1. The Forms of Kundalini :
i) Recognition. ii) Arousing iii) Activation iv) Perfection.
2. The Various States :
i) In deep sleep. ii) Awakened. iii) Developed. iv) Fully developed.
3. The order according to time :
i) Morning. ii) Noon. iii) Evening. Iv) Night.
4. The order according to Knowledge :
i) Sleeping Kundalini. ii) Awakened Kundalini iii) Great Kundalini.
iv) Upper Kundalini. v) Brahma Kundalini.
5. Order in the gross body :
i) External Kundalini ( lower Kundalini ).
ii) Internal Kundalini ( Upper Kundalini ).
6. The Order according to the position of the mouth of the Kundalini.
i) Kundalini with its face upwards. ii) Kundalini with its face downwards.
The above classifications are infact a synonym of each-other. It should be understood like this:
i) Sleeping Kundalini or the recognition of Kundalini, is achieved by the grace of the master. The asleep kundalini is visualized in the Mooladhara. It is inactive in this state. The Sadhaka therefore does not get any divine experience.
Form : The two eyes and the mouth of Kundalini are closed because of sleep. The hood of the kundalini lies close to its tail. A sort of the form of AUM is visualized in Mooladhara. The colour of Kundalini appears black.
ii) Awakened Kundalini : To disturb the sleep of Kundaalini by the grace of the Master in the awakened state of the Kundalini.
An awakened Kundalini has the following form :-
i) At the time of awakening. ii) At time of movement. iii) During rest phase.
1. During Awakening : When the sleeping kundalini is aroused, its appearnce is very ferocious. Its hood is raised upwards. The red eyes become radiant and the tongue keeps on coming out and going in. It appears in a great rage and its instability or mobility has no limits. The dark gradually starts becoming lighter as the intensity of light in Mooladhra increases and its mouth touches the opening of the Sushumna.
2. Active Kundalini : When an awakened kundalini leaves Mooladhara its form is not very ferocious. More light rays radiate out of the mouth and eyes. It is always facing upwards.
3. During Rest : The Sadhaka, after his daily practices realizes that the kundalini after having moved in various chakras has come back to Mooladhra for rest. During resting phase, it covers its whole body with the hood and the hood is always facing east. Divine light rays emanate out of its eyes and fire flames keep on leaping out of the mouth. The redness of the eyes is less and gradually disappears.
4. Developed Kundalini : It is also known by other names : eg. active kundalini, Great Kundalini or Upper Kundalini. When the sadhaka arouses it from Mooladhara and takes it to manipoora, it is called Great Kundalini, for it is only after the perfection of this chakra that the sadhaka experiences the grace of the kundalini. The capacity of the sadhaka increases and he can take her up to the thousand petalled lotus. This state is called the upper kundalini. These three forms, awakened kundalini, Great Kundalini and Upper Kundalini are not fully developed forms of Kundalini. In this state, the two eyes of the Kundalini radiate like sun and moon. The tongue in the mouth can be seen divided in two. During its to and fro, different colours can be seen coming out of its mouth.
5. Fully Developed Kundalini : It means perfect Kundalini or Brahma Kundalini. In this state, it freely moves from Mooladhra up to the Thousand petalled lotus without any obstruction. The fully developed kundalini does not work according to the wish of the sadhaka. Sometimes of its own, the kundalini leaves Mooladhara and starts roaming in the chakras. The Sadhaka has to search for it in Brahmanda etc. This is a hide and seek game between the sadhaka and kundalini. This play goes on like this till it leaves along with the Pranas of the Sadhaka through Brahma-Randhra. It is because of this play that the Sadhaka is busy enjoying his soul with in himself.
The perfect Kundalini has two forms :
1. In the Thousand petalled lotus with Shiva ( meeting the Lord ).
2. In the sphere of the sun.
(A) In the Thousand Petalled Lotus : As soon as it comes in contact with Lord Shiva it assumes the form of Brahma. Its instability disappears. Its colour is that of the petals of the thousand-petalled lotus and the ferociousness of the eyes gets converted into tranquility. The sadhaka can himself feel it. It slowly starts moving in the Thousand petalled lotus and clarifies each seed alphabet.
(B) In the sphere of the sun : When the kundalini enters the sphere of the sun the sadhaka starts attaining the powers of Yoga. This in fact is perfect state of Kundalini. It never leave this place to return to Moohladhra. When the end draws near, it escapes along with the prana of the Sadhaka through Brahma-Randhra and merges in the Brahmanda. The Yogi is then never born again.
The form of the aroused Kundalini also keeps on changing according to time which can be clearly visualized by divine eyes. The Luminous area over the hood of the Kundalini is the spot where these timely changes can be visualized. The following visions appears :
Morning Time : Divine couple standing
Noon Time : Goddess with three faces.
Evening : Divine couple seated on a seat.
Night : Small clusters of light are visible.
The body is divided into an external body, i. e. upto Antah karana and the other is Antah-Karana itself.
EXTERNAL KUNDALINI : Has been regarded in the external body.
INTERNAL KUNDALINI : Works in Antah-Karana.
Like this, the lower Kundalini is in fact external Kundalini and Upper Kundalini : works in Antaha-Karana and the Thousand petalled lotus. The direction of the hood of the Kundalini in the sleeping state and the awakened state is different.
Kundalini Facing Downwards : It is in fact the sleeping Kundalini.
Kundalini Facing Upwards : The face of the awakened Kundalini, is upwards hence the name. Its hood is always towards sushumna. It should be always remembered that Kundalini situated in Mooladhara is known by different names according to development. Its main original place is Mooladhra.
Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master