The sadhaka can visualize the mother Gayatri only with the grace and guidance of the Master. The visualization is according to the modification of the mind of the sadhaka. The modification of mind are the representatives of the success of the sadhaka. These are Tamasik to start with (darkness or less light) Rajasic later on (less light-Brahma light) and later on Satwik (complete Brahma light). This produces changes in the colour and form of the mother Gayatri. In the beginning the figure appears dark because of little light, in fact the mother is of white colour and she is always attired in white.
In the beginning the mother with two hands seated on a Swan appears. She comes very fast flying past and disappears. This flying manifestation is an indicator of the modification of the mind of the sadhaka. When the modification of the mind of the sadahaka start quietening then she does not fly away but remains clearly visible seated on a swan.
After this she presents herself to the sadhaka in a palace like magnificient temple or a temple in a garden, or on a seat in the presence of Rishis and Munis or for a few moments seated on a lotus. These all visions represent the immature state of the sadhaka, but there are definite indications of her full grace.
After controlling his modifications of mind the sadhaka should direct his subtle body to the mother. She is immediately pleased by the subtle body and in the standing posture blesses him. If she appears in the sitting posture it means that there is some defect in the practices.
If she appears in a big temple or palace like figures appear beyond high mountain ranges than collect your prana at the Knot of the Agnya Chakra and invoke her at that spot. The vision which was visible at a great distance comes near and becomes very clear. The vision in the temple indicates the presence of other divinities along with the mother i. e. a combined vision along with other Divine powers.
The maturity is achieved by the Sadhaka in his state when the subtle body is activated and it presents itself to the Mother. In the mature state the mother with two arms itself gets transformed into the mother with ten arms. The small knowledge regarding the mother Gayatri now gets converted into medium knowledge. The ten arms represent ten sense organs. Ten pranas and her five faces are respectively white, blue, pale, Red and Rosy. The white face belong to her while the other four represent four Tatwas. From these four mouths have generated four Vedas, Music, Medicine, Astrology, Yoga knowledge etc. she has three eyes in each face. These represent three attributes and Sun, Moon and fire. The ten hands carry weapons which represent her power.
The position of the Sun, Store of prana particles by the sadhaka, the grace of the Master and the mother herself, result in different visions. Sometimes some part and some times some face becomes visible. The complete vision of the mother can only be attained in Kumbhaka. In the perfect state of sadhana the vision can be attained any where at any time. When the mother is kind enough to bestow the sadhaka her universal vision then in her light at places, durga Peetambara, Divine girls, Shiva and at places Bhairava, Rudra Ganesha are also seen. These all forms belong to the mother and represent her different powers.
For the attainment of yoga only recognition of the Mother's sacred feet is enough. To have the vision of her other parts of the body is a result of great pious deeds. For detailed knowledge pray to the Mother and from the Master try to gain complete knowledge. In case you have contact with the subtle body it can also oblige you by providing correct description.
Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
The Mother Gayatri - Master
Hanumana, BHAIRAVA.
The Assistants of the Mother Gayatri :-
For visualization of the mother Gayatri or for the attainment of yoga the help and support of Shiva family is needed, the important of these are :-
Shiva, Bhairva, Mother Kali and Durga.
Shiva :- It helps in quietening the bad thoughts and helps in the maintenance of equipoise.
Bhairva :- It helps in generating Prana, light, energy and pure particles in each part of the body.
Mother-Kali :- For annihilating the worldly and spiritual enemies and for bestowing the knowledge of seed alphabets.
Mother-Durga :- For defeating known and unknown enemies.
Hanumana :- Provides power of celibacy development of definitive intellect, makes one fearless.
Ganesha :- Destroys the obstructions even before they manifest and for pure intellect (satwic intellect).
The Mantras for these deities are given below -
For Lord Shiva :- Shivoham, Soham, Aum Sham Sham Sham Sham Sham Sham Sham Sham Ham Aum Namah Shivaya.
For Lord Bhairava :- Bhram Bhreem Bhroom or according to the orders of the Master (minimum seven times)
For Mother Kali :- Kram Kreem Kroom Krayeem Krauma Kraha (minimum seven times)
For Mother Durga :- Aum Shree Durga Yace Namah.
32 Names of Durga.
Join the names of Durgas and do the Japa.
For Hanumanji :- Aum Ham Namah A-um Shree Hanumante Namah. Do the japa as needed.
For Lord Ganesha :- Make a mantra by combining the names of eight siddhis (Do its japa at least seven times) or according to the orders of the Master.
It is beneficial to do the japa of the above mantras as and when needed. Since there is desire behind these japas it must be done properly and with all purity.
The Shiva family is close to the Mother's abode. In order to get rid of worldly difficulties and mental impurities it is necessary to seek their shelter, otherwise different types of modern day difficulties keep the Sadhakas surrounded from all sides and what to say regarding Mother Gayatri's sadhana, they do not allow even a single yoga practice to be performed successfully. For details consult your Master.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raja the Master