In all countries kundalini yoga is widely practiced. There are few persons who can explain or can practice kundalin yoga in its real sequence. There are many methods of awakening kundalini. I can explain method of awakening the kundalini by the grace of GURUDEV BHAIRAVA.
SHAKTIPAT is a word used by many individuals by which the kundalini is awakened. I also agree with it. Here question arises what is SHAKTIPAT? I can say that when the GURUDEV feels that this particular person is fit to get the knowledge of kundalini yoga then HE decides to descend HIS force in the body of SADHAK or of the student. The process of entering of force in to the body of the SADHAK for the purpose of kundalini yoga is known as SHAKTIPAT. It is highest and purest form of DEEKSHA or help to a student by GURUDEV.
After this process of SHAKTIPAT one feels energetic and confident of achieving his goal. Light generating points of our body are enlightened and few of them or all are visualized clearly after this event. It is a rare event in our life. This process of SHAKTIPAT can be done by GURUDEV to a single person at a time. In his life time a guru can give DEEKSHA to few persons because it requires energy. Such energy is usually not available in human beings. An individual gets power from the guru of caliber like BHAIRAVA or from human guru which depend upon the SAMSKARS of the student.
To achieve his goal of awakening kundalini the student does many exercises(KRIYAS). The details of these KRIYAS are available in many books. I would like to suggest the student to read BEEJ YOGA also for a comparative purpose or for the purpose of helping the student. It describes all the minute details of this yoga with its sequence. For the purpose of understanding we can divide this sequence in to seven steps as follows.
Awakening of kundalini is the FIRST STEP. Kundalini then enters in the BRAHMA NADI. Entering of kundalini in to the BRAHMA NADI along with individual pran requires great skill and grace of the master failing which one can get serious illness or may die.
SECOND STEP is to identify the kundalini in its real and detailed form. It means the full visualization of kundalini the tongue, body, tail etc. Because without this knowledge you can not be sure that with whom you are doing your kriya or playing this yogi game.
In its THIRD STEP kundalini is changed in to KALI. If you have seen kundalini in its true form than you can understand that kundalini and Kali are same. How?
The tongue of KALI is red colored and is out of mouth like that of kundalini. The tongue of kundalini is divided in two branches and thereafter one in three parts and second in four parts (total 7 like that of Agni tongue or jibhya). We must understand very clearly that kundalini yoga SADHNA is a SAKAR SADHNA like that of other DEVI and DEVTAS.
FOURTH STEP requires understanding of differenceS in between natural laws and laws made by the individuals. We are supposed to follow the law of nature if we want to get something from nature otherwise SADHAK will not be able to achieve any thing even in many births. What are the natural and unnatural laws have been described in VEDAS, PURANS, UPANISHADS etc. The abstracted knowledge of both the laws is must. You can not behave as you wish if you want to have this knowledge i.e. you should be a pious man both inside and in your behavior.
Later on in its process of piercing different chakras you have to pass through FIFTH STEP i.e. visualizing all the chakras and resting at SAHSHRAR with mother kundalini or SHIVA SHAKTI or KALI and SHIVA etc. In this stage the SADHAK and the SHAKTI or SADHYA meet together. It can be understood in this way also that the subtle body of SADHAK is activated here and it is prepared to pierce the PIND for unification process. Truly speaking it is the stage when this yoga begins.
SIXTH STEP is essential for the student to pierce the PIND or SAHSHRAR or MOKSH DWAR or BRAHMA RANDHRA or black hole of this body by which the SADHAK can complete his unification with LORD SHIVA or PARAMATMA or in any form you want to call it. You are aware that for piercing the earth atmosphere rocket requires extra energy. This principle is also used here i.e. the guru provides this force here to pierce his PIND and then to enter in universe for completion of this yoga.
Lastly we have to be very careful to identify the different objects of this universe and then to have some kriyas. Without proper knowledge of BHOOGOL(Geography) and KHAGOL(Astronomy) you will not be able to get any knowledge of nature and its laws. Once you understand this matter in detail or in short you will find yourself in the state of merger in the DIVINE LIGHT or SAMADHI or unification with god or you may describe it in any way you like it.
Like a deaf and dumb man a yogi can not describe his experiences in detail. The experiences of yoga are individualized and can be compared broadly only. It is because of different SAMSKARS of every individual. It should be taken as the SEVENTH STEP of kundalini yoga sequence of completion.

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