This chakra is situated in front of sushumna. Therefore to reach it from Mooladhara the mother Kundalini has to turn. Swadhishthana is not far from Mooladhara. Swadhishthana is neither far from Mooladhara nor from Manipoora therefore sometime the two are experienced together. If the sadhaka keeps on halting the mother carefully on this chakra according to procedure laid down for a few months, for a fixed time period, this chakra projects its form clearly as a separate entity.
This is the place for water Tatwa hence it controls the generation, dischargee of all the substances of the body. Celibacy is automatically bestowed when this chakra is activated. The water element is most extensive on the earth and it is responsible for all greenry of earth. Therefore in the physical body also for clarity or creation of any object one has to take the helps of water. The water is then subjected to heat for it's conversion into steam. This steam spreads with in and outside the body and washes away the impurities and cleans many places. This important relation of water with fire must be always kept in mind for it has a bearing on the process of heating the body in Yoga. The seed alphabets of Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam are situated in Swadhishthana and the seed alphabets of water element is vam or 01. This said alphabet is constructed and the seed alphabets of a shape. Is appears that in order to give to give a shape to the formless drop of water 0 it has been provided with boundaries and consequently Vam is formed. It is the seed alphabet vam because it has many divine attributes. The alligator is most powerful in water and can tolerate extrcmes of momentum. When the prana of the sadhaka touchs this chakra the sadhaka gets the vision of water e. g. Rivers, rivulets, storming sea and large waves. The sadhaka should not get scared with this vision, rather he should see them carefully. Sometimes the sum and moon can be visualized over the waves. They can be of help in finding out the directions. After attaining the knowledge of the directions, poise the seed alphabets on the petals of swadhishthana.

(A) i) Sit in the lotus posture and hold the breath.
ii) Catch hold of the toes of both the feet and pull them.
iii) Slowly lie down and leave the toe of the right foot the left hand and the right foot will be raised.
iv) Now leave the left toe and raise the feet, the right hand will go up. This posture activates the seed vam and it activates the rest.
(B) Practice by lying over the water, Straight, inhale, hold the breath and exhale. Repeatedly but slowly. This procesens quicken the activation of swadhishthana. At the time of the great dissolution the Yogins have this form of existence. They keep on swimming on the water and are not scared of it. The floating form of Vishnu also points to this fact.
The seed alphabets Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam are situated in swadhishthana. These represent mobility or acceleration for the five tatwas. It means that with tatwa water is to be considered. These six seed alphabets are supplied humour by nadies coming from hands, feet and intestines and in them these seeds return back their own attributes through these Nadies to the corresponding parts of the body. Thus collection of secretion and their respective proportional distribution is being carried out through the seed alphabets of this chakra. The tatwa water is being represented by Vam and the secretions pass through its hole and supply to sushumna. Thus the practicing yogi collects the secretion at the hole of the seed alphabet vam and makes them flow into shushumna.
This is called the procedure for Urdhvagmanam of secretion and humour i. e. flow towards brain. The alligator represents the stability of secretions therefore it is important to have the knowledge of this chakra for if no celibacy is being maintained the secretions are passed out of the body and their flow to sushumna is hampered. The sadhaka can himself experience that excessive secretion loss from the body results in instability of mind and the inner light decreases. The arousing of kundalini and its vision is not very pleasant hence for the visualiazation of seed alphabets celibacy is a must.
Divide the six seed alphabets in two groups. Three on right and three on left.
1) place these seed alphabets at equidistance by mental contemplation.
2) Practice correct pronounciation during Japa of these seed alphabets in descending ascending and descending order.
3) Direct the prana to swadhishathana from Mooladhara during holding of the breath after contacting all the seed alphabets of Mooladhara.
4) Hold the prana to central point of swadhishthana and then give Tankore at the place of each seed alphabet.
5) Perform mental Japa of Bam, Bham, Mam in this order. Pause for a few moments and then give Tankore on seed alphabet yam and then on Ram and Lam. Now direct the pranas towards Manipoora. Repeat this practice many times.
Bam, Bham, Mam - Yam - Ram - Lam - and the pranas are directed to the third chakra.
Piercing of swadhishthana by kundalini
As soon as the Mother proceeds upwards from Mooladhara the sun point is placed in her mouth. It lightens the Mother's path and also removes all obstacles. The Mother kundalini quickly reaches the swadhishathan chakra. It is guided to all the petals and then it proceeds towards Manipoora.
1) Awaken the Mother kundalini at Mooladhara by tankore. Halt for a few moments here.
2) Direct her to swadhishthana and pause, perform japa of 'Aum' in a fixed number.
3) Direct the Mother's movement from left to fight.
4) From the Right the Mother proceeds towards Manipoora.

5) Give Tankore on the place of seed alphabets during the process of holding of breath. If difficulty is experienced in directing the movements of the Mother, take help of kumbhaka - holding the breath, otherwise it can be achieved during normal breathing.

Special Note :- Movements of mother kundalini at swadhishthana.
The mother kundalini gets activated at mooladhara and proceeds towards swadhishthana. Her face is first visible in the Bam seed alphabet. After sitting in Bam seed alphabet is comes out and enters Bham seed alphabet and closes it from above. This converts Bham into Mam seed alphabet.
Thus on the left side Bam, Bham and Mam are created by the movement, it piercing etc. On the Right side seed alphabet Yam, Ram, Lam, are created by the movement for Ram and Lam seed alphabets the mother has to turn at many places, for it is necessary before it proceeds towards Manipoora. After touching the seed alphabet Lam the mother proceeds to Dam, Dham, Nam and then towards Pam and Pham.
When the sadhaka has completed the knowledge of second chakra he gets the full knowledge of sushumna Nadi. The knowledge of the Sushumna nadi results in the activation of Antaha Karana and the sadhaka becomes capable of recognizing every sort of light. This light may be oblique bent, knotted light, straigt, flat, broad. These forms of light represent the awakening of the seed alphabets and that mother Kundalini has contacted them and exchanged secretions and humours. The mother Kundalini directs the particles of five tatwas from the swadhishthana to the navel and Brahmands. The friction in between these particles is the cause of the power of the mother and the prana are produced It results in generation of light due to which the mouth of the mother appears larger. Therefore the mouth of the mother is approximately half finger thick at the swadhishathana chakra. Its length becomes more than two and a half fingers. This length is specially in the tail region. When carefully observed it becomes known that the mother reflects her mouth on the central point of sushumna or the sun point in such a way that first one tongue and then another tongue then both eyes and finally the complete hood becomes visible. The two tongues are fine like thread. The light may be blue, white or yellow. At the swadhishathana the colour is neither red nor rosy. The blue pale or white colour starts shining on the Manipoora. In this light the black sun the closed mouth of the sushumna nadi at the Manipoora becomes visible. The sadhaka does not experience great difficulties in piercing the swadhishathana chakra. If he performs the japa of seed alphabets or Meditates on the effulgent from and pays obeisance to the Master regularly. After piercing this chakra the sadhaka attains the knowledge of the God manifest and unmanifest. The modifications of the mind which develop from the fractioning particles of elements earth water and fire start quietening down. The sadhaka himself starts inclining towards the satwik modifications of mind. In the satwik state the colour of the Mother is white, the mouth broad and tail larger. In order to maintain this satwik modification of mind one should take satwik juicy food, company of revered yogis. Satsang and contemplation are supposed to be of great help. This chakra affects modifications of Antaha Karana. When the rajas and tamas modifications predominate the light of the Mother becomes less, length becomes half a finger and the light sometimes appears and sometimes disappears assuming various forms.
The sadhaka during practices recognizes the mother Kundalini and visualises the primordial power moving about in between the different seed alphabets. The sadhaka dispels the tamas modifications that is removes the darkness and makes full efforts to proceed towards Antaha Karana. In order to perfect the correct form of sadhana the seed alphabets Yam, Yah, You and Brham Bhreem Bhroom become visible. When this become visible the three modifications of mind can not effect the Antaha Karana and the pure form of Antaha Karana starts appearing. In the light one gets the visions of Nara, Narayana, Jaya, Vijay male and female with canopy protecting the Gods. These divine visions appear only after atleast three minutes of medtation on the swadhishthana.
In this chakra the master of the Kundalini Yoga (Divine) starts moving alongwith the mother Kundalini. Therefore the body of the mother kundalini appears knotted. The presence of the master around with kundalini is essential for piercing the Manipoora chakra. The sadhaka should proceed towards the most important chakra only after the attainment of complete knowledge of the swadhishthana chakra.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master