easy posture, activate prana by udana and prana and take it to Agnya Chakra. Now direct the prana towards the Right side of Agnya and there the subtle body is visualized. At the end of the sun Nadi a red line arises and proceeds towards Brahmanda. Grasp this line.
ii) Drink nectar, flex the neck forwards apply light pressure on the eyes and do not be concerned about sleep. Otherwise the subtle body will halt to hear the Nada and not proceed towards Brahmands.
iii) If the subtle body has reached the Brahmanda, the rosy and red colour mix up to make it deep red (mahavari), It is because of the mixture of the nectar. The development of Mahavari colour indicates the arrival of the subtle body in Brahmanda.
3. Activate the different nadis. The three points of Ida, Sushumna, and Pingla should be clearly visible in Agnya. Here Vam (Brahma), Vam Brahma and Brahma and Mam (Mahesh and Shiva) are present. The blue, green and white colours of these gods become visible. Meditate on the green colour and give repeated Tankore by Prana. A Particle or a form swimming in the green colour becomes visible. This is the subtle body, which is swimming n Brahmanda. The green colour bestows peace.
4. Sit in an easy posture.
i) Breathe though the left nostril, hold it and breathe out through the right nostril. Repeat it at least 108 times. Meditate in the centre of the brows. The Sun and Moon appear on the right and left. The light of the sun twinkles and the sun is visible at the end point of the sun nadi in the form of a small light spot. The moon is visible in the form of a crescent or full moon, at the end of Moon Nadi.
ii) View the light of sun and moon for some time and you will realize that the sun is visible after the activation of Moon, and that the activation of the sun and moon mutually increases the intensity of the light of the Antah Karan. Many colours become visible in Antah Karana, after the vision of the sun which may be 7 or 14 in number.
iii) It is in a form of rainbow or in lines of different colours. Watch the green colour and start moving from the sun point till the Brahmanda is reached. It is clear from this practice that the sun is activated after the moon and the sun reaches Brahmanda along the light. It is therefore always useful to practise Yoga practices when the moon nadi is active.
Fill in the breath by the Moon Nadi and exhale through the right nostril. The pranas are made to exit in this order at the time of death. The subtle body of the Sadhaka along with the light of the sun disappears in the Brahmands. This is called the northerly direction while opposite to it is southern direction and bestows rebirth. The sadhaka of Yoga should adopt the northerly directed path :-
When different colours become visible and one can identify the green colour and the subtle body in it, do not stop the breathing beeause only on the incoming of Prana the outer prana can meet the Brahmanda prana and become one. One should keep in mind the following in the above practice.
1. The breath is held till the subtle body reaches the Brahmanda and after that no pressure or control is necessary.
2. The subtle body is not allowed to hear the sound of Nada otherwise it will come and sit in the right ear.
3. The subtle body gets energy from Udana which is green in colour. If you perceive green colour in Antaha Karan then the Udana particles have entered Antaha Karan. Udana and Prana meet to form the red or yellow colour while udana plus prana plus samana unite together to form the blue colour. When the subtle body leaves its place of rest and enters the Brahmanda then samana is made to enter which becomes possible in ordinary movement, of breathing automatically, like this all colours first arise and are visible separately then the subtle body is established in the green colour and directed to the Brahmanda. All these colours unite to form a blue colour which is clear like the sky sun and whatever visible in it, will be clearly visible. This colour denotes that the sadhaka has reached Brahmanda, and this is completely activated Brahmanda. Full practice of the above makes them easy and they can be accomplished easily later. The subtle body now can easily go and come back from the Brahmanda. After this the following practices are done.
1. To give tankore in Brahmanda by the subtle body - the subtle body when enters Brahmanda and its coming in the going out of the Brahmanda become a simple affair then the subtle body reaches any place which it desires and keeps on enjoying the bliss. Usually it takes rest close to the place of Sun and Moon (The empty places outside the eyes can be felt by fingers) The idea of producing pressure on the eyes by fingers is to move the subtle body from these places and direct towards Brahamanda. Therefore by pressure on the eyes the light increases and the subtle body starts movements. For giving Tankore in the Brahmands practice this :
i) Sit in an easy posture and search for the subtle body. They can be seen the Inner eyes taking rest some where like a child. Bring him to the nave. :
ii) Eight fingers above the navel is situated the subtle body which should be activated, completely. It is possible by activating and establishing udana.
iii) Take the subtle body from the point situated eight fingers above the navel and quickly enter the Brahmanda. The more speedily you take it up the more sound will be generated.
iv) Waves are visible in the light of Brahmanda. This is a proof of the perfection of the Tankore practice.
v) By tankore, sound waves, light in the form of seeds and energy from the light is generated. By striking with the subtle body sound, light and energy are perfected. By this practice any of the seed alphabets can be visualized. Only request is to be made to the subtle body.
vi) The sound waves from the place where tankore is given are generated and spread all over, which are visible. This is called Ulpha practice which is described in detail in the chapter for practices generating Nada and Antaha Chakra.
2. The visualization of seeds by the subtle body :
i) Sit is an easy posture and activate the prana and take them to the left side of Agnya chakra and wait for some time and touch the Ham seed on the right side.
ii) During holding the breath sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, japa should be done and do the four practices of Antaha Karana.
iii) Touch the Manas chakra with Prana.
iv) Quickly take the subtle body to Brahmanda.
v) Do the japa of Ham, Ksham, Lam, Kam, many thousand time when their sound is activated it can be heard along with mental Japa.
vi) First the seeds Ham, Sham, Lam, Kam are clearly seen and then the subtle body entering into them becomes visible.

vii) Ham, Ksham, Lam, Kam, that is blue, yellow white some times red and sometimes rosy can be seen changing. After this many seeds are seen.
These seed alphabets are clearly visible by internal eyes and the divine eyes.
3. THE DIVINE VISION BY THE SUBTLE BODY : The sadhaka should decide as to which divine power he wants to visualize and then he should practice here. Because the subtle body cannot be given directional instructions after it has reached Brahmanda.
Now do the following practices :-
i) Sit easy visualize AUM, and quickly perform the four practices of Antaha Karana.
ii) Do the japa of Vam, Vam, Mam and seed alphabets many times from the time of the visions of AUM, till one reaches Brahmanda. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh the three gods are visualized clearly. By their grace the vision of other gods is also obtained. The meaning of visualization of Vam, Vam, Mam seed alphabets, is the grace of these three gods.
iii) Take the subtle body to Brahmanda and make it sit at any place, In a few moments the divine power becomes visible. Request this divine powers to give you the vision of its unmanifest nature.
iv) Go to your Ishta Deity daily and do this practice whenever you want. It can be done even while lying straight. The manas does not have vision because of impurities, only they are felt.
The signs of complete activation of the subtle body and its Power : Request your teacher or your co-brothers that he should hide some seed alphabet in the Brahmanda. If your subtle body can find it out then you can conclude that the subtle body has become perfect. It is satvik perfection. Hence it will be utilized only in Yoga practices.
ii) The energy of prana is absolved by the subtle body, and therefore where ever the prana reaches the subtle body can reach in a moment.
iii) To pass message to any body and to take message and to teach yoga practices is just like a play.
iv) By absorbing power from the seed alphabets the various forms and attributes of god can be realised.
v) Once the subtle body is perfected it is not necessary to do practices, by the physical body. There is complete control of the physical body.
vi) In samadhi, practices are automatically done by the subtle body and the subtle body passes on all the experience to the physical body.
PRANA PRACTICES IN BRAHMANDA : Prana, Udana and Samana are made to enter Brahmanda by different practices. Of these the Udana is meant for the subtle body. The samana is for the gross body and strikes balance between the pranas of the physical body, subtle body and Brahamanda. By the pranas many inactive places of Brahamanda are activated and later on all the pranas are mixed with each other. In this way leaving apana all the pranas are to made to unite in Brahamanda.
i) Sit in an easy posture breathing in and out through the nose or mouth atleast 21 times so that each organ of the body is full of prana.
ii) Collide the udana and prana at the navel and establish prana in the Agnya.
iii) Do the four practices of Antaha Karana quickly.
iv) Move the prana into Antaha Karana, in all parts and directions of the Brahmanda again and again forcefully
v) Repeat the practice many times, at places Devas of Rishis and Munies can be seen with mouths open. Give then your pure prana. As soon as they get fresh prana they are satisfied. In turn they bestow their knowledge and power.
vi) Bhu, Bhuva, Swah, or Bhu, Bhuva Swah, Maha Jana Tapa and Satyam japa of these words must be done many times in Brahmanda. Use AUM as a prefix three times or seven times. Many Nadies of the Brahmanda are activated by this sound and they glitter in the light.
vii) The three spheres develop into 7 spheres. Therefore by tankore of these seven seed alphabets the whole brahmanda trembles and at many places small or large flames of light of different colours become activated and this is the proof of the activation of the whole Brahmanda.
2. Practices bestowing bliss and increasing energy and light.
i) Practice which increases light : Practice to sit for a long time in an easy posture, breath through the left nostril without any movement with complete relaxation, hold the breath and exhale through the right. Increase the time for holding the breath more and more and when it can not be tolerated exhale slowly. Drink nectar and apply pressure on both the eyes and gradually go on increasing it. Hear the Anahad Nada by the ears atleast for 11 minutes. This produces intense light in the body., whenever necessary repeat the process.
ii) Practice for increasing Energy : Sit in an easy posture and visualize the point in the knot of Agnya chakra. Take the prana fire form the navel to the center of the eye brows and fill the throat with the Prana. Now give offering at the tip of the tongue and do the japa of AUM. Increase the intensity of light by pressure on the eyes. Hold the breath as long as possible and whatever fluid is generated in the throat drink it.
iii) Practice producing bliss - sit in an easy posture and close the orifice of the body by fingers and thumbs. Contract the anal canal and close the mouth with the teeth pressing each other. Hold the breath and do the japa of AUM at the navel and take it to Agnya. Listen to the sound in the right ear. Here many sounds are activated and in the end of the sound of SAM RAM GAM MAM PAM DHAM NAM are heard enjoy them as much as you want once the sounds are clearly heard do not hold the breath.
The above mentioned 3 practices must be done daily. First these are practiced individually and later on these three practices are mixed to gether and converted into one practice. The already described four practices of the Anataha Karana and these three practices and up to make 7 practices. When the seven practices are merged into one practice knowledge of the entire antaha karana and Brahmanda can be obtained.

The subtle body and practices of Prana :
( Mixed Yoga practices ) : These are the practices of Samadhi which will be described separately.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj the Master.

The order of the attainment of Yoga is destined according to natural laws. By not conforming to it the vision to the body object is illusory i. e. the object does not appear in its true form and at its right place, for example to imagine the knot of AUM and to enter it without its vision. The difference between Bhakti and Yoga is of sentiments. Yoga has no sentiments. Whatever is existing visualize it in the same form and understand and go ahead. The divine powers guide the sadhaka in the path ahead but obstruct the path of those who are undeserving. The obstructions in the path are not produced by any weapon or stick but the intellect of the individual itself becomes illusory. He cannot recognize the true objects and by spending his time in false things brings an end to his life. This happens according to the Karmas of the individual.
By practice different karmas are produced and the generated sanskaras spread everywhere. The strong sanskars gain energy from their own pranas and become so strong that they destroy the results of the bad sanskaras of previous times. Like this a battle goes on between the good and bad sanskaras developed from the activities of the gross body. When many ill feelings and doubts arise in the Manas of the sadhaka the antaha karan provides solace because of the good sanskaras. When the sadhaka in antahkarana visualizes many things, visions of light, seed alphabets of divine powers clearly or vaguely then the confused intellect because of bad sanskara starts differenting between truth and falsehood, automatically. The faith of the attainment of truth permeates the Manas and the brain of the sadhaka. In this way the sadhaka starts progressing towards truth and deviates from false activities.
The light seen by the inner eyes is white but is not completely white as it has got a shade of light yellow, therefore all the yoga points, richas tychas, chakras nadies and other things are clearly visible, After identification of this light all things become clear and they appear as if seen with the external eyes. The practices of Prana are most essential for the increase of light. There are thousands of Prana practices of which a few are useful, e. g. the collision between prans and Udana resulting in the generation of Prana. Its establishment in the centre of the eyebrows and tankore by Prana. Any centre can by visualized when the light is clearly activated, First every object appears in slumber, that is, there is no flow of prana. All the centres of energy, light and prana which are present in the body of yogi are also present in an ordinary human body but they are not activated. The adept yogi has completely activated all the tatwas and places and has complete control over them while in an ordinary man it is not so. The sadhaka must have the full knowledge of prana of their directional movement and control. One should master tankore and then by practising it with practices sadhaka can attain Yoga. There is no doubt about it. It is difficult to understand Tankore. By the grace of the Master and repeated practices tankore can be understood. If one does not understand he should repeatedly ask the Master and practice it again and correct his mistake. Tankore helps in the activation of Antaha karana and its various places otherwise the Sadhaka will keep on doing false practices and will also imagine that he has attained kaivalya. Kaivaly is not an imagination but is obtained by divine vision. You will believe this statement only, when you have visualized the prefect form of Divine Light.
Yoga automatically bestows knowledge. It is first little and later on universal. The sadhaka gradually does many practices but has not attained full faith in realization of God and in objects of the Antaha Karana but should keep on doing practices with full faith in the Masters words. When he gets success and visualizes different things in Antaha Karana, then he develops faith. He can now provide confidence to others and can definitely proclaim that God is present within the Antaha Karana etc. Like this gradually he progresses from, the state of ignorance to the attainment of knowledge. The practices are responsible for knowledge of yoga. The practices give rise to Yoga in turn gives rise to knowledge. This happens because of the experience of the sadhaka, which results in maturity of thoughts. Manas, intellect and chita do not affect the sadhaka much now i. e. the sadhaka is not scared of Manas, whether it would be stable or remain unstable during practice. The poor Manas also gets tired and becomes quit and cuts off its relations with the sense organs and starts enjoying itself in the Antaha Karana. It gets involved in different chakras or beautiful places and keeps on enjoying there.
The ego resides in the gross and subtle body the being starts experiencing according to Union affacted. For example in the gross body it is impure, in subtle body it is devoid of impurities and in conjuction with Parmatama it becomes complete Brahma. Therefore in conjunction with the subtle body the sadhaka attains the state of Liberation during live time i. e. jeevan Mukta. In communion with God i. e. during samadhi, it is of the form of God and on coming back into the gross body, it is again surrounded by different impurities i. e. engaged in sleeping, getting up, eating attending the call of nature performing activities for the maintenance of livelihood and activities for father, mother, children etc.
He should spend as much time as possible with comfort and ease and should remain busy in Sadhana and whatever he does he should surrender unto God. Activities surrendered unto God do not constitute sanskaras and therefore the sadhaka is not afflicted by bad and good deeds. Like this the order of sadhana keeps on its continuity. The success of practice, the vision of deities or the visualization of seeds does not mean that every thing will be available at home without any effort and that the sadhaka will not be afflicted by evil or pious deeds. The karma does have its effect. The existence of the gross and the subtle body, itself means that some Karmas are still left behind and when no karmas are left then these bodies cannot exist and the individual becomes God himself. One shall have to do karmas. It may be in any form therefore one should always perform activities with the idea of surrender unto God. The karmas which bring unhappiness and unstability of mind should be avoided. It means one should be a follower of non violence i. e. do not inflict injury to others. This will be of immense benefit to the Sadhaka.
The knowledge of the gross body and in the gross body light in the Antaha body and Anth Karna, their combined knowledge, realisation of their individual indentities and then to leave the gross body and with the help of the subtle body to attain the knowledge of Brahmanda etc. are different stages of development of the Sadhaka. God is permeating every thing. The realisation of God attained by practices is the manifest form is little knowledge, In its universal form God is present at every place and in every form and can be experienced just as one feels the touch of air and the temperature of heat etc. That the quality or energy attributes in objects are manifestation of God. The God which was being visualized in its manifest form can now be experienced in its unmanifest form. For a clearer understanding of this we will have to take the help of gross and subtle bodies. The prana will help in this process, for the flow of prana exsists from God unto the gross body and in nature. This very order will take you upto God. For this we have to be conversanta with the external air, different pranas in the body, the prana particles, the subtle prana and the universal prana, This experience can be obtained by hard practices only. The realisation of subtle prana and to merge them in universal Prana can be accomplished by the practices of Samadhi. In fact, the gross and the subtle body are borne by pranas. In one sentence the whole sadhana can be summarized-understand and realise Prana. Prana is God and contains the power of Brahma. The change in form the unmanifest to the manifest is a divine play. The Yogins are the spectators of the divine game and when they are mature they also join the game.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj the Master.