Critical Analysis : After the activation of the mother Kundalini the Sadhaka should gain the exhaustive knowledge of different chakras and then Pierce them by practices in an orderly manner. The act of piercing includes the entery of Prana in the Sushumna Nadi, arousing of the Kundalini and to obtain knowledge of seed alphabets, vehicles, controlling Deities, Mother, confluence of Nadies, Yantras and attributes etc.

The Prana are made to flow into the Sushumna by Yoga practices but the mother Kundalini can not be aroused by it. The arousing of the mother kundalini and the flow of Prana in the Sushumna Nadi are two different processes. The movement of kundalini along with Pranas in Nadies is an important procedure of the kundalini Yoga. This is utilized in piercing the Chakras by the mother Kundalini.

Of the 84 Yoga points in the gross body seven points are integral portions of the Kundalini Yoga. When the light in these points become intensified then the Sadhaka visualizes AUM and the creation as Yantras or in other forms. The magnified form of these Yoga points is a Chakra which appears like a lotus flower.

The colour of these flowers varies according to the different sites. The seven Chakras are situated in the body at different places and the numbers of their petals are natural, for at different place varied Pranas and Tatwas come into friction. By this friction sounds and light develop which guide and control the formation of the lotuses. Each petal of the flower has the form of a seed alphabet hidden in it. If the Sadhaka wants to practically visualize the seed alphabets, he shall have togive repeated tankores on each petal, which will activate the sound of that alphabet which gradually permeates the physical body. It can be very easily listened to in the right ear. As has already been described the sound, light and energy are produced by Tankore. The light assumes a shape at its own place. The different light forms assume the shape of Deities, Master, Yantra, Vehicles and seed alphabets. Where as the increase in heat intensity is a sign of successful practice, it is also true that it is a sure proof of the arousing of Prana and of the activation of the related Chakras. Therefore there is always an expectation that the heat of the body is going to increase to a maximum. Thus the Sadhaka should always use cold drink and the practices should always be carried out when the Moon swara is flowing.

The heat in the Nadies & Chakras also increases because of the flow of fire emanating from the mouth of the Kundalini. The covering over the Chakras are reduced to ashes by the flames of these and this enlightens the chakras whose form not be more clearly visualized.

The movement of the mother Kundalini in the nadies. The closed mouths of the nadies of each centre open up and the pranas start freely flowing in each part of the body in uniform manner. This flow of Prana automatically activates the inactive sleeping yoga points and increases the internal light of the body. Tankore and the flow of Prana increase the intensity of light in the internal body so that the Sadhaka can visualize the minutest object. It automatically increases the knowledge of the Sadhaka and gradually and Sadhaka proceeds towards Brahmanda which results in quicker realization of Brahma.

It almost takes seven years for attaining success in Kundalini Yoga by different practices. The grace of the Master can reduce this time to a few moments. This time is fixed according to the Samskaras of the Sadhaka. If the Sadhaka has practised kundalini Yoga in his previous life then at the opportune moment which is predestined he gets his memory back and attains the rest of the knowledge quickly. The mother kundalini's blessing is that once awakened it does not go back to sleep.

During Kundalini Yoga first of all the Sadhaka should obtain knowledge of different place of the Chakaras. Then he should practise Tankore on the centre of each chakra. This activates the small light point. The practices by mental Yoga, tankore and prana are done for a fixed time at different places. It should confine to a few seconds only in the beginning. Once the Bindu is activated at the spot the time can be gradually increased and almost equal time should be devoted to different practices otherwise the flow of prana in nadis will not be uniform leading to various diseases.

The halts of mother Kundalini should also be for a fixed time period at each chakra, otherwise of a sure the leaping fire flames coming out of its mouth will produce maladies. In order to save the nadies from burning, the mother Kundalini is made to touch these nadies quickly. This depends upon the Sadhaka's capacity, concentration and maturity of the prana practices. It is because of these reasons that the practice of Kundalini Yoga has been regarded as utmost difficult. Some fortunate Sadhaka only can pierce all the chakras otherwise people hardly pierce one or two chakras in many life spans. The guidance and grace of the Master protects the Sadhaka from these unsavioury accidental happenings. Thus in this yoga repeatedly directions are given to the Sadhaka to seek the protection, guidance, care and grace of the Master.

It must always be kept in mind that in the Kundalini Yoga the practices are always done from Mooladhara towards Brahmanda. They should never be done from above down wards otherwise the Kundalini will be misguided and cause a down fall of the Sadhaka. From the upper centres the mother Kundalini automatically comes back to Mooladhara and it is again aroused from there only.

In the absence of a perfect Master if the Sadhaka is unable to locate Mooladhara and consequently is unable to arouse the mother kundalini, he should do the sadhana of neck i. e. vishuddhi and Agnaya chakras separately once these are activated, the mooladhara also becomes clarified and visible. Then he can now proceed onwards from Mooladhara in an orderly manner. This must be clearly realized here that external vision of a chakra and is piercing are two different phenomenon. The piercing will be in an order. The vision can be different to this order, for it has nothing to do with the mother Kundalini and the flow of Prana.
The seed alphabets are generated by the friction of different tatwas in the Brahmand these sounds emanate from here along with their lights which occupy different places in the Brahmanda. Each seed has different waves in them ( these waves according to their motion and energy occupy places in the chakras ) Therefore at places they 16.12 or,. It is being depicted in the figure given below :

(i) From Am to Ham is = Am Ham = Ah and then Ksham i. e. destruction which means the formless shape of all the seed alphabets.
The order of genesis of seed alphabets : It has been depicted in the above figure. That there is an extremely small point in the Brahmanda which is termed the knot of Agnya chakra. Many seed alphabets are being generated by the friction of many pranas, Tatwas and the movement of prana in Nadies according to natural laws. These merge out of the Antaha Karana and occupy places in the gross body. In order to realise these unmanifest alphabets their sounds and light, the sadhaka has to produce friction of the tatwas and pranas again and by mental process and with the help of different practices tankore is accomplished. This re-activates the seed sound by going upwards and merges into the natural sound originating in Brahmanda. This produces unison of the gross and the subtle with the Brahmanda.
This is the perfection of the Kundalini Yoga ( ham ) in the centre only Ham is visualized.
Agnya - Ham - Ksham This completes the visualization of the seed alphabets.
Vishuddhi - Am, Aam, Im, Eem, Um, OOm, Rim, Rrem, Lrim, Lreem, Aem Ayeem Om, Aoum, Am, Ah (16)
Anahata : Kam, Kham, Gam Gham, Nag, Cham, Chham, Jam, Jham, Nyam, Tam, Tham, (12)
Manipoora : Dam, Dham, Nam, Tam, Tham, Dam, Dham, Nam, Pam, Pham (10)
Swadhishathana :- Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam (6)
Mooladhara : Vam, Sham, Sham, Sam (4)

(2) SEED ALPHABET VISUALISATION ORDER - 1000 Petalled Durgas lotus.

Visualization of the seed alphabets in Chakras :
As described previously according to natural laws the seed alphabets occupy their respective place in different numbers in six chakras. These seed alphabets which are present in the six chakras become one thousand in the thousand petalled lotus according to the ascending and descending orders. The sadhaka in the thousand petalled lotus according to the following points for the visualization of these seed alphabets.
i) The number of the seed alphabets in each chakra.
ii) The portion of the seed alphabets.
iii) Their correct pronounciation in ascending and descending order.
iv) The practices of giving tankore or the place of each seed.
v) To make the prana and the mother kundalini contact them.
vi) To know the origin of humour collected by Nadies. Its place of generation i. e. the Nadies accept the humour from which organs.
vii) The practices of hearing the humour from which organs.
viii) The practices of visualising the alphabets in the Agnya chakra.
ix) After orderly realisation of the seed alphabets to merge them into Ham and Ksham.
The description of the seed alphabets in each chakra has been depicted by figure. They start from the left and complete on the right. This is called the ascending order and the reverse of it that is from right to left is the descending order. In this way the ascending descending order adds up to constitute one complete japa. The idea of the japa in these order is to collect humors from the different parts of the body by the Nadies and to carry them back to some places. This establishes a pure flow of the prana in the Nadies. The natural sound waves, can be contacted by the sadhaka through pronounciation which should be correct for each alphabet bearing the symbol of moon with a dot for exm. Am, Kam Cham etc. and not A. k. Cha the main benefit of the tankore practice is obtained by activating the seed alphabets therefore one should practice the application of tankore on the minute spot before starting kundalini yoga. Along with tankore the prana particles and the mother kundalini should be made to contact the bindu. In this way not only external pressure is applied on a seed alphabet but it is also subjected to the internal pressure of the flow of Kundalini and prana. This pressure results in excessive friction in the tatwas and the seed alphabets quickly manifest their form. When the air flows through the different Nadies with different orifices, varied sounds are generated. The shape of the Nadies and the quantum of air depends on the different organs of the body for ex. In the sound of SHAM ? SHAM ? SHAM ? the flow of prana is more while in Mooladhara there are lesser number of the Nadies as compared to other centres consequently their orifices are also small. The sound of each alphabet after activation proceeds towards Brahmands. The subtle body quickly accepts this sound therefore it is only in the right ear that the sound of the seed alphabets is clearly heard. The sounds in the left ear are impure and illusory. To distinguish the natural sounds originating in the Antaha Body and Antaha karana according to the attributes the ears are closed so that the external sounds do not affect them and the prana which moves about in the internal body does not escape through the ears.
The light is automatically generated alongwith the sound. This light assumes different forms and colours depending upon the attributes. These forms are visualized only in Agnaya Chakra. Because this is the place for internal eyes and the 5 sense organs gather their experience and dispatch to the Branmanda. If the place of these sense organs are visualized in the divine flame as already described in Yoga practices, the anatomy of seed alphabets of the Kundalini Yoga can be easily grasped.
Creation and destruction of the universe is the natural Law. It is called creation and merger. To acquire the knowledge of the gross body and it's development is categorised under creation and to acquire the knowledge of God in the reverse order is called the merger. The merger of one Tatwa into the other is a natural Law. Similarly, one chakra merges into the other or many chakras merge into one chakra for example all the chakras are present in the thousand petalled lotus.
The visualization of the seed alphabets takes place in the state of semi-samadhi or samadhi practices. Many seed alphabets merge into Ham. When the sound of Ham also quietens down then it is the state of complete merger, that is complete samadhi. Summarising the visualization order of the seed alphabets leads to the visualization of the Ham leading to experience of Ksham which bestows the Sadhaka with complete knowledge of Yoga.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master