When the pranas start flowing in Sushumna Nadi upto Manipoora chakra then many seed alphabet sounds automatically appear in the fourth chakra. The generation of sound depends upon the shape and the breadth of different Nadies. The more the pressure of the air on the chakra the greater is the clarity of the seed alphabet. It is called Anahata, Chakra, because the sound of the seed alphabets is generated without external frictions. The anahada sound originates in this chakra. The details of anahata chakra are as follows:
Tatwa. Air.
Seed Yam
Vehicle Deer
The Governing god Lord Shiva.
The Governing Power Lakini
Yantra Hexagone
Colour Green
Petals 12=from kam to Tham(in blue or red colour)
Situation in the heart region behind sushumna.

The place of the air is in Anahata chakra. The heat generated by the flame of fire automatically lends velocity to the air to generate sounds. The place of ait above the Manipoora has been fixed by nature so that the sadhaka burns the water in the body by the fire and by medium of air it can be directed to various places. If the quantum of fire is increased in the Manipoora and the pressure of air is accordingly increased in the region of the heart the twelve seed alphabets manifest their form but pressure and fire are needed. The fire is generated by activating the Manipoora chakra and for creating pressure of air in the body, it is essential to have control over the breathing practices.
The sadhaka should go to a lonely high place for sometime and sit there with a stable chitta, and try to hear the sound being generated in thr flow of the air. It will be realised that the change in the speed of the air changes the sound. In each sound there is a mixture of SHIVA SOUND (sham) and the sound of air (Aem) for example Shanya, Shanya, Sham. Sham etc; the vision of shiva in samadhi or high mountains, very high mountain ranges Rishies and Munis, and the experience of contact with cool air, hearing the sound of each seed alphabet or mixed seed alphabets sound. Anahada sound and the sound of the Kirtan etc; are experienced merely by the touch of Anahada chakra by Pranas. The Pranas of sadhaka when reach this chakra have a pure form. The proof of this is the vision of Deer at this place. The deer likes to move about in the fresh air. The satwik modifications of the deer are because of the pure air particles. The pure air particles gradually cause an increase in the satwik attributes of the Sadhaka's Antaha-Karan. From this centre Ida and Pingla Nadies become clearly visible for the Pranas start flowing in them. The flow of pranas and sound and the sound generation is being depicted in the diagram below for clarification.
When inhalation is done through the left nostril you will experience that the entry of the air is slow and that energy is being used for pushing it in while the breath through the right nostril is coming out of its own. This gives an automatic push to the air inside the body and these vibrations produce different sounds and light is generated. This light along with the sounds proceeds towards Brahmanda.
Practice :
1) Sit on a seat with a calm mind. Cause an exit of the Apana and breathe through the left nostril, hold the breath exhale through the left nostril Repeat this practice many times.
2) Concentrate in the centre of the eyebrows and visualize with inner eyes.
3) Close the ears and press them and hear the sound.
4) All desired sounds or seed alphabets with their sounds become visible.
5) Perform Nectar drinking for increasing the light.
6) If the practice is successful many shining spots like sun will be visible in Brahmanda and the light will be visible as if moving. This is the vibrating light.
7) When the practice is successful the intensity of light increases and the vibrations of the light become less. When the chita becomes stable light becomes uniform.
8) If obstructions are felt in the practices do the Japa of Ram, Lam Pam, Ham in order of inhalation - holding the breath and exhalation.
After the perfection of this practice you will realise that the fire of Manipoora is not troubling, You much. Ida, Pingla and sushumna Nadies can generally be visualized and with the increase in the intensity of light the vision of divine figures and forms become easy.

The Order of Seed alphabet visualization :
There are 12 seed alphabets ¾ Kam, Kham, Gam, Gham, Nag, Cham, Chham, Jam, Jham, Nyam, Tam and Tham in Anahata chakra. Divide them in the four directions and poise them in that order, direct the prana from Mooladhara touch the Manipoora and stop at the Anahata chakra. Revolve them here and gradually touch each place with the prana particles. When this is done successfully then give tankore at the place of each seed alphabet during kumbhaka (Holding the breath) doing mental japa of the related seed alphabet. This sound be in the descending, ascending and descending order. This Japa should be completed in one kumbhaka. This japa should be continued for many months. The vision should be fixed in the centre of the eyebrows for the practical visualization of the seed alphabets and adopt the practice of hearing the sound.

Piercing by the Kundalini :
1) After stopping the Kundalini mother at the Mooladhara swadhishthana and Manipoora chakras for fixed intervals direct it to the Anhata Chakra.
2) Stop for sometime at this chakra after reaching it and gradually move the Kundalini from the left to the right.
3) When the practice of revolving is complete then make it touch the place of each seed alphabet.
4) Sometimes during this practice extreme effulgent light appears and the mother Kundalini disappears in it. This is the state of samadhi. The Jeeva merges into the soul.
5) After touching all the places direct the kundalini towards the neck region. Usually no difficulty is experienced in piercing this chakra.
6) Do the japa of Omkar and nectar drinking while practising the mother kundalini procedures. The Anahata chakra appears as shown below after piercing by the Kundalini.
After the piercing of Anahata the flow of prana starts getting balanced because Ida and Pingla nadies start governing the flow of prana into sushumna. The light of Ida and Pingla becomes visible on the right and left of the chakras shining sometimes for a few moments. These nadies also help in controlling the heat of the body. These generate light like sun and moon in Agnya chakra. When the light of sun and moon joins or mixes with each other the inner light gets intensified further. In this way the prana and the mother Kundalini after piercing and fully activating the Anahata chakra proceed forwards to vishuddhi. Once the Anahata chakra is activated the sadhaka can listen to anahat sound, sound of bells, sound of seed alphabets at will. Manas is also supposed to reside here.
When the soul unites with Manas the personal ego develops and the Manas starts moving to and fro. To curb this instability of Manas, at the chakra are poised lord Shiva and Lakini mother. These twin divine powers inspire the Manas who is unstable and lurking hither and thither. It is forced to seed the Master and good company and finally peace is bestowed to the Sadhaka. By the grace of lord Shiva and the mother Lakini the sadhaka's Manas starts accepting Satwic attributes automatically. The sadhaka here equips himself with the requisite sanskaras and qualities for attaining the knowledge of vishuddhi chakra.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master


Special description : The Mother Kundalini enters the Anahata chakra after cutting through the circles of Pam and Pham seed alphabets. Here it specially influence the seed alphabet YAM whose vehicle is a deer who runs in leaps and bounds with short halts. If it does not run it takes long leaps. Similary the mother Kundalini touches the seed alphabets Kam to Tham sometimes moving quickly as if leaping and sometimes slowly as if in a halt The reason for these different velocities of the mother is to warn the sadhaka that he would activate the subtle body in this fixed time and make it move about in Anhata Chakra completely. It is essential to do nectar drinking while doing these practices. If the sadhaka has involved the subtle body during the movements of the mother in the Anahata chakra and nectar drinking is going on the sadhaka shall have the vision of Lam, Vam or Dam Vam. The intensity of light starts increasing and the mother broadens her hood. The gaze reaches Tam and Tham and stops here and it close its own mouth. At this time the sounds of Sham Gyam and Sham start appearing automatically because of the flow of the air and these can be listened to in Brahmanda.
For listening these sounds of this chakra one should practice Antaha Kumbhaka and try to listen to the sounds of Arti. When the sound of a Drum becomes clearly audible then the sounds of these seed alphabets should be listened to in groups of 5,5 & 2. In the absence of Nectar drinking the sounds of seed alphabets can not be heard.
(YAM == It is one of the form of a pitcher and therefore when the mother kundalini touches it, it gets activated and the whole chakra gets activated.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja The Master.