If you have practised the yogic procedures described previously you deserve to know Kundalini Yoga. The first step is to awaken the Kundalini. Before this can be done sadhaka feels difficulty in recognizing it and fixing a place for the Kundalini. To overcome these difficulties the Sadhaka should remember his Master. Lord Ganesha, Airavata elephant, seed Ham, AUM, goddess Pitambara, Mother Gaytri and Earth Tatwa. These are helpful in the awakening of Kundalini. Therefore one should salute all these divine powers and surrender unto the Master Yogi Raja and should awaken the Kundalini in an orderly way.
There are various spheres of light in the gross body and in the Antahkarana of which fire, sun and Moon spheres are important. Similarly in the light of nadis like Sushumna etc. Light resembling many circles is hidden. The Kundalini activates light in these spheres and also illuminates all hidden divinties in the body. Thus she keeps a motherly affection towards the Sadhaka and helps him in attaining the state par-excellence. Therefore it is always termed as the 'Mother Kundalini'.
Before its awakening the sadhaka should have the knowledge of the following :
1. The worship of manifest God is combined with Yoga practices.
2. The Master's grace is the prime factor in its awakening.
3. The Master's grace is obtained according to Sadhaka's actions, automatically.
4. Instability of the Mind results in the automatic disappearance of Kundalini.
5. During Kundalini yoga both hands should rest on both knees.
With a firm definitive mind the Sadhaka should do the following practices while sitting in a posture of adepts or in a lotus posture.
1. Obeisance to the Master.
2. Repeatedly request Lord Ganesha for grace so that the mind should remain steady.
3. The internal and external pranayama (kumbhaka) should be practised atleast seven times. This causes an increase in the internal light and Mooladhara etc. become clear. This should be atleast done for 7 days. Once the mother Kundalini is practically visualized, its place should always be remembered.
4. During internal pranayama (kumbhaka) the holding in of breath process should be utilized in three ways.
a. To increase the air pressure on the navel, by generating air particles.
b. To convey this whole pressure to Mooladhara.
5. The increasing pressure to be conducted to sushumna.
6. These three phases are equally divided. In 3-7 days this procedure becomes easy and clarified.
7. When the practice of pressure is acquired do the following :
1. Contraction of Rectum with full force.
2. The heel should press the area between the Penis and the Rectum.
3. The air should be made to move in a circle from left, to right, in 3 to 31/2 circles.
4. The prana should be directed towards the Thousand Petalled lotus after encircling movements.
8. Then the anal canal and Rectum are contracted with full force and pressure is applied by the heel on the Mooladhara, the Prana particles and the earth tatwa particles under go friction which give birth to the vision of many colours. The Yellow-orange and white colours have been regarded as auspicious.
During internal Kumbhaka (holding of breath) the above should be considered as one practice and should be practised. This will be utilized throughout life. The practice of the whole process should not take more than 21 days. After the perfection of the above practice the sadhaka should practise the following :-
1. Sit on a seat and extend the right leg. Do internal Kumbhaka. Concentrate in the centre of the eyebrows and the pressure of the air is directed to Mooladhara. The left heel keeps on pressing the Mooladhara. This holding of breath should last for 1-3 minutes. Do the Kumbhaka again and extend the left leg and flex the right leg. The prana starts moving upwards and the intensity of light increases. Do the kumbhaka again for the third time and extend both legs and meditate in the centre of the eyebrows. This causes an increase in the intensity of light to extremes in Brahmanda.
This practice awakens the fire, sun and moon spheres.

2. Activate light on the tip as already described. It means that the sadhaka should be well versed in the practice of Adept posture, Kumbhaka, and should be able to activiate light on the nose tip and has complete control over prana and has ability to fix vision in the centre of the eye brows. After this the sadhaka should try to realize the following :
1. The place where mother Kundalini is situated.
2. The recognition of mother Kundalini.

The Situation of Mooladhara :
(i) If we want to fix the spot then it is the centre of the line joining the rectum with the testicles. This point should be pressurized by the heel. This is Mooladhra.
(ii) In the internal body the spot of Mooladhara can be understood in the following two ways :
(a) The spot where the downaard momentum of the Prana stops.
(b) The spot where the yellow colour is appearing again and again.
After recognising Mooladhara the Sadhaka should perform the following practices and should recognise the place where the mother Kundalini sleeps.

The sleeping place :
(1) Sit facing East in the posture of adepts and perform the described pranayama and increase the pressure on the Mooladhara to extremes.
(2) Visualise the centre of the eyebrows, particles of light red colour or fire flames of lines of white light will be visible in Mooladhara. The spot where the particles of red rosy colour are visible that place is the sleeping place of the mother. This will only be visible in the process of holding the breath.
(3) Repeat the kundalini again and again and a reverse of Aum or a tri-angle will be visible. It is in this tri-angle that the mother sleeps.

It should be understood in this order, apply the pressure of the air from above. (practices)
The recognition of Kundalini - After the activation of Mooladhara attempt is made to recognise Kundalini. The auspicious daily activity of the sadhaka is helpful in this process otherwise one is likely to be misled and the intellect becomes mistified and the sadhaka leaves the correct path and keeps on labouring with out results.
Rules :- A stable mind and internal Kumbhaka Pranayam are the only help for the recognition to the mother Kundalini. it should be \done in the following way :-
(i) Activate the Mooladhara and visualise AUM or the tri-angle.
(ii) Increase the pressure of Prana in the centre of the tri-angle.
(iii) Repeat the internal Kumbhaka again and again and increase its duration but there should not be any ill effect on the heart or lungs.
4. Visualise the centre of the eyebrows by internal eyes and do the mental Japa of Aum.
5. In yellow, rosy or white light sometimes blue colour or a blue form of the mother Kundalini or a complete form becomes visible. In the begining the mother is having a blue colour, sometimes it appears black also when the light is less.
6. Do this practice for 7 to 21 days and it should be done 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening. It is very important to remember the Master before starting and practice and one should not forget to do the mental Japa of Aum. You will agree with me that it is very essential to be conversent with the residing place and the form of the mother kundalini before it is activated. If you have attained this knowledge then you can activate the mother Kundalini. it must be remembered that one should practise the awakening of the mother kundalini in the presence of Master otherwise the consequences can be dire.
The process of activation of the mother Kundalini.
Sitting under the care of the lotus feet of the Master the sadhaka should do the following practices in an order for the activation of the mother kundalini.
(i) Practical visualisation of the square in the Mooladhara and activation of the Earth tatwa.
(ii) Recognition of the mother Kundalini.
(iii) Gather the particles of Prana in the center of the tri-angle.
(iv) The mental Japa of Aum.
(v) Tankore.
Infact these 5 practices are merged into one practice which be as follows :-
(1) Sit in the posture of adepts inhale through the left nostril hold it for some time and exhale through the right nostril. Now inhale through the right nostril, hold the breath and exhale through the left nostril. Repeat it 3 to 7 times. The impure prana particles are thrown out of the body by this pranayama.
(2) Activate the element earth gradually take the breath upto Mooladhara. On careful practice you will realise that prana is coming back after touching the Mooladhara repeat it 7 times.
(3) Fill in the Prana and collect it at the navel and gradually contract the abdomen and try to touch the sushumma. Contract the rectum with full force and apply pressure on the Mooladhara by the heel.
(4) In the square of the Mooladhara the tri-angle becomes visible. Direct the Prana practicles on to the tri-angle and reach the tail of the mother Kundalini and salute it. Continue the mental Japa of Aum.
(5) Remember YOGI-RAJA the Master or lord Ganesh and give tankore on the tail of the mother Kundalini by the seed alphabet sham. The mother gets awakened.
(6) The Kundalini gets awakened by the power of the tankore, therefore store maximum amount of prana practicles and give tankore with full force.
Difficulties : The sentimentalism of the sadhaka or lack of the grace and protection of the Master can bring in the following obstructions.
(1) Urine and faeces may pass-out. It is necessary to void urine and faeces before the practice and the stomach should be empty.
(2) The tri-angle remains invisible and one imagines the fail of the mother Kundalini. This happens because of the improper pranayama practice. The instability of mind results in illusory vision in the centre of the eyebrow.
(3) To misunderstand the form of the mother Kundalini. The mouth of the Kundalini is snake like. The complete form is broad infront and thin behind and is of blue colour. The mother Kundalini has no other different figure.
(4) Lack of self confidence : Which does not allow tankore on the tail with full force. This means that one has not, mastered Tankore.
(5) Not to recite Omkar or the Mantra of Ishta Devta. Sometimes the Sadhaka forgets to do mental Japa while involved in the practice. In the absence of the Japa the tankore (contact) is not complete.

Second process :

(1) before giving tankore on the tail of the Kundalini do the Japa of the following mantra which gives quick success.

Aum-7, Hreem-5, Aum-3, Hreem-2, Aum-1.
Note - Do not recite this Mantra more than three times.
(2) For removing special difficulties do the following Japa.

(3) For the complete perfection of the mother Kundalini offer prayers to mother Gayatri by the following Mantra -
Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Sham, Yam, Tram, Mam, Tam, Pam, Ram, Nam, Mam, Aum, Aum, Aum.
(4) Meditation and Japa of Ham and Ksham seed letters in the mooladhara.
(5) The Japa of shreem Hreem and Kleem according to rules- Third practice-Sit with left leg extended and keep the right leg standing bent at the knee joint. Catch the great toe of the left foot and close the fingers of the right hand tightly with the thumb out and raise the hand so that the hand does not touch the knee. Concentrate on the tip of the nose and when light is activated close the eyes and look into the Mooladhara. The mother Kundalini becomes visible, Now sit with the posture of adepts and give tankore on the tail and activate the mother Kindalini. The fourth precess- It is a difficult one and can only be understood by the grace of the Perfect Master. Do it in the following manner.
(1) Sit on a seat and see clearly the tail of the mother Kundalini. A small orifice will be visible there, Direct your Prana into this orifice be the process of internal Kumbhaka. The most important thing is the realization of this orifice in the tail.
(2) As soon as the Prana of the Sadhaka enter the orifice the mother is awakened. If the mother Kundalini is awakened by this process no bad effects are produced because the sadhaka has awakened the mother Kundalini by producing unison between his Prana and the mother's Parana.
(3) As soon as the Prana enter the body of the mother Kundalini it becomes large an indication that Pranas have entered the mother Kundalini. Very rare of the adept yogins can probably accomplish this feat.
Recognition of the awakened Kundalini -
The sadhaka should himself decide whether the mother Kundalini has awakened or not.
(1) Visualise the form of mother Kundalini with its eyes and mouth open.
(2) Appearance of yellow, white or orange colours.
(3) The flow of light rays making forms.
(4) Increase of heat and light in the internal body.
(5) The arousing of unflinching faith in God and the Master.
(6) To have vision of light in various forms and various places in the body.
(7) Visualisation of many colours and forms by internal vision at the centre of the eyebrows.
Analysis - Having practised the above procedures one can conclude that the following principles are to be observed for awakening the mother.
(1) By generating heat in the Mooladhara.
(2) By increasing the pressure of Prana in Mooladhara.
(3) By increasing the pressure and generating heat.
(4) By Tankore or combining the Tankore with other practices.
(5) By causing the entry of one's prana into the mother.
It can therefore be concluded that heat, Prana, Tankore are the only means to awaken the mother. The Prana should be collected and gradually directed to Mooladhara, the whole route becomes devoid of obstructions and after this when pranas are pushed with force they reach the desired place in the Mooladhara. The process results in friction between the practicles of Prana and the practicles of Earth tatwa which gradually takes the shape of light and heat.
If the pressure of the Prana is increased to a maximum then they affect the sleeping place of the mother kundalini and destroy the atmosphere which was creating sleep and the mother has to break her sleep. When the heat in the Mooladhara is increased the mother Kundalini has to abandon its place of sleeping and it automatically proceeds towards the cooler region. Therefore it is possible to activate and arouse the mother Kundalini by heat.
The practice of Tankore infact is taught by the Master. It is a very important procedure. In the early stages all the three practices that is Prana, heat and tankore are utilised for awakening the mother but once the deep slumber is lost only tankore is enough to activate the mother. The mental Japa is also not essential now.
Note :-
1. Apply pressure on the sun situated in tri-angle Gradually a flower of 3 petals becomes visible. This flower is made up of the two eyes and the tail of the mother. This is the way to recognise the mother (first vision).
2. The sadhaka should do the Japa of Shreem, Hreem, Kleem, three seed alphabets on the first vision. The Japa bestows energy devotion and Knowledge.
3. For over coming obstructions and difficulties of any type do the Japa of Ham, Ksham seed alphabets in ascending, descending and accending order in Mooladhara.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master