There are various Mantras for Gayatri, a few are being illustrated here :-
1. Short Gayatri :- Aum Harm Hreem Sah Gayatri Namah.
2. Gayatri :- Aum Bhur Bhuvah Suvah. Tatasaviturvarenyam, Bhargo Dewasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat. ( Tripada )
3. Complete Gayatri :- Aum Bhur Bhuva Swah Maha Jana Tapa Satyam, Tatsaviturvarenam Bhargo Devesya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat. Aum Aapo Jyoti Rasoamritam Brahma Bhur Bhuvan Swaroma. ( Chatushpada )
4. The Great Gayatri :- ( 1 ) Aum Hreem Kleem Maha Gayatri Namah.
( 2 ) Each seed alphabet to be prefixed with Aum 3 times.
( 3) Each seed alphabet to be prefixed with Aum 7 times. i. e. Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum Bhu etc.
( complete description can be perceived in the Chapter on the mode of Japa ).
5. Gayatri of Different Divinities :- There are separate Gayatri mantras for different Divinities e. g. Rama, Duraga, Kali etc.
Gayatri - Mantra
1. It is divided in three parts the so called there Padas of Gayatri. The complete Gayatri has four Padas.
2. The Mantra contains 24 seed alphabets. These are for the creation of Mantras and give the result of or affects of the seed alphabets from Aa to Ma.
3. There are 24 Nadies grouped at the navel directing the prana towards Brahmanda.
4. In the Divine world the month consists of 24 days and each day is counted with one seed alphabet. These seed alphabets are from Aa to Ma. The sounds of some of the seed alphabets mix up and merge with the sound of the other alphabets for example Nam & Nam ua and .ka.
5. All the mantras are integrated in the Gayatri Chhanda.
6. The 24 Masters have bestowed the 24 seed alphabets for the creation of Gayatri Mantra.
7. 24 Divinities have special relation with the Mantra. Their powers manifest in this mantra.
8. A + U + M - the three seed alphabets + 7 lokas + 7 Chakras + 7 Orifices utilized for realization of God = 24.
9. Sixteen Digits + Eight siddhis = 24.

The order of the Gayatri Mantra Japa :-
The Short Gayatri - For maintaining the daily routine and for creating a desire for Mantra, for attracting the Manifest forms of God and this Japa Can be done when one is short of time.
Gayatri Mantra :- The japa of Tripada Gayatri is done for creating light in darkness, Pranayama etc. are integrated along with the Japa. The complete result is the visualization of the Agnaya Chakra clearly, where lies the gate way - for entry to Antah- Karana.
Complete Gayatri :- is utilized to enter the Antah-Karana, to create light in it, for generating light in Brahmanda, for drinking Nectar, for activating the subtle body, for the creation of seed alphabets, for purification of Prana, for generating Nada, for the strength of the soul etc.
The Great Gayatri Mantra :-
(1) By its Japa with there 'AUMs' there is complete realization of Brahmanda, Seed visualization, attainment of all visions and attributes including Chakras etc. up to Brahma Randhra.
(2) The Japa of the Great Gayatri Mantra with seven 'AUMs' is done for Ascetcism. It is mainly for the purification of the body. It is also used for purifying pranas before leaving the body. Fasts etc. are done along with this Japa.

The details should be understood from the Master, but in short it is as follow :
1) The Short Gayatri :- Aum Hram Hreem Sah Sooryaya Namah.
Aum Hram Hreem Sah Gayatri Namah.
Both the mantras have the same meaning. In one salutations are offered to Sun God while in the other to the mother Gayatri. The Sun and Gayatri are same identical (for this detailed discussion is given ahead). The power of Tankore of Prana is increased by this mantra, so that the light may spread to the different parts of the body and perform its functions properly.
2) The Gayatri and the Complete Gayatri :-
Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah Maha jana Tapa Satyam, Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devesya Dhimahi, Dhiyo yo Nah Prachodyat, Aum Aapo jyoti Rasoamritam Brahma Bhur Bhuvah Swarom.
AUM - ( A + U + M ) In these varied pronounciation
( O + E + M ) even the result given by 'AUM'
( A + E + M ) is that of A + U +M.
Bhur = Earth = Mooladhara.
Bhuva = Akash.
Swah = Heaven= Swadhishthana.
Maha = Heart region.
Japa = To say 'no' for life and death.
Tapa = Ascetic practices in vishuddhi & Agnya.
Satyam= Up to the Third Eye ( Brahma-Randhra ).
It means that Bhur Bhuvah and Swah are three spheres of existence which spread out in seven lokas like Maha, Jana, Tapa and Satyam, The seven lokas of Brahmanda are also situated in the individual being. In these three or seven lokas the divine power whose talk is the subject in these lokas, that power, seven humours seven notes, mixes with the seven colours of the light and is pervading in light form.
Tat That - situated as it is.
Savita :- Sa + Va + Ta = Sun, Ganges, Fire, Earth etc. including those endowed with knowledge and yoga.

1) Extremes of light.
2) Brahama, Para Brahma, the sun form of curtain in between Brahma and complete Brahma.
3) The sun from whom seed alphabets a rise.
4) The sun creating seed alphabets.
5) The Sun creater of beings.
6) The bestower of knowledge.
7) Activating the objects.
8) Creating many lights from one light.
9) The one in whom many lights merge.
10) The activator of Hram Hreem Hroom seed alphabets.
11) Generator of water Air, etc.
12) Bestower of yoga knowledge to light power from its own nature.
13) Resident of Sun Nadi.
14) Helper of Vajra Nadi.
15) Creator of Sam, Vam, Tam seed alphabets or the creator of Sun Mantras.
16) Illuminator of everything by its own knowledge.

Varaneyam :- Va + Re + N + Ya + M : God Varuna.
1) The one who is blissfully engaged enjoying with his ownself-worth worshipping.
2) God or Shakti - Activated by Tankore.

Bhargo : Bha + Ra + Ga.
The power who activates lights and seed alphabets from the Earth to the Air and the Tejas fire spheres, and helper in their Visualization.

Devasya :- Da + Va + S + Ya.
It means the presiding Deity of this (meter) mantra is definitely mother Gayatri and with unflinching faith should bestow the boon of fearlessness along with the activation of light.

Dhimahi :- Dha + Ma + Ha.
The worshipper of Earth, and offcring of oblations by mixing Earth and water by activators, light in the Antah-karan of the physical being should bestow definitive knowledge.

Dhiya :- Dha + Ya.

Dharya :- It means mental steadiness, gradually it leads to the realization of the light of Brahma, celibacy during Sadhana. Satisfaction, the shakti of Brahma develops from sentiments.
It means therefore that by celibacy. I may be full of light, powerful, wise, and merge into your form and be eligible for yoga Kshema and liberation.

Yo Nah :- Ya + Na
The power uniting the powers of A. U. M. and keeps the great illusory power 'Maya' away, providing union between the seed alphabets, is the power of the Mother Gayatri.

Prachodayat :- Pa + Ra + Cha + Da + Ya + T
It increases the memory and provides energy for pronounciation, after uniting the fifty seed alphabets pervading in the illumined body I may merge into Brahma.

Oh, the bestower of knowledge to this earth, giver of knowledge to all the worldly being : Mother, I may, after repeated purifications of Antah karana by practices of body and 'Manas' for the activation of Divine light with in me, observe celibacy and may attain Brahma after merging into the light of Brahma.

1) Each seed alphabet is independent in this Mantra and confrontatian and friction takes place between different numbers of 'A U M' with these seeds.
2) Each seed represents the formless Brahma and with form Brahma. Hence with the help of the each seed alphabet one proceeds towards the unmanifest, formless.
3) The meaning of each independent seed alphabet is the same as that of complete Mantra.

1) 7 AUM Bhur 3 AUM Bhuva 3 AUM Swah 3AUM Maha 3 AUM Jana 3 AUM Jana 3 AUM Tapa 3 AUM Satyam
3 AUM Tat 3 AUM Savitur 3AUM Varenyam 3 AUM Bhargo 3 AUM Devasya 3 AUM Dhimahi 3 AUM Yo Nah 3 AUM Prachodayat. AUM Aapo Jyoti Rasomritam Brahma Bhur Bhuvah Swarome. For the practice of the great Gayatri Mantra and because of lack of time some times the following can be used :
2) 7 AUM Bhur 3 AUM Bhuva 3 AUM Swah 3AUM Maha 3 AUM Gana 3 AUM Tapah 3 AUM Satyam.
3 AUM Tat 3 AUM Tsa. 3 AUM Vi 3 AUM Tur 3 AUM Va 3 AUM Ray 3 AUM Nyam 3 AUM Bhur 3 AUM Go 3 AUM Dey 3 AUM Va 3 AUM Sya 3 AUM Dhi 3 AUM Ma 3 AUM Hi 3 AUM Dhi 3 AUM Yo 3 AUM Yo 3 AUM Nah 3 AUM Pra 3 AUM Cho 3 AUM Da 3 AUM Yat. Aum Aapo Jyoti Rasoamritam Brahma, Bhur Bhuva Swarome.
3) Use seven AUMs in place of 3 AUM. The part of the mantra 'Aum aapo jyoti rasoamritam Brahma Bhur. Bhuvah Swarome' shall remain an integral part of the other Mantras.
After practical visualization for ascetic practices it is used in Internal kumbhaka.
The meaning of the word Gayatri or the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra are indentical. The meaning of the Gayatri mantra and the Gayatri word given here are those conn-ected with yoga only. Attempts should be made to learn the complete meaning and pronounciation of the Mantra from the Master.
The effect of Gayatri Mantra on the Body :-
1) Many Nadies spread out in the body after coming out of the Brahmanda. Some Nadies go towards Brahmanda. The Nadies going towards Brahmanda include the Nadies of the sense organs also. Out of the 70000 Nadies of the whole body here are many Nadies which generate light bestow bliss and energy etc.
In an ordinary person the darkness is because of the effect of these Nadies. Tha Japa of Gayatri Mantra generates vibration in the Nadies for the generation of light. This almost creates a war like situation between the Nadies producing light and the nadies producing darkness. The one who is powerful emerges victorious out of this battle. If the sadhaka stands in need of light he has to take the help of Pranayama practices along with regular fixed mantra japa. Prana practices lead to the generation of light at the navel. At this place only the friction is made to occur between Prana and udana after throwing out the Apana. The navel has a conglomeration of 24 Nadies carry their humor (light & Prana) to the navel and help the light generating nadies in their battle. When these 24 Nadies are completely activated the navel chakra blossomes forth and the Prana starts flowing in the three main Nadies. This prana on reaching the neck region activates the nectar producing Nadi and further activates the three Nadies of the Sushumna- The Vajra Chitra and Brahma Nadi. The flow of Prana through the Brahma nadi activates the Agnaya Chakra and reaches the Antah-karana. This leads to the complete realization of the flame of Brahma which is the form of the fourth pada of Gayatri mantra.
After the complete realization of the flame of Brahma the nine spots of the senses becomes absolutely clear. All of them now merge into one luminous spot.
By giving Tankore of each seed alphabet of the Great Gayatri Mantra in this luminous spot, all the seed alphabets of this great Mantra become visible. These may manifest as individual fifty seed alphabets or complete Mantra. The visualization of the complete Garland of letters is called the Gayatri Tree.
When the sound of each seed alphabet is listened clearly the subtle body becomes active and starts participating in the activities of Brahmanda. The subtle body of its own recognizes Lord Shiva and other Divinities and reaches the mother Gayatri for complete surrender. Here it collects the light particles of the Mother Gayatri and because of the effect of these particles it searches out the Brahma Randhra. If the mantra japa is done along with other practices the results are quickly achieved, otherwise only with the help of Pranayama and Ten lac Mantra japa the Brahma Randhra can be clearly seen, and the 'Manas', intellect and chit etc. do not disturb the Sadhaka. In this way the sadhaka generates light in all Nadies and finally visualizes the mother. In this whole practice it is by friction and confrontation (battle) that the light, sound and the forms appear.
2) The Tankore by Tripada Gayatri and by Gayatri with four padas bestows quick results. A, aa, EE, ou, Aou and Aha give the power for Tankore. 'Aum Aapo Jyoti Rasoamritam Brahma Bhur Bhuva Swarome' apart from being a 'Samputa' also does the work of Tankore. This causes the manifestation of the alphabets of the mantra. The offerings of Pranas as oblations takes place automatically along with the pronounciation of the Mantra. This gradually produces unison i.e. Yoga.
The relation of the Brahma flame with the fourth Pada has already been described previously. In the manifestation of Brahma flame, in Tankore process by Mantra and during the confrontation of knowledge and ignorance the nine Durgas (knowledge powers) lend support which purifies the chita.
3) Once the Gayatri tree is visualized the body of the Sadhaka is purified. He can at will leave his body while performing the japa of the great Gayatri-Mantra. For this practice the internal kumbhaka should at least be of 3'/2 minutes duration.
( The procedure for leaving the body is acquired by the subtle body himself hence it is not worth description )
Rules for performing japa :-
1) Do the japa daily at a fixed time and the pronounciaton should be correct.
2) The time should be between sun rise and sun setting and early morning hours.
3) Clean place, flow of pure air, clean seat clean clothes, pure sentiments, and pure body is necessary.
4) At sunset the eyes should be kept closed and meditation of the Mother Gayatri should be done with closed eyes.
5) Pranyama practices should be performed prior to the japa of Mantra. During holding the breath, inhaling and exhaling meditate on the forehead, heart and the navel along with Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha in that order respectively.
6) After returning from dirty place, purify the body again.
7) The minimum japa should be three complete rosary counts i. e. (108x3). According to time and energy it can be increased to 5, 7, 11 and, 21 daily.
8) Always use a lamp of Ghee, incense and white flowers and white sweets.
9) Discontinue the japa if ill thoughts arise.
10) The rosary beads should be of Tulsi, or japa can be counted by hand digits or Mental counting.
11) The japa should be done secretly and the rosary kept covered with a white cloth. Nobody should know what one is doing.
12) The pronounciation of Mantra during japa should be light so that only you may hear it and none else. The rule is to do the japa silently.
13) The speed of mantra pronounciation should be neither fast nor very slow.
14) Face east for japa in the morning time, and north in the afternoon and west in the evening.
( The japa at night time does not bear fruits )
15) Keep an idol or a picture in front and keep on gazing at the figure and try to maintain it in your Antah-karana.
16) The food should be satwik and daily life routine balanced, regularized and controlled.
17) Perform 'Homa' accordingly, on Sundays it is a must.
18) Never be desirous of any worldly gain.
SPECIAL 19) (i) The index is never used in japa. The rosary is kept on the ring finger and the beads are slipped with the help of the thumb and the middle finger. The 'sumeru' is never crossed, from there the rosary is turned back.
ii) The seat should not be high or low and the place should not be hollow underneath. After the visualization of the mother : he japa can be performed on a hill top also.
If the japa of vedic mantra Tripada or four Padas Gayatri Mantra is done carefully in a secret manner then the effect of these mantras are realized quickly and the mother Gayatri herself starts guiding the sadhaka on the path.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master.