a) The sadhana of Gayatri can be classified in two parts :- (i) Only the japa of Gayatri Mantra (an indpendent sadhana). (ii) Integeration of yoga practices or kundalini yoga with the Gayatri mantra japa or yoga practices and Kundalini yoga alongwith the sadhana of Gayatri.

Independent sadhana of mother Gayatri :-
Only japa of a mantra, even when done with the observance of all rules and regulation, is incapable of providing complete results and if at all it does, it needs a very long time. Some times alongwith the Mantra japa some practices are performed un-knowingly which give some satisfaction to the Sadhaka. The japa upto three and half lac mantras does not provide any scope of spiritual experience but 10 lac japa. Result in complete blessings of the mother to the sadhaka.

Gayatri sadhana alongwith practices :-
The idea which has stimulated me to write this book is to bring out the importance of these practices so that each sadhaka in the minimum time may attain his goal. Each practice of pure yoga is essential for Gayatri Sadhana, and for attainment of complete knowledge, these must be practiced successfully first. If by the grace of master, the practice of Kundalini yoga has also been done then you will be able to attain her complete visualization very quickly. For visualization of Gayatri, do the following practices :-
Early phases - 1) Be seated facing east, North or west. The time of dawn is best.
2) Purify the body by pranayam and increase store of prana by the internal kumbhaka.
3) Perform japa of each seed alphabet or the whole mantra carefully, in the internal kumbhaka. The japa should be atleast seven to 21 times in each kumbhaka. The number should be increased gradually.
4) During japa concentrate in the centre of the eye brows.
5) By giving tankore at the luminous point (Brahma point) a faint figure becomes visible.
This is experienced after a few months.
When this faint figure appears in the Agnya Chakra or waves in light start appearing there then consider your practices of the early phase as successful. After this do the following :-
1) Postures, Pranayam and meditation (practices already described should be practised).
2) Give tankore of Aum Bhurh, Aum Bhuvah, Aum swah, Aum Mahah, Aum Janah, Aum Tapah, Aum Satyam, seed alphabets in the Brahma Bindu carefully.
3) Now do the clear japa of the rest of the mantra mentally and give tankore with it.
4) Give tankore in the knot of Agnaya Chakra in the Brahma flame with, Aum Aupo Jyoti Raso Amritam, Braham Bhurh, Bhuvah, Swarome.
First clearly define the knot of the Agnaya Chakra, the flame of the Brahma and the Brahma Bindu. Later give the tankore of seven Vyahritis with force, repeat the mantra in an easy way and in the end give tankore of the forth pada, (Aum Aapo Jyoti) with force. In this way, till the end of the forth pada, the prana particles are offered as oblations into the flame of Brahma. Do not forget to drink nectar. This increases the power of tankore. This practice will result in vision of any part of the Mother's body may be feet, hands weapons, eyes, nose, face etc. This vision is for a fraction of a second. After clear visualisation of any part of the mother, do the following practice :-
1) Activate the flame in internal Kumbhaka, do the nectar drinking, close the ears so that pranas can not escape our and gradually apply pressure on the eyes.
2) By gentally pronouncing the mantra give tankore, when any part of the mother become visible then increase the pressure of the fingers on the eyes. This brings the part into view. For example :- If eyes visible the increase in pressure on your own eyes will bring in view the whole face.
3) Increase the number of Aum in the mantra. Start with japa of great Gayatri mantra with 3 Aums. Repeat the practice twice a day and each time (Morning & Afternoon, and Morning and Evening), it should be repeated atleast seven times.
4) Gradually each seed alphabet becomes clear and a few day's hard labour brings into vision, the whole mantra. When this faint figure appears in the Agnya chakra and waves in light start appearing then consider your practice successful.
5) If the help of subtle body is acquired the mantra becomes clearly visible because the subtle body is able to give tankore in light.
The above practice completes the visualization of the Gayatri mantra or the Gayatri tree. (The tree of 50 seeds alphabets.) Either after the visualisation of the Gayatri mantra or even alongwith the above practice do the following as well :-
1) Mental contemplation of the seven lokas in the figure of mother Gayatri.
Bhu Feet.
Bhuvah Knees
Swah Navel
Maha Chest
Japa Hands
Tapah Middle of the Eye brows.
Satyam Head, vertex region.
2) After this, reciting the whole mantra from 'Tat-Savitur to Swaroma touch the organs of the mother in descending order starting from the head respectively. YAT' is placed in the feet and then do the japa of the fourth pada. Touch the head with Tat and go down-wards.
3) When this is fully practised repeat the whole practice with the great Gayatri mantra, Ten hands, shoulders. Chest, navel, thigh, feet etc. should be touched one by one by reciting the seed alphabets one by one. The touch should be done by reciting the seven Vyahrities the Bhurah Bhuwa Swaha etc. along with 24 seeds of Gayatri mantra and finally the fourth pada the Ahuti or oblation part - touch the feet.
4) Finally with no desire of any results in the mind, offer the fruits of this practice unto her only.
a) With each seed alphabet of the great Gayatri mantra-touch the mother's part in ascending and descending orders.
b) The ascending descending order of japa should atleast be done thrice. One Japa done in the this fashion is equivalent to one thousand japa of Gayatri mantra. Gradually each part of the mother's body becomes visible. She blesses the sadhaka in a standing posture. The sadhaka now attains the desired object, because of its effect.
c) If the practices are performed alongwith the kundalini then always remember to bring the kundalini to flame of Bhram while doing the japa of the Gayatri mantra. This lends energy to the whole process and hastens the achievement of the ultimate. The light of mother kundalini changes after practical vision of the mother Gayatri. It become completely white.

In this light, waves (seed alphabets), divine Girls, white snake (kundalini) swan, white lotus trees laden with flowers of good scent slowly flowing water making light sound of Ka-La-Ra-Va deer, Ramakrishana, Hanuman and Arjuna, Rishies performing Yaganas, Durga, Kali, Bhairwa, Rudra, 10 great dignities, Shiva-Parvati, Ganesh and Lord Ganesh with 8 miraculous powers can be visualized there some times.
This is the panoroma of the Brahma Randhra. On this side of Brahma Randhra, and on the other side after crossing by breaking it through, the domain belongs to mother Gayatri. Hence the power of the mother Gayatri is both para and appara. Gayatri is not the name of any special form of figure but is the power genetarix of all the seed alphabets. Hence it has been regarded as the most ausipicious of all the Vidyas and Maha Vidyas. Having reached Braham Randhra repeated requests should be made to this mother alone for going across the Braham Rahdhra and even after crossing it seed her shelter alone.
Direct the subtle body repeatedly to her and learn the practical knowledge from her and get the mother's love from her. The labour put in by the Sadhaka is fully rewarded and he attains emancipation in his life time only. This is the only aim of the Gayatri Sadhaka.
Mother's Grace on the subtle body:-
In the early phases the sadhaka is localised to the physical body but gradually with the perfection of the practices he turns towards the subtle. He starts regarding the activities of the subtle as his own . gradually in this way the subtle body establishes control over etc. start manifesting. In this state the subtle body approaches the mother in a state of semi samadhi or samadhi.
The subtle always has the appearance of a child. Order the subtle body to approach the mother. The mother Gayatri also tests the subtle body whether it can recognise his own mother or can it catch the mother even when she is flying away. This is a very adventurous moment for the sadhaka. The bliss of meeting the mother directly takes the Sadhaka directly to the feet of the mother Gayatri. At this juncture other divine mothers, Durga, kali and the Master render help and guide the path. Reach the mother and enter her palace without any hesitation and sit in her lap and just as a motherfeels happiness at her lap she feels happy, the Sadhaka should enjoy that scene. Suckle her breast like an infant. The mother shall undoubtedly fulfill your desire.
It is infant only who begetes mother's love. The grown-up child and young people are denied this. Thus this infant sadhak is reared by the mother with great love and affection. This development occurs by providing various power to the subtle body. With the help of the powers the sadhaka reaches the mother when-ever he wants irrespective of the fact as to where she is at that moment.
In case you are feeling some sort of difficulty in performing the above practices then only invoke her, call her. Mother come mother etc. repeatedly. The mother quickly comes in the presence of the subtle body.
With the developed subtle body one can offer food, flowers etc. to the mother or serve her in any capacity one wants. Only pure sentiments can materialize her vision this must be born in mind. After learning the secret of the subtle body the grace of the master a talk for knowledge or a dialogue can be established with the mother.
The Yogic form of the Mother Gayatri.
It is neither male nor female, and it is both male and female also. She is manifest and un-manifest both. Do the following practices to realise the above facts :-
1) Visualize the sun in the morning while doing Gayatri mantra Jap for some time and then keep the eyes closed also for an equal span of time.
2) Keep on doing the Jap. This pratice should be done at-least for fourteen minutes.
3) After a few days a female figure will crystallize in the Antah-Karan sitting on a Swan with a Kamandal in the hand. This vision is visualized in the after image of the sun, this after image of the sun is visible only after closing the eyes. It changes many colours. After visualizing the mother in the morning Sun do the following practices :
1) Keep on seeing the sun without blinking between 11 A. M. to 1 P. M. for 21 days. For the first 10 days gradually increase the time (not more than 3½ minutes). Then gradually reduce the time limit.
2) Keep the eyes closed for equal span of time (If any difficulty is experienced during the Tratak period, the eye may be blinked).
3) On closing the eyes the heat in the body increases and the after image of the sun is seen).
4) On the 21st day an old person with white clothes and long beard is seen in the after image, he is the 1st sun.
The above practice proves that the power of the same light can manifest as male or female according to times. This couple that is Gayatri and the Ist. sun or first purash OMKARA or both manifest or un-manifest. For its proof do the following practice :-
1) When in the after image the mother Gayatri or the father sun manifest themselves, give tankore with the oblations of PRAN. This causes the disappearance of all forms and only light remains. In this light mother Gayatri, the father sun and the subtle body are no where visible i. e. all the forms merge into the un-manifest light only. This is proof of the perfection of the un-manifest.
It should be recalled that the cause of the genesis of light in the body, in this universe is friction only. During creation also there is lot of friction in many particles. This gives birth to a conglomeration of light (sun) from the conglomeration of light rays radiate out and cause frication amongst particles of many TATWAS resulting in the creation of earth stars, mars etc. some rays develop the force of life in many planets like earth. By the medium of these rays only the 5 Tatvas start taking the shape of various beings and these also provide food etc. for these varied beings. Then to give an order to the life of the beings the day and night and various seasons are formed. At places rivers oceans, fruits, snow, varied flora etc. develop. Storms, rain etc. also happen. The climatic disasters do occur. At places there is fire, at places only water and at places severe storms etc. denote creation and annhilation both. The sun can destroy any part of the world by producing fire and thus destroy the world. Some times this scene can also be produced by the confrontation of various other TATVAS. In the absence of the sun the great dissolution i. e. the merger of all creation along with divine powers is proved automatically. In this way in all beings the light of sun is the one and the same. There are many type of beings on the earth but only man can utilise these rays. Therefore man is the most auspicious and unique being. A human being can attain or absorb Yoga Light from the sun, according to his desire. The sun rays dispel darkness of the Antahkaran and enlighten every thing within and without. Sun rays are both manifest and un-manifest. The knowledge of every object of this universe is hidden in these rays of the sun. The exposition depends on the labour put in Hence after the attainment of the knowledge of these rays no knowledge is needed for any object. The sun rays are aware of this Yogic form of the mother Gayatri.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Guru Deva Yogi Raja

A Note :- A serious and vast subject like Gayatri has been described in short for two reasons :-
1) The subtle body becomes so powerful and full of knowledge by yoga and Kundalini yoga practices that only a hint is enough for it.
2) The Sadhaka should learn Gayatri in-details from his Master. Under the guidance of the Master the Gayatri Sadhana bestows quick result.
The japa of Gayatri Mantra must be included in daily routine. Atleast three rosaries (108x3) must be done. After many years of Gayatri japa the sound of pigeons (Gootergoon) is heard. This sound is the proof of its perfection.
Visualize the mother by inner while doing the japa of Gayatri Mantra or Prana practices. Always present your subtle body to her. This results in mother's subtle particles bestowing daily new knowledge to the subtle body. Direct the subtle to meditate on her feet for the mother's left sole of the foot contains a white sharp very luminous point dissipating rays. Sometimes seven rounds of seven types of coloured rays are seen over it. This point contains the knowledge of many spheres of existence. Search out this point and the mother facilitates some-times by moving her foot so that sadhaka may recognize it.
It is necessary for difficulties to appear in daily life. Do not be upset, maintain poise. Under special conditions powerful dignities should be worshiped. Usually this results in finding a solution for the difficult problems. One of the important mantra for japa with lamp, incense and naivedya is given below :-
'AUM Girijayaea Vidmahe Shiva Priyaya
Dheemahi Tanno Durga Prachodayat.'
11 Rosarys counts (108x11) should be done daily. The sadhaka should before Durga Devi his problem without hesitation. When the problem is solved he should express gratitude towards her. Do the maximum japa of any of these two mantras :-
Aum Bhram Bhreem Bhroom Bhairavaya Namah or Aum Namah Shivaya 1008 times japa gives quick results.
Kram Kreem Kroom Krayeem Kraum Kraha is the mantra of Kali. The mother Kali always adorns the fifty seed alphabets garland. These fifty seed alphabets bestow the knowledge of all the objects of the world. In the absence of these seeds the ignorance & knowledge of any object does not exist. The governing power of these fifty seed alphabets is Mother Kali. The power of the Master is mother Kali herself. The mantras of the above seeds alphabets please the mother Kali most and bestow the knowledge of yoga quickly to the Sadhaka. The Right foot of the mother Kali on the chest of demon of evil thoughts and the pointing tongue inspires the Sadhaka for yoga. When all the evil thoughts are vanquished the Mother Kali unfolds her knowledge of fifty seed alphabets. The sadhaka should keep a keen watch over his evil thoughts by the pure mind. The governing deities of the seed alphabets and the divine damsels keep on vanquishing the evil thoughts. If some times some evil thoughts may come up it should be dealt properly by reasoning and logic.
Every person, Sadhaka, Yogi, Rishi, Muni, Sant, Hans, Param Hans etc. have experienced that each divine power dignities are complementary to each other in the attainment of yoga. There is no duality about it and no two opinions about it, but this does not apply to the worldly attainments for that needs different worship, rules and sanskaras as the goal is different. There are many powers governing the 50 seeds alphabets. The intermingling of 32 consonants and 16 swaras, millions of powers are generated. Attempts are made to acquire knowledge of the power of Braham, through these. The form of mother Gayatri is Braham itself. It is made up of yoga and devotion and knowledge. The yoga automatically bestows knowledge which result in surrender unto God. Therefore, the yogi should try to get powers only after the attainment of yoga and devotion. In fact Yoga and devotion automatically bestow powers. The yoga, devotion and power are always present in the light of the mother Gayatri in the form of Shreem, Hreem, Kleem. The Yogi should do the maximum japa of these three seed alphabets. If there is any difficulty in finding them out in light then give the tankore of Ham Ksham or Ham Aum Ksham with prana-Yama.
The seed mantra Shreem, Hreem, Kleem should always be kept with one self considering it a helper, friend, brother. Master, Mother or in any form. These do not allow the intellect to be misled during worldly obstructions, and at the time of leaving this body they help in realising the Braham Randhra. The tankore of 24 seed alphabets of mother Gayatri and the fourth pada automatically open the third eye the Braham Randhra. Instead of worrying for these last moments it is better to depend on mother Gayatri. In order to decide for the time of departure from this world, the Yogi should keep on doing two practices as long as he lives :-
1) Directional control of sun and moon nadies, the former is northerly Direction (Uttrayana) while the later is southerly directive morement (Dakshayan). If the Pranas are carried from the Moon Nadi and thrown out through sun Nadi a person is not reborn. Thus while passing away inhaling should be done through the moon nadi and held (Kumbhak) and the sun nadi is activated and give tankore and jerk to the Brahma-Randhra.
(The subtle body bestows the knowledge of this procedure).
2) (A) The ascending-descending and ascending order of japa of the 15 swaras in the Vishuddhi Chakra bestows the power of knowing the events of future. (The time for departure from the world can be known easily).
(B) See a glass full of water (made up of glass) in the noon by placing it towards the sun. after many days some forms will start appearing in the water. These forms give answers to quarries.
(A) Learn the technique of worshipping the Gayatri Yantra from the Master. On doing it according to rules laid down only 108 times the Sadhaka acquires knowledge about every thing including the time of his departure, from this world. The person becomes the knower of present, past and future and can talk to the Divinities. The serious character of the subject bars me from describing the yantra. The Yogi can attain this knowledge through his subtle body.

The vision of mother Gayatri need not be the same everyday. She assumes different forms in giving visions to devotees. In fact the forms are according to the sentiments of the devotees. The vehicles liked by her are the Swan and the Garuda. The petals of the lotus of her seat can number from 4 to 84. The vision with 84 petals or in a standing posture indicates the Sadhaka.

The devotee should himself decide about his daily life activities. Surrender unto the mother each and every action. This gradually gets converted into Nishkama-selfless Karam and the yogin is not left with any bad or goods deeds which force a rebirth. The mother Gayatri is seen providing this highest knowledge or the world to her devotees. The yoga practices can not be shortened because of lack of time but the divine grace can cut short the time of its bearing the fruits. In Kaliyuga the practices bear fruit early under the Divine guidance. Hence the Yoga must be integrated with devotion. The complete success depends on the Master's grace. Hence remember the Master as much and as many times as possible. The Master the disciple kundalini-Prana, Gayatri (sun) etc. all become one at the Brahma-Randhra. After the melting away of the membrane, covering the Brahma-Randhra the duality dis-appears and the Yogi is immersed in Divine Devotion like a pitcher in a sea where inside and out side there is nothing but god after the disappearance of the pitcher i. e. the physical body is consummated after death and the prana yogi merge into god just as a drop mixes in the sea. He is relieved of the bondages of life and death for ever. He only takes birth on god's inspiration and is born as Krishna, Arjuna, Nar-Narayana, Goraksha and Buddha etc.


All that has been described in this book regarding Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and the practices of Gayatri Yoga is through the medium of seed Alphabets, Shabad i. e. words and sentences. If these seed alphabets would not have existed it was not possible to convey my own feeling and what I was blessed with by my Master. I have been able to describe the subtle aspects of Divinity only with the help of seed alphabets.
It is through the medium of these seed alphabets that ignorance is vanquished by knowledge. The description of various practices Mantras, sounds, Nada, light, discussions for knowledge, anecdotes, Vedas, Puranas and Upanishadas are in existence or have been possible only by seed alphabets. The mature knowledge about any object is achieved through seed alphabets. To generate light inside the body is Yoga. The light may be produced by any means but it can only be described with the help of seed alphabets. In the body these seed alphabets keep on appearing by frictions amongst various particles hence these are divine. When these are adopted by Devas they are termed as Deva Nagari. The light divine and seed alphabets have not been created by the formless God at any interval amongst each other but they have been created simultaneously.
These seed alphabets of Deva Nagari are natural, Divine, perfect and the form status of his formless existence and bestow the knowledge of Brahma formless and indicate the formless and bestow the knowledge of everything existing in this universe etc.
Any person can by himself or by the order of the Master perform the Sadhana of any of the tree parts of this book. Caste, religon, time age, sex etc. do not influence the desire and capability to acquire the knowledge of God. Every being has God with in and every being is present in God only, hence each individual has a right to understand, visualize and acquire the knowledge of God according to his desire and convenience. The yogi, Devotee should always keep this close to his heart and should render help according to his own capability, to the one who sincerely desires to realise God.
The different yoga cuits, separate ideologies, different modes of deva worship, etc. should not affect the realisation or acquisition of God and with this prayer this book is presented to world of Sadhakas that it should act as a friend.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih
Yogi Raj Gurudev and
Mother Gayatri.