The sixteen petalled lotus situated in the root of the neck is called vishuddhi. The prana exist here in its pure form. Because of the prana particles different Nadies in the body manifest their pure form due to which the pranas start flowing automatically in Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadies. After the activation of Anahata chakra the particles of Prana when they touch the vishuddhi the Nada can be heard effortlessly. The sounds of many musical instruments. i.e. Bansuri, Nafeeri, Mriddangam, Dholaka, Pakhavaja, Tabla, Veena, Counch, Bell, Ghadiyala, The trumpet of the elephant the singing of the birds the sound of Kuckoo, the sounds of the cool air flow, sound heard atop peaceful high lovely mountains, many types of colours, lovely pure peaceful light, Rishis and Munis in meditation, springs, tanks of water, Rivers and quiet sea or lake etc. are seen and heard.
If the 12 seed alphabets of Anahata have been visualized it becomes easy to visualize the 16 swaras in the root of the neck. In Yoga, the neck, Agnya and the Thousand petalled lotus have importance while in kundalini yoga in order to accomplish complete knowledge of seed alphabets the realization of vishuddhi and Agnya is most important. The vishuddhi chakra can be understood as follows:
Vehicle : Elephant.
Shakti : Shakini.
Deva : Complete Shiva (SADA SHIVA).
Colour : Mixed.
Tatwa : Ether (AKASHA).
Seed of Tatwa : HAM.
Place : In the root of the neck behind the sushumna.
The activation of vishuddhi chakra : There are two orders in which the activation of vishuddhi chakra can be affected.
i) In the order of Yoga : To activate the PHARYNX first then to activate the vishuddhi chakra (to activate vishuddhi after the nectar flow starts).
ii) In the order of Kundalini Yoga : After the activation of Anahata chakra.
(A) After completion of the prana practices when the prana are directed from the navel upwards towards Agnaya, the pranas come in contact with the vishuddhi chakra. The chakra gradually gets activated because of the prana particles, and then various scenes and sounds appear. Generally the seed alphabets are not visualized at this stage.
(B) In practice where the neck is involved e.g. the nectar drinking. Filling the neck with pranas, to bring the chin to the chest during kumbhaka and to hear sounds during kumbhaka etc. are practiced which exert pressure and tankore on the chakra situated in the neck. It is therefore natural that the Visuddhi chakra gets activated.
(C) During mediation when the Master's grace descends and the sadhaka becomes perfect and gets the vision of the master in the centre of the eyebrows then be also visualizes shiva in meditation elephant, mother shakini or other Gods, then also the vishuddhi gets activated after such visions.
(2) The order of Kundalini yoga : The pranas and the mother kundalini are directed from the Anahata chakra to the vishuddhi. The passage upwards is through the sushumna Nadi. Ida and Pingala manifest their pure forms because of the prana going upwards. For activating these nadies the practices have already been described.
By repeated practice of the ascent of prana the complete form of sushumna nadi which includes Vajara, chitra and Brahma Nadi becomes clearly visible. From this chakra the form of Brahma Nadi becomes more developed. (This is an indication of the meeting of the Prana particles of the Jeeva with Universal Prana).
Practices :
1) Sit in the posture of adepts and remember the Master.
2) Arouse the kundalini from Mooladhara and bring it to the Vishuddhi in an orderly manner and stop it here for a fixed period.
3) Do the japa of AUM.
4) If difficulty is experienced then arouse the kundalini during holding the breath.
5) Nectar drinking, meditation in the centre of the eyebrows and the fixed period of the practices must be kept in mind.
6) Prostrate before the mother shakini and Lord Shiva again and again.
7) Meditate on the form of an elephant and if there is any difficulty then create the form of an elephant in the neck, and do the japa, on each part of the elephant like trunk, tail, feet etc., of the seed alphabets sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham and Ham. In 3-7 days the form of the elephant will be clearly visualized.
8) The trunk of elephant appears lifted upwards and where its tip ends the mother shakini with Lord shiva on its left appear seated.
9) During the holding of the breath touch the elephant, the mother shakini and Lord shiva's feet with the pranas and salute them repeatedly.
10) The seed alphabets become clearly visible after the vision of the mother shakini.
11) In the early phases the seed alphabets appear like the light of a fire fly and later on manifest their form.
12) The 16 seed alphabets are divided in groups of 4 in four directions therefore the pranas should be directed from left to right in each portion separately and then proceed towards Agnya. Establish the prana in the centre of the eye brows. On visualising by the inner eyes the subtle form of the Vishuddhi chakra becomes visible.
Prana practices in the vishuddhi chakra :
Perform practices in an orderly manner as given below :
1) Generate the prana particles at the navel.
2) Make the prana enter the sushumna at the Mooladhara.
3) Arouse the pranas from the Mooladhar upto the neck.
For arousing them contract the abdomen and the rectum.
4) Drink Nectar.
5) Bring the chin to the chest and concentrate in the centre of the eyebrows.
6) Revolve the prana in Vishudhi from left to right.
7) Having matured the practice of holding of breath, stop the prana at the place of each seed alphabet. This practice should be completed in one kumbhaka.
8) Establish the prana in the centre of the eye-brows and enjoy the bliss.
9) When blue, green, red, rosy, violet, yellow, white light becomes clearly visible then consider the practice successful.
PIERCING BY KUNDALINI : The mother kundalini does not experience any difficulty in piercing the Vishuddhi chakra. If any difficulty is experienced then practice twice or thrice under the care of the Master and the practice will become perfect. Do the following practices for accomplishing piercing by the Kundalini.
1) Give tankore on tale and arouse the mother.
2) Go on performing the japa of AUM and halt at each chakra.
3) After piercing the Manipoora chakra the two eyes of the mother generate extremes of light. Proceed further and keep on visualizing the two eyes.
4) Stop in the neck and direct the mother to the elephant, mother shakini and Lord Shiva's fixed places.
5) Revolve the mother many times from left to right and after practice make her touch the place of each seed.
6) Do not forget to drink nectar, practice should be done for during kumbhaka ( Holding the breathe ). When one has mastered the practice the kumbhaka is not essential.
7) Direct the mother from vishuddhi to Agnya chakra.
Understand the practice with the help of the following diagram : The activation of 16 swaras is done by tankore and the pressure of prana. The practice should be done as under :-
1) Divide the vishuddhi into four parts :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Lrm Lreem Ayem Ayeem Oum Aoum Ang Aah

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

2) Practice proper pronounciation of each alphabet.

3) Practice the descending, ascending and descending order of the japa.

4) Do the above japa in kumbhaka the japa in external kumbhaka gives quick benefit.

5) The japa is done from left to right. During japa pronounce each seed and during mental japa concentrate in the light and give tankore on the faces of seed alphabets. The complete form of the visuddhi chakra will appear like this - the lights coming out of the trident join together and illuminate the seed alphabet Ham. As soon as Ham is visualized all she 16 wowels start radiating. The pronounciation of the 16 wowels of the vishuddhi chakra, should be repeated many times a day. The elephant situated in the vishuddhi bestows the power of controlling the pranas of the sadhaka. The sadhaka can establish his pranas anywhere and enjoy. The mother shakini bestows the sadhaka with secret knowledge, the knowledge of brahmanda, the knowledge of controlling the manas, peace, stability etc. By the grace of Lord Shiva the sadhaka Experiences samadhi and there is a great increase in the light because of nectar drinking. The knowledge of manas, intellect and chitta becomes clarified only after the knowledge of Vishuddhi is obtained because the activation of Agnya chakra is not possible unless the vishuddhi chakra is activated. This chakra is therefore of great importance in Yoga as well as in Kundalini Yoga. The sadhaka should make all efforts for the visualization of the 16 vowels, the elephant, the mother shakini and Lord shiva.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master.


After piercing the Anahata chakra, the mother Kundalini slip into the vishuddhi chakra. This slippery movement of the mother generates the sound of sham, sham. The sound of Sha, constructs the form of Shiva, and here the shakti of the Lord Shiva shakini also becomes visible. By the power and grace of shiva and shakini the sadhaka attempts to control his Manas. In order to propitiate them the japa sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham, sham and Ham is done. The seed alphabet Ham here represents elephant like power.
The mother kundalini drinks nectar in the Vishuddhi chakra. Here the mother opens her mouth and drinks the raining drops of nectar and inturn increases its light immensely. Because of this increase in light her complete from starts becoming visible and the glow of the mouth and eyes increase to such an extent that the sadhaka starts practically visualizing the path lying ahead of kundalini. The sadhaka should remember here that he is also increasing the power of the subtle body and attains the capacity of performing practices in the Brahmand.
After the activation of Anahata chakra the anahada sound is usually audible in the Antaha Karana. In this sound the sound of Arti has a special importance. The sounds of the 16 seed alphabets become simultaneously audible with the sounds of Mridanga, Naphiri, Bell, and Ghadiyala. The sound of the 16 vowels can be easily heard in kumbhaka. The mother kundalini first of all touches slowly the seed alphabet AM from here the mother kundalini slowly goes all around. During this sojourn it keeps on drinking nectar, and enables the sadhaka to visualize shiva and shakini. The mother enters the nadies again and again and keeps on coming out of them. Because of this the whole area of neck starts echoing automatically. This echo gradually activates the Agnya chakra because all the six nadies (Ida Pingla Sushumna chitra, Vajra and Brahma Nadi) are now campletely activated in the neck. The pure from of the six nadies and the mother kundalini is visualized best during early morning hours. If any obstruction is felt the sadhaka should hear the anahada sound again and again When the anahada sound is completely realised the sadhaka should now try to listen the sound of Arti After moving through the 16 vowels the mother kundalini carries with itself the humor of 48 seed alphabets into the Agnya and presents itself in front of Ham and Ksham. Do not forget to direct the subtle body along with the mother kundalini. Of a must keep on drinking nectar.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master.