The centre which bestows success in Kundalini yoga is Mooladhar. It is because of its importance that it is termed Mool Adhara (Main + base). It is of great importance because the mother Kundalini arouses. Sleeps, gets awakend, and finally rests in this very centre. The extensive knowledge of chakra can only be obtained when the mother Kundalini is awakened because the fire flames leaping out of the mother's mouth destroy many obstructions. All the natural coverings disappear and the pure form becomes visible.
When the Practices are done to activate the mother Kundalini then the Sadhaka's main aim is only to awaken it. After this the Sadhaka waits to obtain greater knowledge of this chakra for arousing the mother kundalini it is essential to visualise many divine powers who are poised here performing many duties. The knowledge of Mooladhara should be obtained in the following order so that no obstruction may develop in future :
1. Recognition of the site.
2. Recognition of Mother Kundalini.
3. The awakening of Kundalini.
4. The knowledge of different divine powers working in the centre.
5. The place of sun, moon and fire.
6. The vehicle of Mooladhara.
7. The position of different Nadies.
8. The activity and function Apana, Udana and Prana.
9. The process of arousing the Mother kundalini.
10. The attainment of different qualities after the practical visualization of the centre.
The position of Mooladhara in the body, recognition of the Kundalini and the process of its awakening has already been described. The other description is as given below :-
Apan + Udan + Prana particles collide with the particles of the earth tatwa and the friction gives rise to the vision of an elephant. By the pressure of the heel the Apana is directed to Mool adhara and by pressure from above the navel prana and Udana are directed to Mooladhara. These three pranas under go friction with a great speed. This generates different sounds and light particles. The friction between the particles of the Earth Tatwa and the particles of different Prana results in many divine powers revealing themselves. This visualization is natural because of the friction. The scenes drawn in the above figures will be visible.

Reasons :
i) The elephant is such an animal who can tolerate the maximum amount of the air pressure. It can awaken any sleeping power. By controlling one's own Prana one can attain power equivalent to the Airvata elephant, situated just under the seed of the Mother Kundalini.
ii) The creation of Brahma would be almost impossible without earth. Every being, Deva, Goddesses or other kinds of creation are only possible on earth. Their gross form can only be created when the earth tatwa is included.
iii) The sadhaka may not get confused and many perfections and miraculous power may not distract, the sadhaka from the mother Kundalini therefore it is essential to obtain the grace of Lord Ganesh, who is the important God on the earth.
iv) The mother KAKINI gives instructions to the mother Kundalini. Its white and black faces keep on giving orders to kundalini whose arousing without the grace of mother Kakini is impossible.
v) The light of the sun, moon and fire unite together to clarify all the divine powers. Where ever their lights meet each other a line is formed and these lines finally take the shape of the triangle. While practicing the arousing procedure of Kundalini the sun point is placed in the mouth of the kundalini so that the path to be traversed may be lighted.
vi) The four seed alphabets vam, shm, sham, and sam represent varuna, Shiva, Shanti, (Peace) and sun. Their sounds vam, avam, vam, or sham, sham, sham originate from the friction between the various pranas and the earth tatwa. The mother kakini pronounces sham, sham, sham, and orders the mother Kundalini to proceed further.
vii) The governing deity of earth is the mother Peetambara. Brahma utilizes the power of Peetambara in the creation of different colours, forms and humours. Because of the relation between earth tatwa and kundalini, the mother Peetambra is worshipped in Mooladhara chakra.
viii) The effulgent mother has taken the shape of fire in the mouth of the mother kundalini. In many brahmandas the form of fire belongs to her. The effulgent mother fire is called the mother of Kundalini because it bestows the mother Kundalini the form of fire.
ix) The mother Gayatri is responsible for all creation (all objects, Divine powers, living beings). Divine power is worshipped in Mooladhara. The pure order of worship in Mooladhara is as follows : First of all - The worship of the Master - mother Gayatri, Mother Peetambara - effulgent fire mother and then mother Kundalini.

After this only the sadhaka should awaken the mother Kundalini from its repose state. It is absolutely essential to pursue the above order for arousing the mother Kundalini.

The process of arousing Kundalini.
First acquaint yourself with Mooladhara and then perform practices. If - some differences are experienced as compared to the known knowledge, report them to the Master. The practice is to be repeated many times.
i) Sit in the posture of adepts and throw out the apana and fill in fresh air by Pranayam. Now sit calmly and try to visuilize in the Mooladhara with the help of inner vision.
ii) Activate all the tatwas and do the japa of Lam, Bam, Ram, Yam, Ham 21times. Pay repeated obeisance to Airavat elephant, Lord Ganesha, Brahma, Sun. Moon and Fire.
iii) Remember the Master and contemplate on the mother Peetambara sitting under the feet of mother Gayatri. Involve the effulgent mother fire and concentrate close to the tail of the mother Kundalini.
iv) Give tankore with mental Yoga on the tail only once.
v) As soon as tankore is given the Mother stands up and the mouth opens. Quickly attempt to put the sun dot into the open mouth. This sun spot is situated towards the Rightg side of the mouth and is mobile -
vi) As soon as the sun spot is kept in the mouth the light of the kundalini increase. Now the mother is ready to move.
vii) Take her up reciting AUM. It is necessary to halt at each chakra so that the Kundalini can burn away the covering of impurities.
Repeat this procedure many times and correct your possible mistakes. After many mothers of this practice of kundalini arousing the Mooladhara will become clearly visible along with many colours. The path of the mother Kundalini becomes clear for movement and sushumna becomes visible along with it's internal nadi the Brahma Nadi.
Practice for visualizing the seed alphabets :
In Mooladhara the seed alphabets Vam, Sham, Sham and Sam are situated on the petals. They automatically become visible when prana flows through the related nadies. Therefore it is necessary to work very hard so that the Prana may flow in these nadies. Tankore with mental yoga along with stabilization of the modifications of the Manas and the practice of viewing the centre of the eyebrows should be done. In the beginning the letters appear dim, the letters manifest in pale, green or white colour. When the lotus is visible along with ;the chakars, and seeds then only one should understand that there is the complete flow of pure Pranas.


i) In Mooladhara all the four seed alphabets are situated in four cardinal directions. Poise them in Mooladhara in that order.
ii) Practice pure pronunciation in ascending descending and ascending order.
iii) By pranayam master pure pranas and direct them to Mooladhara and during the period of holding the breath, direct them on each petal and do mental japa of the related seed alphabets.
iv) Repeat this practice seven times daily for many days. Generally in 21-31 days the seed sound becomes audible.
v) After the pranayam, awaken the kundalini by tankore on its tail As soon as the tankore is given its mouth rises up. As soon as the mouth rises up, place the sun spot situated on the right in Mooladhara in its mouth.
vi) Hold the mother here for sometime. This period is fixed according the Japa of AUM. In the beginning it is for seven times. Gradually when one gets accustomed the japa is increased to 21,51,108 and even 1008.

vii) After the japa of AUM has been made seven times direct the mother to Swadhishthana. This is not to be done during holding of the breath. The breathing should be normal which practicing the arousing procedure.
viii) The perfection of Mooladhara takes approximately 3 months to one year. If the practices are not performed every day it is natural to take more time for the accomplishment of this Job. The nadi sushumna appears in the mixed form.
ix) When the Mooladhara is completely visualized with the seed alphabets, Swadhishthana gradually starts getting activated. After visualization it is not necessary to give Tankore in Mooladhara during holding of breath.
x) The japa in ascending descending and ascending order should always be carried out generally. Now there is no problem in activating and arousing the mother. Minimum japa should be seven times. The practice of arousing also should not be performed less then 7 times. The tankore on the tail should only be given in the beginning.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master