There are many Chakras situated above the Thousand petalled lotus. Of these thirteen chakras are engaged in generating light for the Brahmanda. Two chakras, out of these, the lalna and Guru chakras open out the path for Brahma-Randhra. Therefore Lalna and Guru chakra are being described here :-

Exactly behind the knot of the Agnay chakra the central point of the Thousand petalled lotus is situated in the brain. It is luminous and stable. On clear realization of this point its aura and colour start changing. Some times here the light spreads out extensively and some times the intensity of the light is reduced, and many divine visions are perceived here. All the animals, Devas, birds, Rivers, Tanks of water, Springs, sea Parks and gardens, fruits, flowers, sweet melodies and enchanting atmosphere are visualized and these are divine creations. All these are very natural. Any being wandering here is ready to help the Sadhaka. The manas, intellect and chita all come to a stand still. (it is on their becoming stable that these vision are visualized, otherwise not). As the period of stability of Mans, chita and intellect goes on increasing the sadhaka starts listening the Shiva sound, Soham, Aham Brahmasmi Tatwamasi, seed sounds, Arti sounds. These start becoming audible. Direct the subtle body to reach this spot and stay there. Ask it to select a place for it self in this universe. You will find that the place selected by it is lonely and peaceful. Some times when the subtle body is left alone the cardinal directions are realized only by the vision of sun. The subtle body is made to realize that there is something even beyond it and which is not being realized by it at this moment. Now the Sadhaka gets advice to realize Brahma.
The Sadhaka should perform the following practice in this state :-
1) The requisite posture is adopted, pranayama practices done and the Master remembered. The Kundalini is aroused and directed to the Thousand petalled lotus.
2) Concentrate on the central point and give Tankore by Prana (during Kumbhaka holding the breath) on this shining sun like spot by the seed alphabets Lam, Aam.
3) Keep both ears closed during Tankore and do nectar-drinking.
4) The light of the central point first assumes the shape of very tiny point. This now starts spreading out and assumes the shape of a flower It has 64 petals spread out in four directions, 16 X 4 =64. The powers of sixty four seed alphabets help the sadhaka. These powers exist here in the form of yoginees.
5) If Lam seed is visible in the centre of this light on a flower with 64 petals, then the practice for visualization of the Lalna chakra has been successfully carried out. If any difficulty is being experienced :-
6) Do the japa of the fifty seed alphabets in the descending, ascending and descending order many times.


Do the Japa of Lam seed many thousand times with Tankore. Lalna chakra will be clarified.

Do the Japa of AUM, RAM Vam Ham, Ram Vam Yam seed alphabets along with the Prana. The order should be that the first seed is meditated and pronounced in the navel, the second in the neck and the third in the Brahmands. On activation of the Lalna chakra a black dot appears, exactly in the middle of the chakra. This dot is the passage towards the Brahma-Randhra.
7) Bring the mother Kundalini by Pranayama practices up to this dot (Black sun) and give Tankore repeatedly by Pranas. This black dot disappears and each portion becomes lightened. In this light a small shining chakra becomes visible which is known by the name of Guru chakra.
Guru chakra or (Seed chakra)
It has twelve petals. These petals are so divided in the four directions that each direction contains three seed alphabets each. In the centre of this chakra lies the thirteenth seed.
Practices for its activation are done as follows :-
1) Practice- (1) Ang - Visualize the mouth of the mother Kundalini towards North, view the two eyes sun and Moon of the mother at least 2 to 3 times every day. It gives the vision of Ang or fix the place for the vision an Ang.
(2) Kam - repeat the Japa of 16 vowels situated in the vishuddhi chakra many times.
(3) Cham - Lick nectar by tongue.
(4) Tam - Give Tankore by each vowel or by twelve seed alphabets.
(5) Tam - Collect the Pranas and generate heat to raise the temperature of the place and intensify meditation.
(6) Pam - Generate light by increasing the Temperature and have the vision of the chakra or the Master.
(7) Yam - During vision listen to the sounds of the Twelve seed alphabets.
(8) Sham - Have the bliss of complete peace.
(9) Ham - Hold the breath and by toughing the Ha in Agnaya chakra by Manas-intellect and chita take the Pranas to Brahmanda and have the vision of the four cornered yantra in the middle of the chakra. Touching Ham give tankore on Ksham. Ham gets transformed into Ksham. The light which is visible here is called the light of the soul.
2) Practice (1) Lie on the abdomen in a lonely place, raise the chest and heart upwards while resting elbows on earth.
(2) Generate light on the tip of the nose. It is generated by breathing through the mouth and exhaling slowly through the nose or the reverse of it.
(3) When the Manas, intellect and chita become steady in light on the tip of the nose this chakra becomes clearly visible.
3) Practice (1) Sit in an easy posture and perform the four practices of Antah-karan.
(2) Direct the mother Kundalini to Brahmands and keep on viewing its two eyes.
(3) Perform Japa of Lam, Vam, Sham, Ham seed alphabets in this order many times and give Tankore during Japa.
Do the Japa of Am-Aam, E-EE-On.

4) Practice (1) Sit in an easy posture and inhale and exhale forcefully at least twenty one times.
(2) Take a deep breath and do internal Kumbhaka i.e. hold the breath.
(3) Direct the Pranas along with the mother Kundalini and stop them close to the luminous spot. This is the most radiant spot in the whole Brahmanda.
(4) Drink nectar and apply gentle pressure on the eyes and gradually increase the pressure.
(5) In the light, Red-Rosy, Green, Yellow colours as independent entities or mixed up become visible.
(6) Finally a shine light blue dot remains. This will generally remain visible. All the chakras can be visualized in this blue spot. This is the sun of Brahmanda or the Brahma Dot, representing the light of the soul.

By keeping this light of the soul in vision realization of the Almighty dawns. Experience regarding Brahma, it's varied manifestations start appearing in form of colours. The knowledge of the manifest and unmanifest starts dawning automatically. The perfection from the manifest to the unmainfest starts occurring here. The Yogi has to do ascetic practices for years for the knowledge of this form of God and he visualizes God in each and every object and finally becomes silent.
At this spot (Guru chakra) there is no importance of Tankore by Prana, only Trataka is enough to activate light at any spot and the total knowledge about that spot is obtained. That is why Tra (Trataka) and Gnya (knowledge) the two seed alphabets are the last. The knowledge is perfected by Trataka in Brahmanda. They are not placed in the Thousand petalled lotus. (From the view point of Grammer these are mixed seeds).
The Sadhaka must visualize this chakra daily. It should be at least done twice. The colours Yellow, Red, Rosy, Green start changing their qualities. These colours finally mix up with the blue and assume the shape of the Peacock feather. This is a representation of complete knowledge.

Brahma Chakra i.e. Brahma Randhra

The Brahma Randhra has been described in the chapters on pure yoga practices. Because of the effect of the mother Kundalini the appearance of this place will be as follows :-

Practice for clarification of Brahma-Randhra

i) Sit quietly on a seat. The eyes and ears are closed and the breath is held in check. Look into the Antah-Karana and clearly visualize the end point of Ida and Pingala.
ii) Clearly define the end point of Sushumna which is the central point of the Thousand petalled lotus.
iii) Search for an extremely radiant point in the Brahmanda by inner eyes. Direct that point to the end point of Sushumna.
iv) The spot where this extremely shining radiant point gets established is the place for Brahma Randhra.
v) Do Kumbhaka and direct the Prana and Udana to the Sun point in Brahmanda. The subtle body should also be directed to this point.
vi) The light rays emanating from the Brahma-Randhra fall on the eyes of the subtle body. the subtle body recognizes this spot. The subtle body runs away from this place and comes back again to this spot. It is exactly like a new born of bird who leaves the nest for few hops and runs back to its nest, in the earlier phases of learning as to how to fly.
vii) The contact with the Brahma Randhra is established by prana in their natural normal flow. The mother kundalini helps the sadhaka at this juncture. The last station in her journey is Brahma Randhra. (Lord Datta Trey ji)

The other practices are:-
1) Sit in an easy posture and draw the pranas from each organ and limbs of the body and direct them to Brahmanda.
2) Arouse the mother kundalini and let her accompany the prana.
3) Where there is a halt the place is Brahma-Randhra.
4) When yoga practices are integrated along with these the membrane starts melting.
Above the Brahma Randhra only fire, Sun and Moon remain, all the other Gods merge into them. In Brahma Randhra only Fire is left (the fire gives heat and light to the Sun and the Sun illuminates the moon). This fire is the third eye of Lord Shiva, which causes destruction. In this sphere it liberates the sadhaka from the bondage of karma and bestows emancipation. The third eye (Brahma-Randhra) is in Vertex region of the head-fontanelle.
Pranas escape through the Brahma Randhra on divine will. This is God's will. The yogins and devotees call it the mother Gayatri of the form of Brahma. Thus the mother Gayatri is the ultimate power par excellence bestowing the complete results of yoga and Kundalini yoga. There is no other Deva or Divine power except the mother Gayatri.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master

In daily life the practices of Kundalini yoga can be adjusted as follows :-
1) Daily Limited practices.
2) Practices during unfavourable circumstances.
3) The Magnanimity of Seed Alphabets.
4) Curing the poisons of yoga.
1) Yoga Practices of kundalini should be done in two ways every day (A) from Mooladhara to the Thousand petalled louts and (B) from the Thousand petalled lotus to Brahma Randhra. The journey to Brahma Randhra is completed with integration of yoga practices with the Kundalini yoga. The subtle body should always accompany.
2) In adverse circumstance - Do arouse the mother Kundalini at the fixed time. When there is almost no time practices can be done by the subtle body.
3) The Magnanimity of seed Alphabets :
In order to attain the mature knowledge of God it is essential to have the Knowledge of seed alphabets. Any critical analysis of an object depends upon the seed alphabets. These bestow yoga quickly because of their natural origin. These combine together to form Mantras, Vedic Richas etc. The seers of past present and future keep on doing the japa of the Sixteen of Vishuddhi Chakra in descending-ascending and descending order. These sixteen (swaras) in the neck are of great importance in bestowing benediction by pleasing Lord Shiva. This very practice is utilized by yogins for fixing the time for leaving the body.
4) Curing the poisons of Yoga :
Consummation of food articles, ill effects of the practice. Rays of the Sun, Impure japa of Seed alphabets, utilization of Apana in yoga practices, arousing the Kundalini at any time when ever desired etc. are responsible for creating diseases in the body and these are termed yoga poisons.
The following should be practised daily for the treatment of these yoga poisons.
1) Prana practices should be done before sun rise.
2) Do not the setting Sun. if per chance it becomes visible do the japa of the Mantra of Sun.
3) Do not change the procedure of the practices. They should be done exactly as described.
4) Remember the seed alphabets properly.
5) Always throw out Apana before practices. The impure particles in the body can also be thrown out through the ears. If all this does not help put in a request to the Master.
All out efforts should be made to lead a regular balanced life. Easy yoga or easy Samadhi is attained gradually with a balanced life. The Shiva Samadhi is perfected by Sham, Vam, Ham, Japa. Do not pay attention to the miraculous powers, for the eight Siddhis are not necessary for the benediction of the Soul. Resigning to the will of God, fulfilling your commitments to the family and others make this creation of God more auspicious. Then all the other Divine powers become kind and bestow benediction to the Sadhaka.

Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master